• Trojan8408

    go to the pen

  • Conor

    You’ll loose your license (if you haven’t already) and end up back in jail, with the fee’s still owed. You’ll then end up with wage garnishment anytime in the future when you decide to work.

  • cleosgirl2345

    In California, you can ask the judge to have you work off the bulk of your fines/fees (here it’s $10/hr doing community service). There are certain fines that you can’t work off but still must pay, but you can alleviate a big burden by going this way. If you are employed during the week, it’s probably going to be tougher, but there may be evening and weekend opportunities.

    Good luck!

  • Rusty

    You go to jail. What is it you don’t get about the DUI?

  • TSW

    You can go see the clerk of courts or magistrate.
    Be polite and tell them that you have every intention of paying the fine.
    But you are having a hard time with finances. and set up and payment plan that you both agree on .
    Be serous and never be late.
    Chances are they will take a payment plan.

  • Harry J

    If you don’t pay a warrant will be issued for your arrest

  • J.J. Walker Rides Again!

    So you can’t pay the fine but you were able to afford the booze on the night in question?

    Tell your story to the judge. He will understand and tell you do not worry about paying the fine.

  • Joce

    First off, the two “smart” replies do not help others in this situation. A $10 bar tab is nothing compared to the possible 1700 dollars in fees and fines that are given by certain states.

    I am in the same boat only my DUI was due to ridiculous circumstances and had no alcohol involved but was reduced to a DUI. So far what I have found for the state of Arizona is that there are waivers that can be filled out that can be taken under consideration for deferment until financial situations get better. There are also payment plans available but those will only help if there is a smaller yet steady income coming into the home.