T? Republicans, Roy Ashburn Party member arrested for DUI after? S out of gay bar with another man

California Republican Party Republican Roy Ashburn was arrested for DUI after? S out of gay bar with another man. Early the ma? Ana of me? Wednesday, state Sen. Roy Ashburn (R-Calif.) was stopped and arrested for drunk driving. Sources report that Ashburn – a fierce opponent of gay rights – that driving? A drunk after? S leaving a gay nightclub when the officer stopped the veh? Ass issued by the state, there was an unidentified man in the seat Passenger car. Details? N incipient art? Ass found in the field search cert? Ass: port chair? Til go to bath or several crucifixes, bottles of amyl nitrate, cocaine? Na, and equipment of slavery. We look for additional coverage on Fox News. ————————————————– ————— People thus get into positions of power, or have a religious basis are we going to do whatever they want because they can go to the confession? N any time and make everyone disappear. Their religious beliefs are allowed to act on the perverse impulses that hide deep inside them. It’s like wearing a uniform. They become someone else, so they can do whatever you want, harass, detenci? No, torture, kill with a clear conscience because they think they are themselves. Then, when captured, they ask the forgiveness? N of God. And it does everything better.


  • cargobud

    @Plato86 what you say is asking people to be hypocritical. Get a life.

  • baddave62

    What a hypocritical subhuman turd Sen Ashburn is. If gay men had any sense, they wouldn’t do the wild thing with Republican closet cases.

  • hipstermi

    “Yet another hypocritical, moral spouting bastard has been put to shame! Let’s hope the Catholic church are next”

    Sadly that’s happened…at the result of a ton of sexually abused children they covered up.

  • hipstermi

    “Homosexuality may not be a choice but it is not natural”

    Neither is plastic, eye glasses, or the computer you typed on.

    ” it serves no purpose in nature. ”

    Do you tell this to hetero couples who can’t…or don’t want kids?

    “shoving your lifestyle in our face”

    I think divorce is bad (Christians used to teach it a sin)…is McCain showing his lifestyle in my face with his 2nd wife?

    I’m married (just once) and str8. Am I showing my lifestyle in your face?

  • fatfender48


    He’s not gay either right?

  • xaviqaz

    Tea Party member? haha He is not

  • matcotech

    I’m freaking crying right now, this is sooo fucking funny!

  • yourlogicsflawed


  • Nebbyker

    Yes typical republican telling others not to do what they themselves are doing….but it’s incredibly worse since he was actually fighting against gay rights!!

  • mase5701

    Jesus would roll over in his grave if he heard about this.

  • darkspy666

    Yet another hypocritical, moral spouting bastard has been put to shame! Let’s hope the Catholic church are next!

  • GreenmanXIV

    Never mind the North Koreans, Rag heads, Zionists. The GOPs will destroy the Earth………….

  • lilbill73

    @chefmikehenry republicans always look creepy if you ask me

  • lilbill73

    it is always these hard nosed republicans with their high moral standings that end up getting busted for the very things they strongly oppose. Republicans need to get off their high horses and except that they are no better then the next guy. Even if he is gay! I am so tired of these hateful people. And usually backing their bigotry with the bible. Shame on them. I am sure Jesus is not proud of the republican party.

  • chgosatrap

    Maybe it’s time we called them “rebuttlickins”?

  • MildlyRelevant

    Just posted a video response where I discuss Senator Ashburn. Check it out if you have some time to waste!

    And as per usual, feel free to subscribe!

  • 1964irishofficer

    Wrong im consevative and i do not have more than 4.00 dollars in bank or any savings at all look up the very definition of conservative it doesnt apply to mccain hes the reason republicans lost and bush wasnt any better! Only way to make bush look good was elect obama and make it worse!

  • ThalesAnaximander1

    Quite true about animals in the wild and in captivity. If you want to read some of the more amusing details of mammal and bird homosexuality and same sex parenting see my stop the religious right dotty orggy and click on gay animals.

  • cacamaymie

    Their religious beLIEfs allow them to act out on perverted impulses that they hide deep inside them.

    It’s like putting on a uniform. They become someone else, so they can do whatever they want; harass, accuse, arrest, molest, torture, kill with a clear conscience because they believe they are not themselves.

    Or, doing it for a ‘greater good’.

  • chefmikehenry

    I love the fact that he was caught but I do feel sorry for his kids and wife. I’m surprised he hasn’t used the Jesus card yet. Anyone person who is so opposed to an issue or idea is guilty of an internal conflict attached to the issue. Now we know that Ashburn is literally a cock sucker. He looks creepy.

  • eviltreemonster

    Damn right. Just look at Jamaica. Most homophobic place on Earth, yet all these Christian gay bashers often like a peice of rear end action after lights out. Or pussy on pussy action if they’re female gay bashers.

  • eviltreemonster

    Christian Fascist gay bashing Senator caught with LGBT. Go Figure.

  • BakersBoyz

    Bakersfield queer I guess.

  • Plato86

    Money is a thing, Homosexuality is a behavior, you can not compare the two. FAIL OF THE DAY.

  • cacamaymie

    Nature you say?

    Like money? Is money produced naturally?

    Conservatives worship the power of money. That’s their real ‘God’.