• andywho2006

    Depends on your state. In NJ, which has the highest rates, provides for high risk drivers for major bucks. This was a concession between the insurance companies and the State Insurance Commission to provide insurance for a high risk pool in order to continue to raise rates for everyone else. Do us all a favor and don’t move to NJ. We already have the most drivers per square mile in the US. I hear that Wyoming is nice this time of year.

  • NY1Krr

    There is no cheap rate anymore. Most likely, you will be in the assigned risk pool for the next 3-5 years. The assigned risk a pool that all insurance companies are reqiured to contribute to. Make sure you ask your agent if they are giving you an “assigned risk” quote. Alot of them will give you one of those quotes nut not tell you. So you think you are getting a state farm or allstate quote when your really not. It’s better to stay out of the assigned risk if you will find a company that will do it.
    Try Progressive and GMAC. I’m not sure if GMAC writes in your state but I know they would write drivers with DUI’s

  • mande1125

    Progressive is probably the only ins co that will insure.