Traffic Ticket: Legal Question?

Question by brighteyes: Traffic Ticket: Legal Question?
I live in Tyler, TX. My husband received a speeding ticket and decided to fight it in court. He got the ticket back in June. They gave him 2 court dates which he could not meet due to work (ARMY), so he notified the courts before each date and they rescheduled.

Without paying the ticket, his license would expire Dec 28th. The court would not give him another trial date before his birthday. He had to pay the ticket to keep his license valid. So he headed to court to just pay the fine, and they told him he owed $ 728 or jail time. The ticket was only $ 160. He hadn’t been notified of these extra charges! What a shock. When he spoke to the Tyler lawyer, he just said “Oh so you’re a lawyer now?! You know how to do my job?!”


The other charges were for the 2 times he didn’t show up to court. However, he rescheduled both times and was waiting for a new trial date (but couldn’t get one before his birthday/license expiration date). Were they legally allowed to charge him those massive fines? It’s not like he just didn’t show up. He communicated with them and everything.

They only hold trials twice a year. When my husband made an appointment to talk to the judge, she told him they had nothing to discuss and that he needed to leave. The receptionist told him “Well you’re the only person who’s even done this. Everyone else just pays their ticket.”

I feel like something is wrong here. Can anybody tell me what? I also feel helpless… What could we possibly do to fix this?!

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Answer by Sara
Sounds like somebody should have just taken responsibility and paid the speeding ticket in the first place, instead of taking up the courts time on lies to get out of it.

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  • jslinderml

    There should not have been any other fines besides fair and reasonable court costs (a not guilty plea results in court costs. $ 560 seems a tad excessive. So my first suggestion is to find out what makes up those extra amounts..

    Secondly, court 2x per year? I have to doubt that only because they would run afoul of speedy trial issues on other matters? I think they might be misrepresenting the situation in order to get the ticket paid..

    If he can’t get a hearing in local court, he should appeal the matter to the next higher court.