is spitting at a police officer considered a felony”? Legal council needed?

Question by billy_ray_sumbich: is spitting at a police officer considered a felony”? Legal council needed?
My nephew 15 years spit on a police officers shoe when he was arrested for driving his dads truck without a license. cops pulled him over. this is a small town in N.C, Cops have been to his house several times for complaints regarding noise, fireworks .bonfires etc He lost control and started cussing and spit on cop.. Cop got mad and said ” I cant wait until you turn 16, so I can kick your ass”
nephew got mad and kicked hole in the wall at the jail. They handcuffed him hands and feet to a wall (no parents or attorney present) He was sent to juvenile detention for 3 da6ys and released to parents. Thats all I know so far. This just happened 3 days ago Its NC law I know it varies from state to state

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Answer by ElDuderino
yes, assault on an officer. Stupid ass.

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  • soco


  • Jeff H H

    That kid has issues..

    He belongs in a deteention center if he feels it is ok to spit on an officer. How would that kid feel if i spit on his fathers shoes? not to good

  • Allan

    First degree assault (automatically first degree since it was committed against an officer).
    Your nephew is a retard.

  • Paul

    For true legal council you should seek a local attorney.

  • Brandi

    Yes it would be a felony but it’s not assault like everyone else said it would be battery. Each state is different with how they state the charge but it is battery but could possibly be stated as “assault and battery” but Assault is just threatening someone, one he spit at him and it landed anywhere on him it becomes battery. Any battery against a law enforcement office is automatically a felony.

  • david_dcb

    Your 15 yr old punk nephew should have shown more self control in his actions, that is the problem with young punks now. These morons think they can get away with what ever because they are kids. I say the police should have beaten the crap out of him to show him even though he is a kid he still can get his butt beat by an adult. Disrespectful punks.

  • blue_blood

    This kid has some real problems that need to be taken care of.To answer your question,spitting on a police officer is considered assault on an officer.