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Bill Would Allow Restraining Orders Against Abusers Out Of State, Online

Bill Would Allow Restraining Orders Against Abusers Out Of State, Online
Wisconsin is one of only a few states that requires people filing a restraining order to show that the person they are filing it against lives in Wisconsin. The new bill would allow victims who may have fled an abuser in another state to file a …
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Greensboro woman who sought protective order killed
Court documents show the couple separated in June. Laurrissa Armstrong asked a judge in July for a restraining order, saying her tires were slashed and she was getting unwanted visits from her husband. A judge ruled she did not have enough evidence.
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Teacher's shooting raises questions about protective order
Court documents show that Laurrissa Armstrong, 62, filed for a Domestic Violence Order of Protection on July 26 stating that she was “in fear of continued harassment that rises to such a level that as to inflict substantial emotional distress” from her …
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The Easiest Way to Save on Car Insurance: Compare Insurance Quotes Online with Fast Quotes Direct

Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 27, 2013

Gas prices, lease rates, down payments, parking fees, traffic tickets, insurance quotes. It seems like having a vehicle these days is becoming more like a luxury only available to those who can afford the ever soaring prices, but for many its an essential part of their daily lives.

So how can the average American driver keep their costs down without the stress and anxiety of dealing with sales tactics that seem more like they’re designed to rob us, rather than provide savings along with a quality service.

Save up to $ 560 per year on car insurance by comparing quotes online. Click here.

Fast Quotes Direct now makes finding insurance quotes online a safe and easy process.

No need for any sales calls
Limited personal information necessary (only a zip code)
No email or log-in required – and most importantly,
No obligations to sign up for insurance to see the potential savings.

With their recent relaunch, users as always can click through to all providers in the listings with no need to worry about spam or sales calls.

“We are pleased to launch the new version of our website to the public now with even more opportunity for savings,” announced their marketing director this week. “Now with our enhanced database and search functionality its easier than ever to find the best deals with the top insurance companies across America.”

Compare Free Insurance Quotes Online Today. Click Here.

Fast Quotes Direct brings only qualified insurance companies together in one listing, putting the user in control. In an environment where insurance companies have to bid against each other for new business, the consumer has the upper hand.

The lifetime value of a new customer is all too valuable to insurance companies as many drivers stay on with them for years. Another opportunity for a new lead is not something they would pass up, especially when being displayed amongst other top providers. Consumers know they can trust Fast Quotes Direct’s listings, which leads to a higher opportunity that they will sign up so insurance companies offer great incentives.

As many consumers are becoming more accustomed to comparing quotes online, FastQuotesDirect.com popularity continues to grow. Drivers who haven’t compared quotes within the past year often see a savings from 30-70% on auto insurance through the free service.

To try FastQuotesDirect.com today and compare insurance rates, click here.

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Does anyone know anything about selling tickets online?

Question by Thomas S: Does anyone know anything about selling tickets online?
I was thinking about selling “tickets” online through craigslist and ebay, but was wondering if anyone knew the laws around it. Is there things i cannot do legally? Also if anyone has expirence with this, what are some tips to going about the busniess.

Best answer:

Answer by LOLA
as long as the tickets are real and your selling it at the same price or at a reasonable price.

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Q&A: How do I pay my DUI fine online for Nevada?

Question by sp00f50: How do I pay my DUI fine online for Nevada?
The court is “Las Vegas Justice Court”. I have a DUI fine of 585, how do I pay it online? I found a page that said “Pay traffic tickets” but I am beginning to think it’s not a “traffic ticket” considering that page cannot find my case number. Thanks a lot.

Best answer:

Answer by laughter_every_day
There is no standard fine for DUI. The fine and the jail sentence and other things will be determined by the judge once you are convicted, by plea or by trial. If you have already been sentenced, call the Justice’s Court and ask. Or just continue to ask random people on this site.

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MileageAds Ad Network Invites Immigration Law Organisations and Online Associates to Advertise

Houston,TX (PRWEB) March 23, 2013

With MilageAds.com, Immigration Law firms and associated site/blog owners can now embark on promotion thats as appropriate and precise as the Immigration Law canon is professional. Hot on the heels of MilageAds.com Lawyer ad network, this new offering enables better directed advertising for all involved.

Helping You Excel in Online Advertising:

MileageAds.com knows that all those involved with Immigration Law have a tough enough time giving legal advice and counsel, covering students to visitors visas, facilitating permit free employment options, enabling rights of abode and much more.

Thats why Mileageads.com cost per action and cost per click advertising options allow publishers to make more money online and advertisers to truly get a worthy advertising ROI. Theirs is the emerging network that helps promote only there highest quality Immigration Law services on only the best blogs around and ultimately giving network members the promotional freedom that larger advertising networks dont.

About MileageAds

MileageAds.com provides individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses with affordable and extremely effective online marketing solutions.

It was developed to provide advertisers with an affordable online marketing solution that brings tremendous results via CPC and CPA advertising. MileageAds.com also offers opportunities for publishers, who can earn a tidy sum by displaying advertisements via their profitable and easy-to-integrate publisher program. MileageAds.com maintains a commitment to customer satisfaction. And the Mileage Ads team works hard to ensure that advertisers and publishers alike are satisfied and that their questions are answered in a timely and efficient manner.

Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel E. Kann Announces Launch of Santa Clarita Online Resource Center

Santa Clarita, CA (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Daniel E. Kann, founding attorney of the Southern California criminal defense law firm, The Law Offices of Daniel E. Kann, not only believes in every clients constitutional right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, but also every persons need to understand the charges facing them. With this in mind, Daniel Kann is proud to announce the launch of a new Santa Clarita Resource center on his website.

