“Will they reject my offer based on the speeding ticket “?

Question Vasant K ? “Will you reject my offer based on the ticket for speeding”
I recently received an offer from a reputable organization and does not imply the right to drive. This is a software development firm and my role as a developer. In the background authorization form, had a question: “Do you have any driving violations on your driving record in the last 3 years, if so, expliquez.6 months ago I have a speeding ticket to drive 65 in the speed limit 55 and paid off already. So I mentioned in the document. After seeing this comment in the document, I probed for more details as the date of my incident, location and concern d├ętails . Ma other is, “Will you reject my offer based on the ticket for speeding” Thank you all in advance Best answer:.


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    This is a question for another topic.

    Give them the information and see what happens. If you are going to drive for the company at times, then I’d worry a little but not too much. Otherwise, if that’s all you have, well, who doesn’t have a speeding ticket?