Will I get drug tested for a DUI? I have no drug charges, so will I be pee tested?

I was arrested for DUI about 6 months ago (no drugs or alcohol in the car, but I blew a .17, I was DRUNK)…I am 21 yrs old and had a squeaky clean record. This is my first charge ever, so I got youthful offender status or whatever. The judge said if i complete 80 hours of community service, attend a lvl. 1 drunk driving class, and pay my fines that my DUI charge will be ERASED OFF MY RECORD.
Last week I went to my court refferal officer and took this silly written test to conclude or not weather I was an alcoholic. It was deemed No i wasn’t, so I have to go to lvl 1 drunk driving class. The CRO issued me a color telling me I have to call this hotline on weekdays, if it lands on my color I have to come in the day of and take a breathalyser test. She then handed me my paperwork telling me my color was silver….in the paperwork it says when I come in I am subject to a breathalyser/urinalysis. Since I have no drug charges and this is not drug related, will I have to piss test also?? My CRO herself never said anything about a drug test, just breathalyser. Yet in the paperwork it says I could be drug tested also.
My question is…do you think I will be drug tested anyway? will the state spend money on a drug test since I have no drug charges? or will I just have to come in and breathalyze?

a small FYI… the only drug I use besides alcohol is marijuana. I smoked daily for months before, but I quit the day I met the CRO. (A week ago). I know how THC works in your system and how to pass drug test yadda yadda all I want to know is will I be drug screened for a purely alcohol related DUI??



  • Summer

    It is probably in the papperwork as informational. they probably wont drug test you unless they suspect that you are using drugs.

  • askmeanything

    Think back to that silly test(s) you took. Was it 100% about alcohol??Think deeply, I mean, did they throw in a question that said “drugs” in there out of the blue?? Maybe, maybe not? I know there are a lot of written tests like that, that sometimes throw in a trick type question. Also when you go to your alcohol class, everyone is open about everything and pretty much comfortable. Depending on how “confidential” those may be, they may be working with your CRO and/or probation officer, or whatever. I would check into that. You are either gonna try and hide it or you are not. I’m assuming you lied (lol) about the whole marijuana thing?? Or then again, maybe they were cool and gave you the level one anyway, despite the marijuana admission. A problem I see, if you did indeed lie about pot, is that now (im pretty sure they can’t/won’t do a thing about the pot thing PRIOR to meeting they CRO, cuz you just went to court and got sentenced right??), if they do give you give you a urinalysis and you get caught off guard and fail, you get caught in a lie and that makes you look bad. If you didn’t lie( assuming you did), then they will give you time to clear out, because we all(the court, you,me) know it takes time. They would probably just test you just to confirm it was in your system for records. Think about what you want to do, what you are gonna do at classes, and what you don’t want to do. All I know is that when you’re F****D( not that you are, but when you know you are) you better be straight up with them or you will make it worse. I would be ready, for a urinalysis, just to be safe. Thanks and good luck!!!