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Andrei F. Lapine, Criminal Defense Attorney, Assisted Client to Expunge Record and Terminate Probation so that Client Could Apply to Respiratory Therapy Program of Choice

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 28, 2013

A Wallin & Klarich client recently had his criminal record expunged of prior convictions for driving on a suspended license, unlawful use of a license, and smoking with a minor present in a vehicle. After successfully getting his record expunged, the client was accepted to the respiratory therapist program of his choice, which had previously denied his admission because of his prior convictions. The client was represented by experienced San Bernardino criminal defense attorney, Andrei F. Lapine of Wallin & Klarich.

This case highlights how criminal convictions can negatively impact potential educational or employment opportunities. said Mr. Lapine.

According to court records from San Bernardino Superior Court, in May 2011, the client was convicted of driving on a suspended license under California Vehicle Code section 14601.1(a), unlawful use of a license under California Vehicle Code section 14610.1, and smoking with a minor present in the vehicle under California Health and Safety Code 118948. At the time, the client pled guilty to all charges and did not have an attorney to represent him. After he was convicted the client was placed on three years of informal probation set to expire in May of 2014.

In 2012 the client sought to pursue a career in the medical field and applied to a respiratory therapist program at the school of his choice according to court documents. After he applied the school conducted a criminal record check and discovered the clients former convictions. As a result of his convictions, the client was denied admission to the respiratory therapist program and was told that in order to have his application reconsidered he needed to have the criminal charges expunged from his record.

According to court documents, the client sought out the assistance of Mr. Lapine in order to expunge his record. The client provided Mr. Lapine with a detailed explanation of the negative impact his convictions had on the admission process. Mr. Lapine then filed a motion to expunge the clients record and to terminate his current probation period. The client also provided Mr. Lapine with outstanding character reference letters, which Mr. Lapine presented to the judge to show that motions should be granted. The motions to expunge the clients record and to terminate the probation period early were granted exactly one month from the day that the client retained the help of Mr. Lapine.

After getting the convictions expunged, the client not only cleared his record of any criminal convictions, but he also was subsequently accepted into the respiratory therapist program that had previously denied his admission.

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About Wallin & Klarich

As a premiere criminal defense and family law firm based in California, Wallin and Klarich ( http://www.WKLaw.com and http://www.WKFamilyLaw.com) has been assisting clients from across the country for over thirty years. The firm believes that every person is entitled to the highest quality legal assistance when it comes to facing difficult situations and has committed all of its resources to aggressively defending its clients. The firm has established itself as one of the most successful in the nation when it comes to defending against charges of DUI, criminal matters and sex crimes, and is acknowledged for successfully handling divorce and child custody cases. By making certain that our clients legal rights are always protected, we take the fear out of the legal fight.

Virginia Tough Speeding Laws Increase Demand For 4SafeDrivers.com Driving Record Searches

Cartersville Ga (PRWEB) March 12, 2013

Thanks to recently introduced speeding laws and exorbitant fines, Virginia is quickly becoming regarded as one of the states thats severely cracking down on speeding violations. As a result of these new laws, employers and job seekers are more determined than ever to keep track of their driving records with the aid of 4SafeDrivers.coms comprehensive services.

4SafeDrivers.com is an intuitive and innovative online service that allows users to search for driving records with lightning-fast accuracy. Employers can utilize these search options to look at a potential candidates DMV reports, while prospective employees can stay in the know about what employers are looking at during a background search.

Thats exactly why Virginias new speeding laws have resulted in such a dramatic increase for 4SafeDrivers.coms driving record services.

Our Virginia clients realize that these speeding laws can make or break a persons ability to land a job, says Jeffrey Kellner, founder of 4SafeDrivers.com. Thats why its so crucial for employers and job seekers to stay up-to-date about how much damage a single speeding ticket can do to an MVR report.

As it turns out, a single speeding fine in Virginia can wreak havoc on a persons driving record. These newly introduced speeding laws require violators to pay $ 5 for every mile that he or she is driving over the speed limit, in addition to $ 62 in court fees. However, the real buzz is being generated by a speeding law that makes it a felony to drive over 80 mph in Virginia.

If a driver is caught speeding in excess of 80 mph, he or she can be charged with reckless driving, which will either be considered a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the offenders driving history. A misdemeanor comes with a penalty of $ 350 fines that must be paid every year for three years. A felony comes with a penalty of $ 1000 fines that must be paid for each of the next three years.

Its also likely that the offender will have his or her license suspended, and may even face jail time depending on the severity of the speeding violation, in addition to any previous misdemeanors and penalties.

