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Lawyersandsettlements.com Article Provides Evidence As False Arrest Victim Sues For Damage To Reputation

Litchfield, CT (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Julian Morris says that a LawyersandSettlements.com article regarding his DUI case in 2008 was used as evidence that he had been harmed. His attorney demonstrated that Morris reputation was damaged because the article was viewed nationwide. The defense argued that my reputation wasnt damaged because nobodyexcept locally–knew about my case, but your article proved them wrong, says Julian.

LawyersandSettlements.com is a legal news website with a readership extending not only across the U.S., but across the globe. The legal news website also provides state-by-state legal news which attracts readers who are seeking local legal news and information. Some of the website’s most highly visited state legal news pages are California, New York and Florida.

At the time in which the article about Julian Morris’ false arrest case was published (July 2008), it was not known if Julian would file a personal injury lawsuit to sue for the damage caused to his reputation. Your article inspired me to seek legal counsel and I did bring legal action against Connecticut State Police Officer Jeffery Poach and Connecticut DEP Sgt. James Warren (Morris v. Warren, et al., Case No. 3:10-cv-01167-SRU, United States District Court for the District of Connecticut), says Julian.

The false arrest case was allowed to proceed through summary judgment against Sgt. James Warren for malicious prosecution and a compromise was strongly suggested by the presiding Federal Judge. A resolution was reached through the Federal Magistrate whereby the State of Connecticut agrees to pay the Plaintiff a monetary sum.

Julians DUI (Driving Under the Influence) was tossed out of court by Superior Court Judge Paul Matasavage, who indicated that Morris should never have been charged with a crime in the first place. Morris had passed the breathalyzer test after a paddlewheel boat he was operating capsizedthey were caught in a storm. Still, Morris–a former police officer–had been arrested for boating under the influence.

Julian says he was charged with DUI because of one police officer seemed to have a personal vendetta against him. They said my eyes were bloodshot but I am allergic to the lake water, he says. They said subject was evasive but I was careful answering my questionshaving been a cop. They convoluted and twisted everything.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) was also at the scene. Because the accident happened on a state lake, the state police turned the case over to the DEP. And because Julian passed the breathalyzer test at the state police barracks, the police knew they didnt have a DUI case. But the DEP charged Julian with the felony version of boating over the influence, a higher charge, and without chemical evidence.

Hence my attorney went after malicious prosecution, says Julian. Still, the DEP continued to state that the police officers did a fine job of investigation. It showed up in the local newspaper for weeks until we went to trial, which lasted 10 minutes due to lack of evidence.

The prosecution dropped the charges but it was a traumatic experience for Julian, regardless. And time consuming. For his personal injury lawsuit, Julian had to provide 10 years of tax forms; and he had to answer hundreds of personal questions sent by the defense.

In my opinion, the judges were sympathetic to my case because they allowed it to progress to summary judgment. They suggested that the defendant settle, then we went to a settlement hearing.

To this day the DEP contend that they did nothing wrong and I have yet to receive my settlement. But I am thankful to LawyersandSettlements.com for being instrumental in saving my reputation.

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Dina Lohan — No-Booze Birthday Bash After DUI Arrest

Dina Lohan — No-Booze Birthday Bash After DUI Arrest
Dina Lohan temporarily learned her lesson after getting busted for DUI last week — She celebrated her 51st birthday Sunday night with her kids … without guzzling a single drop of booze. Dina, Lindsay, Cody, Ali (who's Vogue-ing out) and Michael Jr …
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DUI arrests: Baldwin County Corrections Center and Spanish Fort, Sept. 16-Oct
Oct. 1, Richard Louie Jowers Jr., 28, of Shorterville, was charged with DUI-alcohol. Sept. 30, Amanda Paula Hamric, 37, of Foley, was charged with DUI-combined influence, possession of drug paraphernalia and first-degree theft of property. Sept. 29 …
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Impact Futures works with law enforcement to stop drinking and driving
AMARILLO, TEXAS — There have been 36 DUI arrests in Potter County so far this year. Alcohol was a factor in two fatal accidents in the past two weeks. The Potter County Sheriff's Office said the numbers aren't all that alarming. "What's shocking is …
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How much reporting will Fox News do on the arrest of James O’Keefe the fake pimp that made the ACORN video?

Question by Mr. Wolf: How much reporting will Fox News do on the arrest of James O’Keefe the fake pimp that made the ACORN video?
Joseph Basel, 24, Robert Flanagan, 24, James O’Keefe, 25, and Stan Dai, 24, were charged with entering Senator Landrieu’s New Orleans office, which is federal property, under “false pretenses for the purpose of committing a felony,”. They were trying to bug her phones.
No it will not clear ACORN but it is news. If Fox is fair and blance as they claim they will report it.

Best answer:

Answer by Lazy American
does that clear ACORNs name?

Give your answer to this question below!

