Anand Jon Gridlock: Live Witness Breaks Silence As Prosecutors Go Wild

Anand Jon Gridlock: Live Witness breaks the silence as prosecutors Go Wild

New York (PRWEB) March 18, 2008

On the basis of injustice and inhuman violation of civil and human rights against fashion designer Anand Jon ( , fans, and be silent witnesses with criminal courts building in protest NY 100 Centre Street in Manhattan, Wednesday, March 19 @ 17:00.

Fashion designer Anand Jon is trapped in a

impasse between New York law and jurisdiction CA (Criminal Court A # BA324178) as well as looking at the other to set standards for bail.

Anand Jon

was denied a fair trial as preliminary tax in Los Angeles stacked several counts of sexual assault alleged by the establishment of an indictment before a grand jury in the volume and not on evidence. According to the view, the DDA was convinced that New York, Dallas and Houston offices of the prosecutors who had nothing to lose also charged Anand Jon.

According to court documents, over 80% of the charges in New York are the same as Los Angeles and Texas. Bail was set unusually high TX and Los Angeles in the account, with no evidence and no history of violence, however, Anand Jon has been jailed for nine months without any sign of a fair trial. feel that prosecutors have gone mad by crucifying him through the media and even by using the media more false charges filed.

Less than 3% of all cases in the U.S. go to a grand jury, and yet there were five judges in the case of Anand Jon. Jurors are unilateral, only the fiscal side is shown. There is no presence of the defense at all. Attorney for admission to the hearing on November 7, “there were 911 calls, no physical violence, no injuries, no use of weapons.” Anand Jon lawyers have said many, many that “… these complaining witnesses used Anand Jon to move in the industry, attended red carpet events, hung around freely and had followed him from one state to another of their demands, after attacks, “he claimed. Many have become roommates pay after attacks by suspected'”.”

February 29, 2008, the Wall Street firm that has supported the line of denim Anand Jon Jeanise retired with the support of extending his contract. JS Bedi, investigative reporters for the World newspapers in India India Post ( recently reported that when Wall Street has valued the Anand Jon brand in 2006 for millions of additional investment promises millions of dollars in a line from there because suddenly become false accusations.

February 2008, Mr. Majeed Memon, one of the best lawyers in India around the world, spent several days with Anand Jon. Mr. Memon informed the government of India in what he considers to be human rights and civil rights violations. The Indian government is closely following the developments.

Mr. Memon said that “this has become a quest for justice and the right to bail. The fair legal system in the United States requires. The United States Eighth Amendment, he said. Anand Jon needs a fair opportunity to defend against the charges as a person is entitled. ” want to know, “Why is Anand Jon denied that opportunity? attorney misconduct (such as the Duke and” recent statements by Greta Van Susteren on Fox News’ On Joe Francis “Record) and overzealous prosecution are visibly predominant in these cases. An innocent man is punished without having a chance to prove his innocence. “

lawyers, witnesses and family members are standing together to make solidarity and light show support for justice, truth and Anand Jon. See the following scheme:

Wednesday, March 19 – 17:00 – NY Criminal Courts Building – speakers include Anand Jon families, lawyers, advocates and witnesses

Saturday, March 29 – Near Little India to determine, Pioneer Blvd, Artesia CA – 15:00

Wednesday, April 2 – 08:30 – Criminal Court building – hearing date

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