Onyango Obama, Uncle Of President, Arrested For Drunk Driving

this guy is a moron….just like the rest of the family……….
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • RonSafreed

    How many kids did he have? You know those black africans have to have those babies& lots&lots of them also polygamy, as many wives as possible. I betcha he was also on welfare&food stamps as well as that clerk job at that liquor store. Folks that is why social security is broke&we are going down. Illegals like him is a main reason.

  • BluegrassHemp


    “And your little shit ass needs to read the sign on Youtube: ASSHOLES NEED NOT APPLY! ”

    Then what are you doing on here?

  • BluegrassHemp


    *Clarification The Police car nearly hit his car when he did a rolling stop through the stop sign.. No car was hit.
    Read the police report again.

  • BluegrassHemp

    Why do you never get facts right?
    Sorry he didn’t run into a “Cops” car. He was pulled over for doing a rolling stop. He didn’t run into anything. He was found to be intoxicated and arrested for DUI.

    Why do you have to make things up? What is your problem?

  • WhitePlumeMountain

    ha ha ha…Oboongo Obama. What the hell?

  • americaisbacktrump

    His miserble looking kids tell you everything about him and Mouchelle as selfish, rotten, greedy, lying, parasitical parents.

  • onedotputsomepantson

    “I’m just a bill” Bill burned it down….