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Can I Find Court Records Online To Lookup Someones Criminal History

Can I Find Court Records Online To Lookup Someones Criminal History

If you’re an employer first thing that you need to do when you’re hiring someone is to perform a criminal history check. Face it, you don’t want to have someone with a criminal past to work for you. There are many ways for you to check someone’s criminal history but one of the easiest ways is to search for court records online. If anyone has a criminal records and he’s being persecuted you can find it here. Sounds amazing right? You can check your potential employee’s criminal history in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is to enter name and a birth date and you’ll get court records about that person. You’ll get all info, like when did the trial start and why was the person persecuted, you might even get who was defender of the persecuted.

But if you prefer old fashion ways you could go to the courthouse and file in a request for a particular court record. Yes, it’s a time consuming process and it costs money, so that’s why checking online databases is better. You’ll get all the info you need, from your home in a matter of seconds. Just imagine, you type in a person’s name and the next second you’ll have that person’s court record right there on your screen. It’ really can’t get any better than that. Still some people say that’s much better to hire a professional to do criminal history search for you, but that entirely up to you. If you want free court records use online databases, if you want to wait for it and pay for it, use detective agencies, it’s up to you.

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The guy in this video got caught stealing a bottle of pineapple juice and tried running, then got taken to the ground by loss prevention (me- the one in the light colored shorts). The guy then decided to pull out a knife and try stabbing me, which prompted me to lift him up and body slam him into the pavement. Assault with a deadly weapon + parole violation + an active warrant + 3rd offense felony retail theft = An extended stay in the big house! Say hi to Bubba for me!
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Q&A: What do you think Lawsuit Filed Over Escondido Driver’s License Checkpoints?

Question by THE GREATEST GODDESS JILL: What do you think Lawsuit Filed Over Escondido Driver’s License Checkpoints?
SAN DIEGO — An Escondido resident filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the city of Escondido and Escondido Police Department because of its driver’s license checkpoints.

The driver’s license checkpoints began in 2004 and have been criticized by activists who call them immigration checks.

The plaintiff, Escondido resident Rich Dudka, said he was driving on Escondido Boulevard when he was stopped at a checkpoint back on October 5, 2009 The lawsuit said the city of Escondido did not follow California Vehicle Code, which states: “A peace officer shall not stop a vehicle for the sole reason of determining whether the driver is properly licensed.”

The lawsuit, filed in August, goes on to say: “Each of the Defendants named in this action have played a role in the unlawful stopping, inspection, towing, and impoundment of vehicles in the City of Escondido.”

“Is it public safety? Is it [a] DUI checkpoint, or is it [a] driver’s license checkpoint?” asked Escondido resident, Jeff Griffith.

Griffith, who has worked with various local civil rights groups, criticizes what he calls fiscal mismanagement.

“It’s up to the city to be responsible and take care of this situation,” Griffith said.

Dudka is asking for damages, which could add up to $ 15 million, on behalf of all drivers subjected to the checkpoints.

Dudka’s attorney, Tomas Flores, said should his client win, the money “would be dispersed to the class of injured parties.”

City leaders have long defended the checkpoints. In April 2009, Escondido Police Chief Jim Maher said the checkpoints are for safety purposes.

“They are absolutely not immigration checkpoints. We do not have immigration at these checkpoints,” Maher said.

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Answer by Peanut Butter
I agree with the guy who filed the lawsuit.

The concept of police officers stopping people for no reason bothers me.

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Why do colleges lie so much to students by saying a degree will lead to success?

Question by Barracuda: Why do colleges lie so much to students by saying a degree will lead to success?
I used to not pay much attention to the lawyer and medical TV shows when I was a kid. I liked watching them sometimes, but I always knew I wanted to be a doctor. Well, things didn’t work out that way. It seems like who you know is more important than what you know. I’m currently trying to play catch up and get a good-paying job that will pay a living.

I cannot believe how ignorantly some TV shows are written. Damages, a TV show on FX, is complete propaganda. This woman, Ellen, is the daughter of two blue-collar parents who gets multiple six-figure jobs out of law school. She takes a job with Patty Hewes and immediately takes the helm of a multi-million dollar class action suit with the head of the law firm at her side. Didn’t she just join the company? How the hell would she anchor a major case as soon as she started working there? To top it off, she’s engaged to a doctor. Her sister-in-law is a drug addict, but apparently a good enough chef to convince a billionaire to open up a restaurant for her. After settling the case, Ellen collects a $ 2 million dollar check.

