Anand Jon Gridlock: Live Witness Breaks Silence As Prosecutors Go Wild

Anand Jon Gridlock: Live Witness Breaks Silence As Prosecutors Go Wild

New York (PRWEB) March 18, 2008

Based on the injustice and inhuman violation of civil and human rights against fashion designer Anand Jon (, supporters, including eye witnesses will stand together in silent protest in front of the NY Criminal Courts Building at 100 Centre Street in Manhattan on Wednesday March 19th @ 5pm.

Fashion Designer Anand Jon is trapped in legal gridlock between NY and CA jurisdictions (LA Criminal Court #BA324178) as both look at the other to set standard for freedom release on bail.

Anand Jon was denied an impartial preliminary hearing as a Los Angeles prosecutor piled on multiple alleged sexual assault charges basing a grand jury indictment on volume rather than evidence. According to the court hearings, the LA DDA then convinced NYC, Dallas and Houston prosecutor’s offices they had nothing to lose by additionally indicting Anand Jon.

According to court documents, more than 80% of the counts in NY are the same as LA and TX. An unusually high bail was set in TX and LA on counts with no material evidence and no prior history of violence; yet Anand Jon is incarcerated for the last 9 months with no signs of a fair trial. feels that prosecutors have gone wild by crucifying him through media and even using the media to get additional false charges filed.

Less than 3% of all cases in the US go to grand jury, yet there have been 5 grand juries in the Anand Jon case. Grand juries are one-sided; only the prosecutor’s side is shown. There is no defense presence at all. The prosecutor admited during the November 7th hearing, “there were no 911 calls, no physical violence, no injuries, no use of weapons.” Anand Jon’s attorneys have stated multiple time that “…these complaining witnesses used Anand Jon to get ahead in the industry, attended red carpet events, hung around and freely followed him from state to state after their claims of ‘alleged assaults.’ Several even became his paying roommates after these “alleged assaults”.”

On February 29th, 2008, the Wall Street company that backed Anand Jon’s Jeanisis denim line restated it’s support by extending its contract. JS Bedi, investigative reporters for global Indian newspaper India Post (, recently reported that when Wall Street assessed the Anand Jon brand name in 2006 for millions with promises of further investment of millions into a down line did there suddenly become false allegations.

In February 2008, Mr. Majeed Memon, one of India’s top global attorneys, spent several days with Anand Jon. Mr. Memon is reporting back to the Indian government regarding what he feels are human rights and civil rights violations. The Indian government is keeping a close eye on the progression of this case.

Mr. Memon stated that, “this has become a quest for justice and fair bail. The fair legal system in the US demands it. The US 8th Amendment states it. Anand Jon needs a fair chance to defend himself against any allegations as is every human being’s right.” wants to know, “Why is Anand Jon being denied this chance? Prosecutor misconduct (as in the Duke case and Joe Francis’ recent statements to Greta van Susteren on Fox News ‘On the Record’) and overzealous prosecution are visibly predominant in these cases. An innocent man is being punished without being given a chance to prove his innocence.”

Attorneys, eye witnesses and family members are standing together to shed light and show solidarity and support for justice, truth and Anand Jon. See schedule below:

Wednesday, March 19 – 5pm – NY Criminal Courts Building – speakers include Anand Jon family, attorneys, supporters and witnesses

Saturday, March 29 – Little India area TBD, Pioneer Blvd, Artesia CA – 3pm

Wednesday, April 2 – 8:30am – LA Criminal Court Building – court date



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