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NH: Monadnocker refuses to pay traffic ticket

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Common Types of Misdemeanors

Common Types of Misdemeanors

Laws in the United States are divided into two main categories. The most severe of these categories is the felony. Lesser crimes are called misdemeanors. Generally speaking, misdemeanors are not considered to be true crimes but a type of civil or regulatory infraction. Most people consider only felonies to be true crimes. Definition In the United States, misdemeanors are officially defined as infractions that are punishable by up to one year of incarceration, usually in a county or city jail. Felonies are punishable by over one year of incarceration in a state or federal penitentiary.

The exact placement of infractions into misdemeanors and penalties is left up to the state, except in interstate crimes or federal offenses, most of which are felonies by definition. Those who are found guilty of a misdemeanor are called misdemeanants. The punishment for misdemeanors does not usually result in the loss of civil rights. However, misdemeanors can result in the loss of civil privileges, such as driving or holding an occupational license. Most misdemeanors are punished by a fine or community service work.

Types The following are some of the most common types of misdemeanors:

• Traffic violations – Traffic violations are the most common misdemeanors in every state. Only the most serious of traffic violations are considered felonies, such as repeat DUI and vehicular manslaughter. Some examples of misdemeanor traffic violations include failure to stop, driving with an expired registration or license, driving without insurance, and illegal parking.

• Petty theft – Minor incidents of theft are considered misdemeanors. The level between misdemeanor theft and felony theft is set by the state at a specific dollar value of the theft. Petty theft can include all types of theft, such as property theft, embezzlement, and shoplifting.

• Disorderly conduct – Disorderly conduct is a catch-all misdemeanor violation for disrupting the civil peace of the general population or a specific person. Police often use disorderly conduct to break up a potentially dangerous situation. Oftentimes, after a cooling-down period, the threat of danger dissolves. Some examples of behavior for which someone can be charged with disorderly conduct include making loud sounds, fighting, threatening others, and disrupting traffic.

• Trespassing – Trespassing is the refusal to leave private property on the demand of the owner. Trespassing can also occur when someone enters private property without permission. Disclaimer: This article is not meant to act as or take the place of a professional legal consultation.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to act as or take the place of a professional legal consultation.

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Public Records Search

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 31, 2011, Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission are warning homeowners to keep their eyes open for solicitations, intended to swindle people struggling to meet their mortgage payments out of $ 5,000 or more in upfront payments. A recent article from WalletPop warns consumers of a new scam that targets struggling home owners. Consumers have reported receiving an official-looking letter from an out of state law firm, requesting that they pay a large fee up front in order to be included in a “mass joinder” lawsuit that promises to force mortgage lenders to drastically reduce monthly mortgage payments. Consumers who receive this type of solicitation can be confident that they are being baited for the advance fee mortgage scam.

Recently, a handful of homeowners in Boone County, Missouri and Long Beach, California, received letters stating that their loans may be eligible for national litigation directed at fraudulent lender activities. The letters received in Missouri did not provide a company name or return address. Whereas the letter sent to Californian homeowners, marked “Personal and Confidential Legal Notice – Joinder Action Suit” were mailed from the Litigation Settlement Department, St. Peters, Missouri and included the names of the banks that held the home owner’s loan, as well as the loan amount and home details.

Complaints from homeowners range from receiving little or no mortgage help despite paying the upfront fee and failing to fulfill contracts for loan adjustments or foreclosure related services to misrepresentation of the firms’ ability to deliver services and failure to give refunds of advance fees.

The BBB uncovered more than 50 website addresses linked to these fraudulent companies.

The FTC has issued a statement prohibiting mortgage-relief firms from collecting upfront fees from consumers in hopes of eradicating fraudulent activity. Consumer protection groups from California, Colorado, and Washington are stepping up their efforts to prevent these companies from preying on struggling homeowners desperate to avoid losing their homes, but warn that these companies have not given up and are adjusting their tactics and modifying their sales pitches to continue to bilk people out of money. urges consumers to check with the BBB and before signing on with any mortgage assistance company or “mass joinder” lawsuit. Search provides access to millions of records for a nominal fee for instant reports that can include phone numbers, date of birth, relatives, address, average home value, marriage/divorce records, criminal public records, civil judgments, bankruptcies, property public records, address history and more. Homeowners should be wary of any company that promises to modify a mortgage in exchange for an advance fee. Before sending any money or signing a contract, check BBB Business Reviews at

About:- is a comprehensive Public Records Search facility where consumers can obtain public records for free or at a reduced price. Our advanced cloud-based technology allows consumers to search for online providers within seconds. covers a wide variety of public records searches such as public criminal records, public property records and public court records which allows users access to information about sex offenders or unclaimed property, for instance. To access information about your demographic region or neighborhood, also covers public state records, public city records, public county records and more. Visit our blog for up-to-date information.


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How Can You Do a State Criminal Record Check?

How Can You Do a State Criminal Record Check?

Article by Mike Hickmon

A state criminal record check is not only something which we can do for ourselves when it comes to protecting our loved ones and families, but it is also something which is done on potential new employees of certain businesses and careers. If you apply for a new job and you are told that you will be having a state criminal record check on you and you are wondering why this is necessary, then take a look at this article to find out how it can protect not only the employer but you as well.