Finding Accurate Information Conveniently

When a person is accused of a crime, it is important for them to be well-informed about the charges and consequences they face and their rights as they apply to those charges. The time immediately following an arrest can be confusing and overwhelming. Daniel Kann believes that quality information should be available quickly and conveniently to anybody seeking it, which is why he has established a website and included within it, informational pages that can help a person accused of a crime find the information they need to take the necessary steps to protect their future. The most recent addition to the website, http://www.kannlawoffice.com/, is a Santa Clarita Resource Center and includes useful information concerning the following: General Criminal Defense; Lewd Conduct and Lewd Acts; DUI; Marijuana Crimes.

The Right to Quality Resources

Anyone accused of a crime in Southern California has the right to be well-informed of their rights and options. It is the job of a criminal defense attorney to make sure helpful information is easy to find. It is not about getting more clients, but about making sure each person accused of a crime has the best possible chance to defend their rights against unlawful prosecution or excessive penalties.

Aggressive Representation for an Effective Defense

Being accused of a crime should not be taken lightly. There are many factors that contribute to an accused persons chances for having the charges against them reduced or dropped and experienced Santa Clarita criminal defense attorney Daniel E. Kann applies the most effective defense strategies and negotiations for his clients. By aggressively defending his clients rights, Daniel Kann ensures that they are not unjustly prosecuted.

Non-Owner-Insurance.com is Now Live and Offers Competitive Non Owners Insurance Quotes Online.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

With insurance companies focusing on the big market products such as auto, home, life and health, finding affordable insurance in a niche market such as non owner insurance can be difficult. Many of today’s carriers don’t focus on products that can’t yield a high volume of customers. Non-Owner-Insurance.com has recognized a need for a better, faster and more affordable way to find non owners insurance. The site offers online non owner car insurance quotes in just a couple minutes and provides a comparative list of rate quotes from multple companies offering competitive rates. One simply has to enter some basic information in the online rater to get a list of rates and companies to choose from. The ability to quote multiple companies in a matter of minutes allows the consumer to save both time and money on non owner auto insurance.

Non owner insurance is an uncommon type of auto insurance and is often neglected by companies due to the low volume of customers. Non owner insurance is basically auto insurance for individuals not owning a vehicle of their own. Coverage is provided for others vehicles driven on an infrequent basis. Coverage types are limited to liability, uninsured motorist and medical payments in most cases. Since there isn’t a vehicle listed on a non owner policy, comprehensive and collision coverage is not afforded by this type of policy. Additionally, coverage is not provided for any vehicle that is registered in the same household as the policy holder or for any vehicle owned by an employer or used for employment. The cost of a non owner insurance policy varies from person to person depending on their specific rate determining factors such as age, driving experience, zip code and more. Non-Owner-Insurance.com provides personalized quotes on a case by case basis and pulls rates from multiple companies to choose from. The site provides an easy way to get comparative quotes and provides sales and service of most policies.

The most common reason one would need a non owner policy is when an SR22 is required. An SR22 is a filing with the department of motor vehicles that they require to reinstate your license. SR22’s are usually required if one was involved in an accident while not carrying valid auto insurance or in most cases when a person is convicted of a DUI. Sometimes people are involved in these situations but don’t own a vehicle to insure with an SR22 filing so they are directed towards an non owner SR22 insurance policy. These types of non owner policies are also offered by Non-Owner-Insurance.com at an affordable rate.

Highly Experienced Specialist Team At Westminster Family Mediators Unveil Brand New Online Presence

(PRWEB) September 10, 2012

To coincide with its recent founding, family mediation specialists, Westminster Family Mediators, is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new website. Those looking to resolve separation or other family law related issues will find it simple to discover all the information they need to know about the mediation process and the highly experienced Westminster Family Mediators team.

As Director and Accredited Mediator, Tony Salce, explains, We have witnessed on countless occasions how family breakdown can be a time of distress and turmoil, and as such, we wanted to ensure that our potential clients could find all the information they need about mediation in a simple and timely manner.

The user-friendly layout and informative content are all designed to make it easy for anyone visiting our website to find out what Family Mediation is, why they should consider it and what they can expect when dealing with Westminster Family Lawyers so that theyre confident about resolving their sensitive family law issues.

The website also introduces potential clients to the four mediators at Westminster Family Mediators, who have over 90 years of combined legal experience, and have each completed mediation training provided by Bond University and been accredited as mediators under the National Mediator Accreditation Scheme.

As Mr Salce remarks, Our team is determined to use our mediation education and legal expertise to help our clients reach a settlement that is mutually acceptable and assists all parties involved to move forward with their lives.

Furthermore, the most important part to us is that by using mediation, our clients dont need to drain their savings accounts or experience the delays and anguish often associated with Family Law litigation proceedings.

For anyone considering mediation to assist in finding the optimum solution to separation, divorce and other family law issues, Westminster Family Mediators are pleased to offer an informative and easy-to-navigate website that will help them take the first step in the process.

For further information about the mediation process or Westminster Family Mediators, visit http://www.wfmediators.com.au/

About Westminster Family Mediators

Westminster Family Mediators is a specialist family mediation firm practising in Melbourne, Australia, whose aim is to assist parties in maximising their chances of reaching a mutually acceptable settlement without having to incur the time and expense of litigation.

With over 90 years combined experience, the experienced team of mediators are Accredited Mediators under the National Mediator Accreditation Scheme and will use their legal and mediation accreditation and expertise to help clients reach optimum solutions in a timely manner.

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