Police arrest 12 for DUI in sobriety checkpoint

Police arrest 12 for DUI in sobriety checkpoint
In addition to the 12 DUI arrests, six motorists were arrested for driving while their licenses were suspended or revoked. Other results included four hazardous moving violations, three minors in possession of alcohol, one cocaine possession, two …
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Rancho Mirage man arrested for DUI following 4-car crash
PALM DESERT — A Rancho Mirage man is accused of driving under the influence and running from the scene of a crash involving four vehicles. It was reported at 9:18 p.m. Friday at Country Club Drive and Cook Street in Palm Desert, according to the …
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DUI Attorneys in Riverside Release a New Video For Their Clients That Explains What to Expect After A DUI Arrest

Riverside, California (PRWEB) April 18, 2013

The residents of Riverside were long in search of a good and useful source that would give them thorough information on DUI, and other related types of arrests. The DUI attorneys in Riverside recently decided to compile a video with useful links, as well as enlightening details of the DUI concepts and regulations. The video has been uploaded to YouTube for easy access and should receive tremendous amount of support because of its mere simplicity and comprehensiveness. A DUI arrest in Riverside can be devastating for a lot of people; many are in shock or disbelief that this can be happening to them. Since many think they could never be arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they usually have no idea what to expect after such an arrest takes place. There are certain rights of a US citizen who have been taken into custody for DUI or any other type of arrest that falls under this category. It is therefore important to learn the basic concepts as well as the requirements of the law regarding this matter so the person could act accordingly. Keeping in view this situation in Riverside where a lot of DUI arrests have recently taken place, the renowned Riverside DUI defense attorneys decided to launch a useful video for their clients living in town. The video has been compiled to give general information regarding this type of offense, as well as some specific information on how many types of cases fall under this category. It also displays the rights of the individuals whose drivers license has been revoked or suspended as a result of offending the authorities. To discover the information needed after a DUI arrest in Riverside, or to speak with a qualified DUI defense attorney to discuss a case, view the firms new video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Fygm5yL88g

Sometimes the officer responsible for issuing offense tickets confiscate the drivers license, which can be received back by paying a fee of up to $ 125 known as the reissue charge. However, this fee can only be paid after the suspension period has ended. There are exceptions to this rule for people under the age of 21 who have been arrested for DUI and some cases under the Zero Tolerance Law. At times the driver is handed over a temporary license that can be used to continue driving for a period of 30 days from the date of suspension order. But this option is available only to those who have a valid California drivers license. These and many other concepts and regulations related to DUI have been clearly explained in the video released by the DUI attorneys in Riverside California. The video should receive positive feedback from its viewers because of its simple nature and the way it conveys each and every theory thoroughly. Moreover, it has been liked by the clients because it also gives general tips on how to avoid such an arrest and what to expect after such an event has taken place. The number of viewers watching the YouTube channel has been growing since the launch of different videos, and it continues to be a source of useful and enlightening information on DUI and the importance of speaking with an experienced DUI lawyer if someone has been arrested. To speak with a Riverside lawyer or to find out more about the criminal defense firm visit, http://duiattorneyriversideca.com/

The Riverside DUI lawyers use professional SEO services to help the attorneys in law firm marketing to promote the message about the importance of speaking with an experienced DUI attorney in Riverside CA. The firm continues its online presence by offering free consultations and information on criminal defense on the firms blog and social media pages. This information along with free consultations the firm hopes to attract more Riverside residents looking to speak to an attorney. To learn more about the law firm visit the company DUI lawyer Riverside Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/DuiLawyerRiverside

About Christopher Koch: Graduate of University of San Diego School of Law Admitted to practice law November 2001. The law office is experienced in criminal defense, very well respected and locally connected in San Bernardino, San Diego and Orange Counties. As a local attorney in these jurisdictions he has the ability to get the best possible outcome for clients. For more information about a free consultation or to speak with the best DUI lawyer in Riverside CA, contact the firm at 877-227-9128.



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Drunk Driving Arrest After Quincy Man Sits Through Light Cycles

Drunk Driving Arrest After Quincy Man Sits Through Light Cycles
A 35-year-old Quincy man was arrested by Braintree police after allegedly driving drunk near the Union Street rotary and sitting through several light signal changes. Timothy M. Akins was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol after the …
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Kevin Hart Admits To Drunk Driving After Arrest!
No taking it back now!! Kevin Hart has admitted that he was in fact drunk when he was arrested early Sunday morning under suspicion of DUI after almost crashing into a gas tanker. Even though he clearly failed a sobriety test, the comedian took to …
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With the Recent Arrest of Drunk Driver and St. Patricks Day on the Way, ABS Insurance Agency Wants Missouri Residents to be Prepared for Anything

Chesterfield, MO (PRWEB) March 15, 2013

The federal law in the United States, when it comes to alcohol in driving, says that your blood-alcohol content (BAC) cannot reach or exceed .08. Various organizations and social movements have put a lot of effort into curbing drunk driving; however, these instances still occur all the time. In Chesterfield, according to Patch, a woman was arrested for the fourth time for an alcohol related driving offense, last month. Her BAC was .231 almost three times the legal limit.