A state criminal record check might be used on you if you are applying for any kind of teaching position and this is because it is imperative that people are able to put their trust in you because you will be responsible for shaping young minds, taking care of children and teaching them everything that they need to know about life. A criminal record check is necessary in this situation so that the state knows you are responsible enough to be entrusted with the care of children at any age and that you will not take advantage or wrongly influence the children as well. This process will protect you from prosecution, your employer and your students.

A state criminal record check might be required if you are applying for a position in care for the disabled or elderly as well. This is for similar reasons to if you apply for teaching positions. Your employer trusts you with the care of vulnerable people which means that you are responsible for their well being and health and their state of mind. A criminal record check is important in this type of business to ensure that you don’t have any felonies which might interfere with your care work such as violence or sexual offences.

Nowadays, state criminal record checking is a normal thing for employers to run, regardless of the type of job that you are applying for. For instance, if you apply for the position of a checkout assistant in a store, then you might be wondering why a background check is necessary. Rest assured that you are not being singled out; it is just a way for the company to cover their backs in case anything happens. For example, if money goes missing from a till and an employee has a history of stealing, then the employer will be able to look this up on the file and question the right person. It is simply a matter of covering everyone so that nobody is victimised and everyone can remain safe within the working environment.

You can find out more about criminal record checking by running a simple and fast search on a popular search engine where you will be able to learn all about the process, as well as how it is possible for you to run your own background criminal searches on people you might be considering hiring. Always keep safe and remember, criminal record checking is another way of protecting you!

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The author has developed a comprehensive review site that determines which state criminal record search site is the best to use when searching for criminal records. Please go to to find the best state criminal record search site.

AZ Labor Day 2010 DUI Task Force Results Arizona DUI Attorney, David Cantor, reviews the results of the recent AZ Annual Labor Day DUI Task Force. This year more than 6000 cops participated in over 37000 pullovers. While there were more DUI arrests made this year over last year, DUI Penalty advocates claim that with the higher number of officers and pullovers the increase is lower than expected. Thus allowing them to claim that DUI penalties are reducing the number of Drunk Drivers. While this may be David takes a look at another statistic that gives him pause the number of designated drivers pulled over was 700. This is a pretty high number of DD’s to be pulled over which tells David that this is because the cops are targeting certain areas, such as bars, and pulling people over just for pulling out of the parking lot.
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Q&A: Has anyone had written a “hot check” in Guadalupe County, TX?

Question by TedsGMC: Has anyone had written a “hot check” in Guadalupe County, TX?
And if so were you able to pay for the checks and the court/fine costs at the D.A’s office? The reason I ask is that about 5 years ago I had written 2 checks to a grocery store in Schertz,TX in August of 2006 and I never knew that the checks were “returned” back to the business and a “warrant” for my arrest was made against me until I got pulled over for an expired inspection sticker in April of 2011.
I did “research” this matter the next day and I explain to the “D.A” who is handling this matter and I did explain that I did not nor can I remember getting any letter for the county about this as I had moved in September of ’06, but I did explain to the “D.A.” that I would be in on the 3rd week of May (2011) to pay for the checks and any other fees/fine., and the D.A. that was fine.
Now my question is were you still “charged” with “Theft of property $ 20-$ 500″ a Class B misdemeanor? and if so how was it “handeled”?
Plus! I have NEVER been “arrested” nor have been in trouble with the law at all.
Thanks for you help, take care.

Best answer:

Answer by Sven the Swede
Go to your local bank they can help out a lot! And yes i have.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Free Criminal Records Search Online – Best Criminal Records Sites

Free Criminal Records Search Online – Best Criminal Records Sites

Article by A. Broussard

Are you one of the millions of people surfing the internet for hours searching for a free criminal records search online? If you are, then please read on.

One of the most popular searches online is for criminal records. There are many business owners that run a criminal background search to check on the history of their many applicants before deciding to hire them. Also, individuals wish to make sure their family is safe from untrustworthy individuals.

As you begin your search online, you will find that there are many websites offering a free criminal records search online. It is only natural that we are tempted by these advertisements for free stuff. Some of these companies utilize unsavory marketing tactics to lure individuals like you to their websites and once a person is on their website and completes their form, they are automatically taken to a payment page. Of course, it is not actually free.

The truth of the matter is it costs quite a bit of money to develop and maintain these huge databases of public records. In addition, it also costs money to continuously keep these databases updated to make certain you are getting the latest information available. Since these online companies have to pay so much money for development and maintenance, it is certainly not feasible for them to offer a free criminal records search online or they would surely go out of business.

The legitimate criminal records sites you should deal with are online companies that are up front with you and offer low cost paid services without misleading you. Try to steer clear of criminal records search companies that will charge you per search or a monthly fee. A smart idea is to check out online background check review sites since they have researched and found the best background check websites on the net. They will save you all the legwork.

So do not wait to check on anyone suspicious in your life. It is best to take every precaution in this day and age. The best criminal records sites are Gov-Resources, Government Registry and Court Records.

Find out the best criminal records sites the FBI use.

Take a minute to read the best online investigation reviews.

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