Congratulations to all those colleges and law schools, you’ve just convinced a new generation to waste their money!

I actually saw one law school devote a webpage to refuting a blog that tried to warn students not to become a lawyer. These people are worse than car salesmen! Just search “Don’t go to law school” in google or Yahoo and see what you find. These days, you’re in the same boat as the basket weaving undergrad major with a law degree, with exponentially more debt.

Going to college with the aim of becoming a doctor is a pretty bad idea too. I had a biology teacher that went to a big university that probably makes as much as a fast food shift manager at Catholic school. I’ve seen too many people stonewalled by Med school admissions…they don’t even get to the second round of apps!

How do colleges still get away with this? My alma mater begs me for money all the time? I swear, they have spent more on construction than the NBA has spent on arenas in the past ten years! Yes, it’s a famous Big Ten school. What a bunch of scheisters.
I used a TV show because it is propaganda for colleges.

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Answer by Muddle of Pud
A degree COULD lead to success. It helped me.

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MADD member arrested for DUI

MADD member arrested for DUI
GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Debra Oberlin, 48, was arrested after police say they caught her swerving all over the road.
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Former MADD chapter president arrested for DUI in Florida
Not many people would disagree with the sentiment that driving a car while under the influence of alcohol is a good idea. It’s selfish and poses a great risk to other drivers, among a million other reasons why people shouldn’t do it. That said, something about MADD has always gotten on my nerves- perhaps it’s […]
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No SPACE AVAILABLE? Warning! Time is Running Out

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) July 31, 2004

Could mass government-mandated population control in the U.S. really happen? Set in the year 2025, population control will not be a fantasy…it will be a necessity. Whose life will you choose? Know the law. Any unregistered pregnancy is a felony punishable by imprisonment. Four time Best Short winner and Special Jury prizewinner; SPACE AVAILABLE, part of the 8th annual Rhode Island International Film Festival August 10th-15th, depicts a culture in which population control is a reality and a ticking clock determines whether a life is spared or sacrificed.

This short, dramatic narrative portrays a society in which the law mandates that no child can be born and remain alive unless at the moment of its birth, or within sixty seconds thereafter, there is space available in the region. At the moment of Lazaros’ birth, the counter reads zero. Will the man, desperately clinging to life in another room, lose his battle to stay alive in time to save little Lazaro?

SPACE AVAILABLE, shot in high definition, will be exhibited for the first time in high definition at the Rhode Island International Film Festival on Thursday, August 12th at 11 AM at the 900 seat Columbus Theater Arts Center, 270 Broadway, Providence. SPACE AVAIALABLE will

also screen at 6:00 PM on August 12th at The Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, 30 Exchange Terrace, Providence. The final screening of SPACE AVAILABLE will be at 7 PM on Saturday, August 14th at the Courthouse Center for the Arts, RTE 138, West Kingston. Don’t miss

this powerful, moving, thought provoking film that will have you on the edge of your seat. Space is still available for these screenings but time is running out. Order tickets today online at

Kathilynn Phillips, the driving force behind SPACE AVAILABLE, said, “The Rhode Island International Film Festival is recognized by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a qualifying festival for the Short Films category for the Annual Academy Awards. Everyone involved with the making of this film is grateful for being accepted into this prestigious festival.”

SPACE AVAILABLE stars Gwen Frey, Mohammad Ahzar, Jayden Tyler Morris, Andrea Collins, Gary Flynn, Sue Flynn, and Annina Jordan. Written, produced and co-directed by Kathilynn Phillips with Dave Manzo as editor and co-director, this suspenseful award winning short will provoke conversation and is a must see. For more information on SPACE AVAILABLE, visit

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Aarushi-Hemraj murders: Bailable warrants against Talwars

Aarushi-Hemraj murders: Bailable warrants against Talwars
Ghaziabad, Feb 28 (PTI) Bailable arrest warrants were today issued against dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar in connection with the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case by a special CBI court here which rejected their plea for exemption from personal appearance before the magistrate. Rajesh and Nupur had been summoned by the court to appear before it today after Special Judicial Magistrate Preeti …
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Aarushi murder: Bailable warrants against Talwars
Ghaziabad, Feb 28 (PTI) Bailable arrest warrants were today issued against dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar in connection with the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case by a special CBI court here which rejected their plea for exemption from personal appearance before the magistrate.
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Florida DUI Law: Command of the Vehicle

