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Arizona and Phoenix Metro Labor Day DUI Task Force Arizona DUI Lawyer David M Cantor talks about the 2010 Arizona Labor Day DUI Task Force beginning Friday night, September 3rd and continuing through Tuesday morning, September 7th. The police will be pulling over any motorist for any traffic violation that occurs at nighttime. They will be specifically looking to see whether the motorist has been drinking. If you do go out this holiday weekend and have some drinks, make sure you have a designated driver. If you are pulled over and detained, ask to contact us immediately at 480-858-0808. We recommend adding our number in your speed dial just in case.

Arizona DUI Defense: Right to Council Arizona DUI Lawyer David M Cantor talks about a common DUI Defense known as Right to Council. When arrested for DUI, DWI, or Extreme DUI, upon requesting a DUI Lawyer in Arizona, the police must get you to a phone as soon as it is reasonably possible. If they ignore your request, or wait too long, this could be grounds for dismissal. (See also THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT-USE IT! Section). Arizona DUI Lawyer David M Cantor talks about arizona dui defense no actual physical control. If a person has had too much to drink, pulls off the roadway, leaves the engine running with the A or heater on, and attempts to “sleep it off”, then they are not in “actual physical control” of their vehicle and are not guilty of DUI or DWI.

Arizona DUI – 1st Thing You NEED to KNOW About Your Tempe Arizona Drunk Driving Arrest

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Tempe, Arizona, says DUI lawyer The first thing you need to know after being arrested for DUI in Arizona. Arizona DUI laws are tough! You should know what to expect after being arrested and charged with drunk driving. In this video, Ted Agnick, a DUI attorney in Tempe, Arizona, explains what you need to know about his arrest in Arizona drunk driving. If you have questions or just want to be better informed, visit our website at We offer valuable information on how to combat DUI and try to avoid the serious consequences Arizona law requires that, after a DUI conviction. For a personal evaluation of your case, call 602-453-3100 and request a free consultation with legal advice Agnick

Recently Received a “Failure To Maintain Lane Ticket” In NJ…?

by stan

Question by Steve: Recently Received a “Failure To Maintain Lane Ticket” In NJ…?

In a couple of weeks I have to go to court for a “failure to maintain lane” summons in NJ. Here is the thing though; I was pulled over by the state police because the ran my plates and saw that I had a warrant because I failed to a seat belt ticket in another jurisdiction. Basically, he pulled my over put my in the back of the squad car, made a phone call and was able to get the township to release my on my own recognizance. (It was a $ 44 ticket).

I believe the reason he gave me the failure to maintain ticket was A) to justify why he pulled me over and B) because the State Police in NJ are being issued activity quotas, and they feel like they shouldn’t “waste” a traffic stop by not issuing a summons to the person they pull over.

Truthfully, I don’t believe I was failing to maintain my lane. At most, I think my tires may have grazed the white dashed line once, or maybe twice during the time he started to observe me. Hardly a failure to maintain my lane in my opinion.

My question is this, how do I fight this. Can I just go into court, plead not guilty and defend myself as my right afforded to me by the Constitution? I really believe if the prosecutor would play the tape of the traffic stop to the court they would see that I did maintain my lane. Can anyone give me advice? I really don’t want to get the points on my license, and I really don’t want to be forced to hire a lawyer to fight it either. Oh and by the way, is it true that if you plead not guilty and the court finds you guilty, the fine gets increased from $ 125 to like $ 1000 and you can get sent to jail?

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Answer by firewomen
Plead your story before a judge.*

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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Live Oak County, Texas

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Live Oak County, Texas

Article by Justin A. Coquat

Texas has numerous known speeding traps. One of the most famous is the county wide speeding trap in the south Texas area of Live Oak County. This county includes the towns of Oakville, George West and Three Rivers, Texas. Motorists must be extremely aware of their driving habits and speed as they travel through Live Oak County. Failure to take such precautions will almost always result in law enforcement issuing a speeding ticket or other moving violation for even the slightest of driving infractions.

Not only are Three Rivers Police Department and George West Police Department officers out in force in their respective towns, the Live Oak County DPS patrol units are constantly monitoring the I-37 highway corridor between San Antonio and Corpus Christi and the Highway 281 corridor between George West and Three Rivers.

Traffic tickets from all three of these law enforcement agencies are staggeringly expensive and freely given. To be sure, traffic tickets are an enormous source of revenue for the cities of Three Rivers and George West and for Live Oak County as a whole. Motorists would be wise to hire a traffic ticket defense lawyer to assist with resolving their traffic tickets in these areas. The time an individual will spend attempting to resolve his or her own speeding ticket will likely be excessive, much like the final fine. Paying a traffic ticket outright will result in a conviction being recorded permanently on the driver’s record, points being assessed against their driver’s license, and a very likely chance of an increase in insurance premiums.

