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Zhou & Chini Completes DUI Defense Riverside CA Website To Further Assist Clients

Riverside, California (PRWEB) August 26, 2013

A very well established law firm in Southern California Zhou & Chini is looking to further their client base by adding DUI defense in Riverside CA. The firm is mostly known for their many bankruptcy cases that they have filed for local residents. Because of the firms stellar reputation, they decided to add more practices of law to further assist Southern California residents in need of legal representation. A drunk driving arrest is a serious offense and carries tough penalties and fines. Most experts agree that when facing any criminal charges it is best to have a criminal defense attorney on ones side. The firms new DUI website has all the information needed to know about DUI defense, from the different laws and penalties, as well as information regarding a DMV Hearing for a Riverside arrest. To learn more about a drunk driving arrest, or to speak with a defense attorney from the firm visit, http://www.duilawyerriversideca.com/

The law office of Zhou and Chini are launching their new line of practice because they believe the city needs more affordable experienced criminal defense attorneys. With years behind them in the court room, the firm believes they can be a valuable asset to anyone who wishes to retain them. The Riverside lawyers work on all cases, not paralegals, and are always available to their clients 7 days a week. The law office knows they have an advantage on other firms because of their dedication to their clients needs. A criminal arrest of any kind can be tough to deal with, and the lawyers at the firm do their best to produce the best possible outcome for their clients. To discover the different legal options available for a DUI arrest, or to talk with an attorney regarding any legal issue call, 951-200-3360.

The top local SEO company is used in promoting the message about the importance of speaking with an experienced DUI attorney in Riverside California if someone is facing criminal charges. The law office continues its online presence by offering no cost consultations and information on criminal defense on the firms blog and social media pages. By offering this information online, along with free consultations the firm hopes to attract more local residents looking to retain an attorney. To learn more about the law firm visit the company website.

About the Firm: The Law Office of Zhou & Chini servicing the cities and counties of California. He is a graduate of UCLA and has been practicing law since 1999. Mr. Zhou has a wealth of experience in bankruptcy, civil litigation, family law, criminal law and unlawful detainers. Zhou and Chini Law Offices provide bankruptcy assistance to Riverside, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego residents. For more information about an immigration attorney in Riverside, contact the firm.

Contact: James Zhou


Phone: 951-200-3360

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San Diego DUI Defense Attorney Presents Information On A DUI Case in New DMV Hearing Page

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 25, 2013

The well-known DUI defense attorney in San Diego Chris Koch recently released a very useful DMV hearing page that contains important information on what to do following a DUI arrest. The new page focuses on the DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles in California and what to expect from an administrative hearing. This department is responsible for the issuance and re-issuance of a drivers license, and other operations like renewals and change of information. When an officer confiscates the license of a DUI suspect, it goes to the DMV. An experienced attorney can work to get the license back from DMV if retained prior to the allotted time given to the offender. To find out more about hiring an attorney in San Diego to defend ones legal rights, or to read more about what to expect after a DUI arrest visit, http://duiattorneyinsandiegoca.com

People who get arrested on charges of drunk driving or driving under the influence (DUI) usually look for a way to contact the DMV as quickly as possible. The DMV is responsible for reviewing a particular case, and then come to a decision based on the evidence presented, and other details related to the circumstances that lead to the arrest. If the lawyer is able to convince the administrative officer at the time of hearing, the drivers license could be received back without any trouble. At the minimum, the offender could get his or her driving privileges back at least temporarily in the state of California.

These details have been explained in the newly launched page by the renowned DUI lawyer in San Diego. The attorney handles the steps from contacting the DMV, to collecting adequate evidence and avoiding a trial by working with the prosecutor thoroughly and clearly. The attorney also mentions that it is mandatory to request a hearing within 10 days after the arrest. To find out what steps to take after an arrest for suspicion of drunk driving speak to an attorney at 877-227-9128

There are many types of legal defenses the lawyer could utilize to prove their client innocent. These include presenting evidence of a false blood test, or faulty apparatus that was used to screen the breath or blood for traces of alcohol. Moreover, the attorney may give powerful statements in front of the judge that can convince them of an unlawful arrest. The most important thing is to contact knowledgeable attorney promptly after an arrest, and it is recommended to retain a lawyer to give proper advice and guidance. A lawyer will advise their clients on what steps are needed to properly defend the charges, and what will be needed to get the individuals drivers license back.

It is very possible to avoid a court trial following a DUI arrest if the lawyer and the offender act sensibly and quickly. Time is very crucial in a case like this and there is a need to present proper and honest information in front of the criminal prosecutor and at the DMV. If everything is handled carefully, the offender can get their driving privileges back in no time at all, and also help minimize fines. The case becomes more difficult if the person is arrested for a second or third time on charges of drunk driving but a seasoned attorney is still able to minimize legal issues.

Defense: Tsarnaev repeatedly asked for lawyer

Defense: Tsarnaev repeatedly asked for lawyer
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TrafficLaw.com Launches New Website and Expands Its Traffic Ticket and Driver Defense Law Firm to Serve a Larger Area

St. Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) September 12, 2013

TrafficLaw.com announces the launch of its new, greatly expanded website to coincide with its forthcoming expansion of traffic law firm services to the Kansas City metropolitan area to be shortly followed by services throughout the state of Ohio. The rapidly-growing traffic law firm is accomplishing its expansion goals by providing drivers with the legal services they desire and demand at fair and reasonable prices. TrafficLaw.com attorney Gerry Guerra stated “A traffic law firm cannot operate in the manner of traditional law firms. We must be attentive to customer service in a way that anticipates and fulfills our clients’ needs before the client has even given a voice to that specific need.” The new and improved TrafficLaw.com website is just one of the many investments in providing the very best traffic law service possible to its clients made by the St. Louis-based traffic law firm.

TrafficLaw.com handles DWI defense, reduces speeding and other traffic ticket as well as representing clients in driving while suspended charges and Missouri driver’s license reinstatement in more than 100 municipalities in the St. Louis metropolitan area alone.

DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer Nicolas M. Geman Warns Colorado Drivers

DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer Nicolas M. Geman Warns Colorado Drivers
DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–More than 1,300 people were arrested over a 19 day period that included this year's Labor Day weekend. That's according to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Criminal defense and DUI attorney Nicolas M.
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DUI Attorney Riverside CA 951-200-3360 Top Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers

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