Dream meaning help please?

Question by вløøʐвøÿ Shed Head: Dream meaning help please?
I was chased and caught and thrown down a chute. At the bottom it opened into something like a little amphitheater with vertical rock walls and banks of seating. A man in blue workman’s overalls came and sat next to me. He had a knowing look in his eye and a pitiless smile. “Where am I?” I asked, “What is this place?”. “You don’t want to know” he said. He left through a metal door in the rock face and in came a beautiful girl. She offered me something to drink, which I accepted. I quickly realized that the drink was drugged and I started to feel euphoric. The girl ripped off my shirt. In her hand she had a long thin stainless steel skewer. She came very close to me, skewer in hand. I tilted my head forward and planted a kiss on her lips. Our eyes met and for a second I saw a flash of surprise and perhaps pleasure in them before it was replaced by a deep, melancholic sadness. She pinched the skin on my chest and drove the skewer through it with a well practised action. The pain was sweet. The girl left and the man returned. “What was that all about?”, I enquired. “Example” said the man. I became aware of the seats filling up with sneering, jeering crowds. The man laid out 20 or so skewers varying in diameter some as thick as your big toe but with deadly sharp ends. He placed a similar assortment in front of another man, who, until then, I hadn’t noticed. A lightening flash of realisation stuck me. For their entertainment, only one of could possibly live. What I was expected to do was now crystal clear ….. I woke.

What does it mean?
@RIP – thanks for taking the time to answer so fully. Some of your ideas were helpful and one is I’m sure bang on the money. I hope your dream is more a premonition. Come on you Bloos

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Answer by Heath S
i think you should kill the guy if your still asleep….WAKE UP!!!!

nah… ur just fucking crazy=]

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  • The Undertaker (RIP)

    I don’t think you should read too much into this.

    Were you thinking of the Roman Colosseum or something similar before sleeping? Most of our dreams are related to what thoughts we have prior to dozing off. It sound straight out of Roman ‘entertainment’ in those days, you know.

    Consult a real expert on Dream Interpretation if you are curious (regardless of whether the dream continues the next time you sleep or not). May I suggest a few knowledgeable people?

    Because I really have no idea, I’m sorry. All I can give are my guesses as I am no expert. You’re free to either read all my guesses or ignore them.
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    I was watching an interview with an author one day. He said he got inspiration for his famous book from a dream (like JK Rowling said Harry Potter just ‘walked into’ her head). Maybe God’s giving you a chance to strike it big! You dream sounds like an excellent climax to a story. A hero has to win in order to survive.

    It’s like an episode from Kino’s Journey where a town is segregated into the top level and the sewers, and our traveller Kino has to be the last man standing in a brutal fighting tournament for newcomers to the town if he is to continue his journey around the world.

    The dream may be an opportunity for you to make it big in the world of fiction.
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    It might a message to you that maybe your lust may lead to bad consequences. At least that’s what I think the part about kissing the girl and her skewering you afterwards means.
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    It might also be a warning to you that you must proceed with caution and double-check everything. I’m talking about the drink.
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    Maybe you’ve made a few enemies recently, who would enjoy you struggling in a fight. That might explain the jeering crowd and their idea of ‘entertainment’.

    I’ve run out of guesses to make. I hope I helped.
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