There are traffic ticket lawyers in San Antonio, Texas who focus entirely on resolving traffic tickets across Texas and who can be found on the web. Two such sites that have ticket defense lawyers serving, Three Rivers, George West and Live Oak County are and The first site is dedicated exclusively to resolving traffic tickets and moving violations. The second web site assists motorists with finding a lawyer for both traffic tickets and DWI’s or MIP’s. Both sites are easy to navigate and have forms that can be filled out and submitted. also posts a phone number prominently on its site so potential clients can contact the firm directly.

To be sure, the upfront cost of hiring a speeding ticket attorney is almost always equal to or slightly more expensive than resolving a ticket yourself. The real difference in cost and benefit of the ticket defense lawyer comes after the resolution of your ticket. Your attorney can ensure you get the proper legal defense, can negotiate to optimum deal for you in terms of spending the minimum amount of time on deferred disposition, and can usually ensure the ticket will neither affect your permanent driving record nor your auto liability insurance. While hiring a traffic lawyer is not right for everyone, those who get stopped in Live Oak County should seriously consider one.

About the Author

Justin A. Coquat is a Traffic Ticket Lawyer and MIP Lawyer in San Antonio and Bexar County, Texas. The Coquat Law Firm is also resolving traffic tickets in Schertz, Selma, Leon Valley, Universal City, Bulverde, New Braunfels, Three Rivers, George West and Live Oak County traffic ticket attorney and Castroville ticket attorney. You can read more at his traffic ticket blog TrafficTicketSA Blog.

Do any of you “flash your headlights” at oncoming traffic to warn of a “Speed Trap” ahead?

Question by Fred: Do any of you “flash your headlights” at oncoming traffic to warn of a “Speed Trap” ahead?
If so, wouldn’t that be the same as warning people in Bars that where a “DUI Check Point” is set up? More crashes are caused by speeders than drunks, but, hey let’s just give them a $ fine for 5 or 6 of these speeding tickets “WE all speed, so what?” Yes, a “DUI” should be counted as a “Moving Violation”, but so should speeding, both same punishment, jail for both, no money fines.

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Answer by grbnf
Yes, on occasion when I see the speed zone as a “trap”

There are far more dangerous things in driving than speeding (within reason). Failure to yield or stop at posted signs comes to mind. Passing on the right where there is no lane. Turning without signaling. Driving slowly and gawking at things. Weaving through traffic abruptly. Catching speeders is just the easiest and most consistent way to generate revenue from fines.

Equating speeding to driving under the influence of alcohol is extreme.

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Arizona DUI Attorneys Requirements

Arizona DUI Lawyers required
Article by Joaquin


now be charged with drunk driving, especially in a place like Arizona, where in fact there are penalties for such circumstances, should get a great lawyer to help you cope with the occasion. One of the major areas in search of a lawyer, who consist of those cases who specialize in DUI, is in the network, which hosts a large number of lawyers who promote their business online. Even if the information they offer on their web sites on the World Wide Web, but it is absolutely essential to discuss the attorney you are considering so you can see for yourself if they are also excellent, as they say on their website. Arizona DUI attorney can reduce anxiety and discomfort associated with a DUI offense. They will be able to defend the two misdemeanor charges in the state depends on the severity of the offense. Therefore, in any way “assume” that his circumstance is hopeless.Arizona RegulationMisdemeanor DUI Arizona DUI, Arizona DUI and Middot 28-1381 State: the unit or what is called APC, which means that the real watchdog, under the influence alcohol / drugs, even in the slightest. This indicates that even if your BAC is below the legal limit, can be charged.Felony Arizona DUI, Arizona DUI and Middot Statute 28-1383: Aggravated Driving or APC, the actual physical control while under the influence of each list. The key term here is “serious” which means it is a kind of circumstance that contributes to crime in Arizona DUI much more important than a crime. Opportunities include the third offense or more within 7 years of DUI while driving on a limited / revoked drivers, or a child in the engine vehicle.Arizona DUI lawyers also fight to defend you in Arizona each self “regulation, which stipulates that the Ministry of the Interior shall establish administrative AZ of your driver’s license in a separate hearing (criminal spending). This is mentioned in the documents that the officer hit him in the time of arrest (which should be a copy of pink and yellow), entitled “Administrative Per Se -. Implied Consent Affidavit “This piece of paper that says that a number of key actions and responsibilities.You than 15 days from the date of the suspension of recognition actually schedule a hearing to contest the suspension of privileges MVD of conduct. What you want to go ahead and schedule the hearing itself, if you have not hired an Arizona DUI lawyer, but then you can go to listen to you as soon as you contact 1.General Arizona DUI Lawyer will can help with your DUI situation not make a difference how desperate you think it might seem. The good news is that you can talk to a free initial consultation to see if it is possible that their separate charges for crimes lawyer predicament.The DUI in Arizona fall in different ranges in a wide variety of structures of different lawyers. There are those who charge a lower cost, and those whose costs are substantially higher. When it comes to selecting a lawyer, however, is generally not a great idea to go with the cheapest or most affordable. The history of professional legal requirements to verify BAGhGtaz45aRs.

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