Disclose Misdemeanor DUI if only asked about specific misdemeanors?

While in college, I made a huge mistake and had a beer and drove. I was pulled over and received an Underage DUI (BAC of .06, however I was only 20). I paid my fines, did community service, etc., and now at 22, I still don’t even drink. I continued college on a full paid scholarship and graduated with a B.S. in Management in 3 years rather than 4.

The most recent job I have been offered contingent on my background check and credit check is where I find myself with a question. I have always been honest on applications about my DUI when asked about misdemeanors, or convictions, etc. However, this application was a little different.

It asked:

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? No

Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor in regards to bribery, forgery, investment fraud, etc.? No

But there was no where for me to list my misdemeanor DUI, because it wasn’t a felony, and it wasn’t a misdemeanor like they type they were referring to.

I know that they are going to see it, but I just wanted to see what everyone’s take on the situatione was. I don’t want to look dishonest by not having mentioned it, however, I wasn’t asked a question relating to it. Does this mean any misdemeanors other than the ones described aren’t a concern? Will they retract their offer because they think I was being dishonest, even though I didn’t have a way to list it?

Only positive posts please – I am aware that I shouldn’t have ever gotten the DUI in the first place so I don’t require any advice in regards to that…

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