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can I get a drivers license in california without insurance?

Asked by Joshua K : I can get a California driver’s license without insurance
I had my license before it was suspended for a DUI, but I need my license to travel to new jobs. I am very Ware is illegal for not having insurance, but it could after receiving my first paycheck from the DMV to let me out with this or I get a mostly middle finger and a “try again when? You have insurance “Best answer :
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Because your license is suspended, will not travel anywhere until you have a valid license. Of course, you may request a limited license to get to work, and the court will probably give you once you show proof of SR-22 insurance filing.

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Feel I had a wrongful DUI. Help!?

Ask for Meghan : Do you think that had a DUI illegal. Help?
After 18 years, my little sister out for the first time my boyfriend had to get home from a friend. I had about three beers in two hours and a glass of wine six hours before he was “fired” by a flic.Je not feel affected and not to get drunk more than m “take care of my little sister the night. I went home to our friends and my boyfriend called. My little sister was told that the car behind us. I noticed the bright light as the light police. Note:. No shooting was not his flashing lights south . Il came to my window and asked me some questions and wanted me to do a field sobriety test passed me very well. Also note that I did not say why he came to my window. He said he had suspected, because I was going to fall in the nearby chapel. Yes, it was 2:30 pm and I just stopped at my friends who was at the corner of a block in the quartier.Après I switched to those who had to be a breath sample. He informed me that if I refused I was going to jail and lose my license for a an.Il me jump three times in Dang because I’m only 2/3rds of my lung function that can get a note from my doctor to prove it! I blew a .010. Some above 0.08 because there were only three beers in two hours at the helm. … That said my account would have this effect? ​​blowing three times? Then be informed that blew over the legal limit and was arrested for a DUI. He gave me a ticket when it happened. I’d put the handcuffs and put me in the police car. No ticket! I could not see until after released from prison. The note said, “DUI and no insurance” and not even ask my insurance. I have not received the ticket after DUI. I want to file a motion to suppress. Is it a good idea? I think is wrong on many levels! And I always had my car towed out of my friends how to drive! Please help! advice! past experience! all, I have 21 years of age. Up to 21 ans.Meilleure response:
Reply by Marko

polio You blew
number and are younger than 21 years, which means you were driving under the influence (Rule 0.08 is only for legal drinkers if minor with alcohol you get a DUI). So I would ask a lawyer if I were you or your future is in trouble.

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