With these new fines, penalties and violations, its incredibly clear that employers and job seekers need real-time updates on the contents of their driving records, Kellner points out. Thats why 4SafeDrivers.com is a crucial part of any comprehensive background search.

Information is power, he adds. And 4SafeDrivers.com makes it possible for employers and individuals to understand how these new Virginia speeding laws can make-or-break a potential job prospect.

About 4SafeDrivers.com

4SafeDrivers.com is not just another resource for purchasing DMV records online. We enable you to order you a driving record, look up additional premium resources on our site, and obtain employee screening and drug screening solutions at a reasonable rate. 4SafeDrivers.com wants to help you with any resources you may need contact us if you need more information about our convenient products or services.

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How do I apply for a “waiver of exclusion” needed to enter Canada with a DUI on my record?

Question by Hansel: How do I apply for a “waiver of exclusion” needed to enter Canada with a DUI on my record?
I have a vacation scheduled to Canada at the end of the month, but I have heard that Canada doesn’t let tourists enter with a DUI on their record. I found a loophole called a “waiver of exclusion”, but I have no idea how to apply for it. I have tried calling several different consulate general offices, but they just transfer me to a recording that gives information about their website. Does anyone know how to speak directly with a consulate general, or if there is another way to apply for this?
I forgot to mention that the DUI was only a few months ago, so I have not yet reached the five-year waiting period required to apply for rehabilitation. At this point, my only option is to apply for the “Waiver of Exclusion”, but I am having trouble finding how to apply for this.

Best answer:

Answer by Yak Rider
The Canadian embassy’s web site has all the information you need.

Rehabilitation for persons who are inadmissible to Canada because of past criminal activity (IMM 5312)

Overcoming criminal inadmissibility

A. Convictions/offences outside Canada

If you were convicted of or committed a criminal offence outside Canada, you may overcome this criminal inadmissibility

* by applying for rehabilitation, or
* you may be deemed to have been rehabilitated if at least ten years have passed since you completed the sentence imposed upon you, or since you committed the offence, if the offence is one that would, in Canada, be an indictable offence punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of less than ten years.

If the offence is one that would, in Canada, be prosecuted summarily and if you were convicted for two (2) or more such offences, that period is at least five (5) years after the sentences imposed were served or to be served.

read the rest at the link… http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/5312E3.asp

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I have three DUI’s on my record and I’m looking for a “walkable” city or town. Any suggestions for new city?

Question by : I have three DUI’s on my record and I’m looking for a “walkable” city or town. Any suggestions for new city?
Please save your commentary addressing your own moral superiority and answer the question. If you have no geographical suggestions, please move along to the next question. Thank you for your time and consideration in offering a genuine answer to the question at hand.

Best answer:

Answer by Luke
New York City is the most walkable city that I’ve been to. There is also great public transportation. The only downside is it is very expensive to live there.

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I am looking to buying a dvd recorder but am concerned about what i can record?

Question by jeff m: I am looking to buying a dvd recorder but am concerned about what i can record?
Will I be able to record tv shows like “the office” or is there some sort of copyright law that won’t allow me to?

Best answer:

Answer by mguardian_north
Yes, those shows will record just fine. Your DVD recorder might refuse to record premium channels and pay per view but it’ll record everything else.

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AAA Mid-Atlantic: Revenue from DC traffic cameras generated record $55M in

AAA Mid-Atlantic: Revenue from DC traffic cameras generated record M in
The auto club said Thursday that the city has already issued about $ 40 million in automated enforcement tickets this fiscal year, which began Oct. 1. AAA says the city issued about 419520 automated speeding tickets and about 52795 automated red-light …
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Palm Beach police under investigation for writing too many traffic tickets
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Bidder's criminal record raises questions in Winnebago offer
But the criminal record of one of North Street Capital's founders raises questions about both efforts. The Greenwich, Conn.-based shop earlier this month offered to buy Winnebago Industries at a revised $ 11 per share, a 75-cent increase from its …
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I am worried about my DUI
I am worried that when I apply my criminal record will show up and I would be considered ineligible. Is there a way to deal with this issue, so that I am not prevented from moving to Canada? Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a criminal …
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Parolee from Naperville charged with DUI
Henry has an extensive criminal record in Will County, and has been ticketed numerous times in DuPage County for traffic infractions, according to court records. He was arrested on June 1 and Oct. 29, 2010 on felony charges of the manufacture or …
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Doctor Spits Blood In Cop's Face After DUI Arrest [VIDEO]
By Terrell Jermaine Starr A Florida anesthesiologist has been charged with driving under the influence, criminal mischief, and felony battery of a law enforcement officer after spitting blood in a state trooper's face, ABCNews reports.
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