DUI Driving – Not Recommended

1 lucky male is flown to a trauma center by helo after the car he drove split itself in half after colliding with a telephone pole. The male suffered critical injuries including a triple-compound fracture to the right lower leg. Oh yes, the driver was drunk.


  • icpirate

    Hey lnsko, tell that to the parents of the little girl you just might kill while driving drunk. I can only hope that you only kill yourself and it’s painfull as hell! Put down the drink and get some help!

  • s7ightly4ltered

    hahaha I think im hardcore cuz i talk shit on youtube, be useful asshole go plant a fucking tree!

  • Anime4lyfe

    It’s quite a simple understanding of how the body works and drivers education really.

    When you tense up in any kind of accident, you are going to hurt yourself more because your body is putting a lot more strain the needs to be there, thus, more injury.

    Drunk drivers live a lot because their brain is relaxed and body is flimsy…so in turn, their body is flowing with the car, so they are following with “The motion of the ocean” as I call it.

  • Insko

    I like to drink drink and drive, I’m drunk right now and driving the 8 miles to Dennys, the resturant,. I hope I make it, And I hope I don’t kill anyone.

  • fourtywpm

    I’m glad to see there weren’t any innocent people injured.
    I’m also glad he had to learn the hard way, too many people think driving is all about fun, something to take for granted and that drinking and driving is ok.
    You play with fire, you get burned…


    I always try to figure that out!!! That is one question I CANNOT find an answer for.

  • gene15644a

    Your auto insurance dollars at work…. DUI isn’t cheap for anyone

  • nicolegreg84

    Why is it that the damn drunks always live? Won’t be long till he’s on the road again!

  • bernaeemah

    gods grace.let it be a lesson.

  • RavensHalo

    you’re a fcking idiot…..wow, to be so proud of something so stupid…..wait…that must mean your parents would be proud of YOU, huh? Do everyone a favor and drink a little too much next time and drive your car into a ravine.

  • curtmastor

    If hell exists Id say theres a pretty warms corner reserved for you.

  • dcleblan2009

    This dude better thank GOD that he lived. What an idiot! I lost my best friend due to a damn drunk driver…

  • kanyesiafu

    you make it sound like u r the greatest human being alive so what do u want an award 4 drink driving?guys like u only learn after taking an innocent person’s life away on the road

  • DYLAN3264

    he survived that?? if so lucky..lets hope he will realize that for next time its not so smart to drink and drive….thats to anyone ,think first…not just hurting yourself but other innocent people as well…

  • steelfury455

    i drive hammered off and on for 11 years now. no dui, no accidents. just gotta know how to do it folks. this guy is a rookie to cause his own accident…

  • thomas997

    That’s going to cost him for the rest of his life.

  • JoshatSuzuki

    Just call a damn cab, or have a friend drive you… 30 seconds can save you 30 grand in hospital bills

  • kanyesiafu

    dude y drink n drive call a cab

  • usmctanks1

    Totally agree

  • aatl202

    How the hell tha accident was

  • LoneWolfSpike

    What country do you live in. In Australia if you get invloved in an accident not even that serious. You have to at least exchange driver deatils with each driver. Or stop and ring 000 if need be.

  • NashPreds39

    learn to fuckin spell fuckin faggot

  • josephdupont

    no one forces you to ride with a low life.
    if you choose to ride with someone that would allow someone to die after hitting them, they you are lower than them. Or maybe you are afraid of being killed buy your low life buddy. be careful who you run with.
    ratting on someone? you must be a DUI driver.
    Am I wrong? Do you have a clean record? I wonder.

  • Slonor

    Why should innocent people be forced to rat on others? This isn’t a police state, buddy. Try the Soviet Union, oh wait…

  • Chief176

    do you think that he totaled it ??? lol