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Do courts mandate you to live in a sober home for a second dui offense?

I recieved my second dui and am wondering if they will make me go to a sober house to live in.

One Response to “Do courts mandate you to live in a sober home for a second dui offense?”

  1. SCOTT M says:

    No. If you get a third one, your “sober house” might be a prison cell, but our court system cannot afford to pay for civilian housing.

    Deal with this problem now. It only gets worse as you get older. I know a guy who had, I think, three or four DUIs. Then he killed someone in a car accident and got 15 years in prison. His family is very rich, but they couldn’t bribe or buy his way out of his problem. He served every day. I suspect he celebrated his release with a bottle of scotch.

    Sometimes a court will “sentence” you to attend AA meeting and require someone there to sign your attendance sheet. But AA is anonymous, so the authorities have no way of knowingh who signed the sheet. You will probably get a fine, community service and a short or suspended jail sentence. Then it’s up to you.

    Good luck.