For this latest offense, the woman struck the bumper of another car and swerved away. Although no one was hurt this time, things could have been worse. Every 53 minutes, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). With St. Patricks Day coming up this month and an increased presence of drinking for celebration, the insurance agents at ABS Insurance Agency want to remind residents how important safe driving is.

Here are some tips for drivers:

Avoid all distractions. This includes the radio, cell phones and the GPS. It is better to pull over to fiddle with any of those devices as just a moments glance away from the road could be deadly particularly if there are intoxicated drivers on the road.
Obey the speed limit. Not only is speeding bad for your cars gas mileage, but it is also unsafe. Motorists should obey the posted speed limits and be ready for any interruptions that may cause them to have to act quickly to get out of the way.
Designate a sober driver. If you are planning to drink, it is always smart to designate a sober driver. Driving while impaired not only puts you in danger, but your passengers and the other motorists on the road.
Drive according to the weather. If the weather is slippery, icy or foggy, visibility and reaction time can be seriously impaired. Always adjust your driving speed to the weather to be better prepared for defensive driving.

In Missouri, 14% of drivers are uninsured. This makes it extremely important for drivers to review their auto insurance policies. In the event a motorist is involved in an accident with a driver who is impaired and without insurance, uninsured motorist coverage could protect the driver. The agents at ABS Insurance Agency are equipped to assist any Missouri resident with their insurance needs. For a comprehensive and affordable auto insurance policy, residents are encouraged to give them a call today!

About ABS Insurance Agency:

Proudly located in Chesterfield, Missouri, ABS Insurance Agency is your premier local insurance agency; dedicated to serving the insurance needs of area individuals, families and businesses. As a well established agency, ABS Insurance Agency has grown to be one of the most trusted Missouri insurance companies in the area. The agency represents various nationwide insurance carriers, enabling its dedicated agents to effectively compare rates and coverage to ensure you receive the quality protection you deserve. With a broad network of providers ABS Insurance Agency can secure superior Missouri insurance for all of your coverage needs!

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What happens when cops arrest someone who is driving normally but drank a lot of alcohol?

Question by Dan Jones: What happens when cops arrest someone who is driving normally but drank a lot of alcohol?
What happens if I have been drinking a lot of vodka and other alcoholic drinks and I drive normally, I am not drunk. suddenly police arrests me to do some tests and finds out that I have been drinking a lot of alcohol. What do you think will happen? What will they do?

Best answer:

Answer by Laine
They can ask you to take a breathalyzer, if you are over the limit they will arrest you.
Remember that “driving normally” is not determined by you, but by the officer. Are you hugging the center line, are you hugging the shoulder, are you signaling, are you moving with the speed of the other traffic around you, etc, etc.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Accident results in DUI arrest

Accident results in DUI arrest
A Norfolk man was arrested on several charges after leaving the scene of an accident. On Tuesday, Norfolk police officers were dispatched to the area of 701 S. 13th St. in reference to a two-vehicle accident. One of the cars had reportedly left the …
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Man, 73, Charged With DUI In Westport Accident
WESTPORT, Conn. – A 73-year-old Weston man was recently charged with drunken driving in connection with a November car accident in Westport, police said. Paul Miller, of 11 O'Clock Road, was arrested last Friday, Dec. 28, on a warrant stemming from a …
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News of the Weird celebrates its 25th birthday with a look back
3, because he managed a rare DUI daily double. He was first cited for DUI at 1:08 a.m. Sunday and then, 60 minutes later, he was again cited for DUI at 1:08 a.m. The first was during daylight saving time; the second was after the changeover. Human Ken …
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Byrne: Single DUI arrest is sign education, prevention working
The director of a regional prevention center said the single DUI arrest made in Enid during New Year's celebration is a sign education and prevention efforts are working. “We hold our breath every year, worried whether someone is going to be killed due …
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Mountain View High School Teacher’s Dramatic Arrest Caught On Tape

Mountain View High School Teacher's Dramatic Arrest Caught On Tape

A Mountain View High School English teacher has resigned after our exclusive video brought his most recent DUI arrest to light. Nicholas Robinson, 28, was pulled over for speeding on Myrtle Street in Downtown Boise early Sunday and arrested for DUI driving, resisting and obstructing officers, marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphenalia. But this isn’t the first time Robinson has been arrested. He was arrested for DUI driving and possession of drug paraphenalia in April 2001 and again later that year for having an open container and an illegaly obtained controlled substance. All those charges were later dismissed after Robinson was put on probation for two years. Robinson has been teaching English at Mountain View since the start of the 2005-06 school year. District officials said he passed both the local and FBI background checks prior to gaining employment because he was never convicted of the crimes. “Certainly it’s not the kind of activity or behavior you want our staff involved in,” Meridian Schools Spokesman Eric Exline said. “It’s pretty unfortunate; pretty graphic video.” When Patrol Officer Jason Rose pulled Robinson over, he said he smelled alcohol on his breath. Robinson denied having anything to drink and despite Officer Rose’s repeated requests, refused to get out of the car for a sobriety test. That’s when the officers pulled Robinson from the car and found marijuana and drug paraphenalia on his person. Upon arrival to the station, Robinson
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