Q&A: do arrest warrants and outstanding warrants show up in background checks for work?

Question by Colt: do arrest warrants and outstanding warrants show up in background checks for work?
I had a background check for work and it goes thru their private company, but I was wondering if arrest warrants and outstandnig warrants show up in this check? im not worried, but my gf and i are debating about it, but she doesnt know much about the justice system. I thought background checks for work are just for charges that have been made or past convictions. not warrants.

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Answer by WRG
In some states yes it will in others in won’t. Another thing that can effect it is how long the warrant has been outstanding.

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  • jessie

    The arrest most definitely show up I am not sure about a warrant since you actually have not been arrested but any arrest that you do have will show up.

  • chafarm123

    They should, but I can tell you that as an employer, sometimes they do not. Most serious things should be detected, but my company missed locating information on a man who chased a utility worker with a handgun when the worker was simply trying to read the meter. This was something as an employer, we would like to have known !

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  • firewomen

    I suppose it would depend on how deep those back ground checks go.*

  • Jethro

    This depends on what level of searches your company is willing to pay for. If they go for a less expensive option, they will get less information. If they go for a more in-depth, wide range report it will cost them quite a bit more money but then certainly your arrest warrants and any outstanding warrants will be found. Of course I am speaking from the perspective of the background company we use. They for sure would find that type of information.

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