Hiring A Michigan Dui Lawyer

A charge of driving under the influence in any state is a serious offence, however many people do consider it to be a minor offence with only a minimal penalty. If you are charged with DUI then you should seek the services of a qualified Michigan DUI lawyer as soon as possible to represent you.

You do have the option to represent yourself, however DUI cases are complex and rely on technical scientific and medical evidence gathered at the time of your arrest. This evidence needs to be understood if you are to present a defense which can interpret the results in another way. A Michigan DUI lawyer will have the experience to interpret this evidence and to present a far better defense than you could for yourself.

If this is a first time offence under DUI laws then you will likely face a fine and driving ban. If you have previous convictions, which can be in any state, then the consequences will be more severe and penalties harsher. Your license will be revoked at the time of arrest and you will have to reapply for it should you be later acquitted. Penalties can become more severe and the charges escalated to a felony should you cause serious injury or death by driving under the influence.

By hiring an experienced Michigan DUI lawyer you will give yourself the best chance of either being acquitted of all charges or receiving a more lenient penalty. It is worth noting that not all lawyers deal with DUI cases, so look for a lawyer who specializes only in DUI. They will have the expert knowledge of state law and the procedures surrounding DUI to best defend you.

At your first meeting, which is often free of charge, you can explain the circumstances of your arrest, and gather some understanding of the legal implications a conviction for DUI would entail, the penalties you are facing and the legal process. It is always worthwhile meeting with two or three different lawyers before hiring one, to ensure you find a lawyer with whom you are comfortable and confident can achieve the result you want.

Hiring a lawyer is an expensive business so you need to be sure you pick the right one for you. If your financial circumstances make it difficult to hire a private lawyer you can request a court appointed lawyer at your pre-trial hearing. You may feel that this is the lesser option, but it is worth noting that private lawyers have only marginally better success rates than court-appointed lawyers do.

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