Florida DUI Law: Command of the Vehicle


A driver who is in command of an auto and has a blood alcohol level above .08 may be arrested under Florida DUI law. Many would presume that a person would need to be driving the vehicle in order to violate the DUI law; however, that is not the case. Florida DUI law only requires the driver to be in actual physical command of the vehicle. Florida courts have construed the requirement of physical control very broadly. There are many circumstances in which a driver could be convicted for drunk driving under Florida DUI law without actually driving the vehicle. Regardless if the accused was driving the vehicle or not the penalties for drunk driving may be the same. Therefore, anyone confronting DUI charges should always seek the help of a Tampa DUI lawyer. A Tampa DUI attorney can advise his client on the law and suggest a legal approach to defend against the charges.

Under Florida DUI law, a person who is sitting in the driver’s seat without the car even turned on can be convicted of DUI. If the keys are in the ignition or even within reach of the driver the judge may determine the driver was in actual physical control of the vehicle, and thus guilty of DUI. For instance, if the car keys are in the driver’s pocket or purse the judge may find the driver was in physical control of the vehicle. However, an experienced Tampa DUI lawyer may advocate on his client’s behalf and try to convince the court that the defendant was not in actual control of the vehicle.

Regardless of the circumstances of the arrest a Tampa DUI lawyer can help. For a free consultation with a Tampa DUI attorney contact Florida Law Group. One of our experienced Tampa DUI lawyers will answer your questions and develop a legal approach to defend your arrest.

Florida law Group is a full service law firm based in Tampa, Florida. We are committed to serving our clients effectively and efficiently.  We endeavor as a firm to be responsive to our clients’ needs, requests, and expectations. Our team of lawyers in Tampa, Florida serve our clients with knowledge, skill, loyalty, creativity, perseverance, and care.

Florida Law Group specializes in Bankruptcy Law, Florida Divorce Law, Immigration Law, Florida DUI Law, and Florida Foreclosure Law.

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“Arrested” on car accident report?

Question by lanay: “Arrested” on car accident report?
I was recently in a car accident in Minnesota. When i received the paperwork in the mail . . . it states “Arrest” in several places. I was taken to the hospital . . . not jail! The conclusion was that I failed to obey a red light (it was green) and I am going to court for this.
I asked the Prosecutor why the report says that I was arrested and he told me that it doesn’t mean that because I would have to have been hauled to the station if I was arrested . . . I kinda figured that out on my own. He stated that all accident reports state “arrest” for the person believed to be at fault.
I’m wondering if he is just blowing smoke on me, mostly because my insurance company called me questioning the reason that I was arrested.
I’d like some input on this . . . please post sources if you have them! :)

Best answer:

Answer by Chad D
I’m not sure, your lawyer would know more than me, but for any crime you CAN be arrested for it. So perhaps they put “arrest” to signify that you’re the one who broke the law.

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Detroit Attorney Jermaine A. Wyrick Lectures on the Fourth Amendment.

DETROIT, MI (PRWEB) March 4, 2006

The Law Offices of Jermaine A. Wyrick P.L.L.C. is pleased to announce that on February 24, 2006, Attorney Jermaine A. Wyrick spoke for Lorman Education Services at the “Arrest, Search, and Seizure” Seminar on the Fourth Amendment. The subtopics included Search of Persons, Search of Premises, Vehicle and Consent Searches.

Attorney Wyrick has practiced law since 1997. His commitment to helping people is apparent by his chosen areas of practice which include Civil Rights Law, Criminal Defense, Juvenile Law, Personal Injury, and Probate Law.

He is currently a member of the Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association, the State Bar of Michigan, Michigan Trial Lawyers Association, the National Bar Association, and the Board of Directors for the Wolverine Bar Association.

His other civic activities, includes the Coleman A. Young Scholarship Foundation – Board of Directors, Detroit Recovery Project – Board of Directors, Detroit Rainbow Push Second Tuesday Network, and the State Bar of Michigan Public Outreach Committee.


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