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Suspected DUI driver slams car into garage in National City

Suspected DUI driver slams car into garage in National City
NATIONAL CITY – A suspected DUI driver is in jail Monday after he allegedly slammed his car into a garage in National City. The incident took place at midnight at East Plaza Blvd and Manchester Street. Authorities said the driver was unable to navigate …
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Police: Man charged with DUI 5 had kids in car
Police: Man charged with DUI 5 had kids in car. November 04,2013. Tweet. Email Article; Print Article. Man facing DUI 5 had kids in car. LUDLOW — A man with four drunken-driving convictions has been charged with a fifth offense after he allegedly …
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Woman arrested for DUI caused 00 damage to light pole
Woman arrested for DUI caused $ 7,000 damage to light pole. By Veronica Miracle Published: Nov 4, 2013 at 8:09 AM PST Last Updated: Nov 4, 2013 at 8:09 AM PST. Share this story. Comments; print · email · Woman arrested for DUI caused $ 7,000 damage …
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Statewide DUI Team Announcement

Image by MDGovpics
Lt. Governor Anthony Brown particpates in Statewide DUI Team Announcement. by James W. Brown at Howard County

Statewide DUI Team Announcement

Image by MDGovpics
Lt. Governor Anthony Brown particpates in Statewide DUI Team Announcement. by James W. Brown at Howard County

Statewide DUI Team Announcement

Image by MDGovpics
Lt. Governor Anthony Brown particpates in Statewide DUI Team Announcement. by James W. Brown at Howard County

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Cops: Former Sen. District 42 candidate charged with DUI
Herbert S. Fielding, 60, was charged with DUI first offence and is being held at the Charleston County Detention Center. His bond was set at $ 997. Charleston County deputies say Fielding was spotted driving below the speed limit across the Cosgrove …
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DUI suspect accused of taking off, dragging Nampa officer
A 33-year-old Meridian woman was in the Canyon County jail Friday night and charged with felony DUI, aggravated battery and obstruct and delay after Nampa police say she got kicked out of the Idaho Center and dragged an officer with her vehicle.
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Billings man sentenced for DUI crash
A Billings man who caused a drunken-driving crash that injured a passenger was sentenced Friday in Yellowstone County District Court. Shane John McCann, 33, was given a 10-year suspended sentence for felony criminal endangerment. Judge Ingrid …
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New Jersey DWI Lawyers Demand Discontinuation of Alcotest Machine in Drunken Driving Cases

(PRWEB) June 24, 2013

The state of New Jersey has admitted that it plans to discontinue the use of the Alcotest drunken-driving detector by 2016. Two DWI defense lawyers want it to be retired immediately. Evan Levow and Matthew Reisig, argue that the Alcotest database is faulty and incomplete and that nine court-ordered software fixes were not made, as reported in the New Jersey Law Journal(6.18.13). Full article appeared in the New Jersey Law Journal in today’s print edition, June 24.

Database and software revisions were mandated by the Supreme Court in State v. Chun, 194 N.J. 54 (2008). Chun held that Alcotest readings were generally scientifically reliable, based on certain conditioned changes to the machine software.

Levow and Reisig filed papers on June 14, 2013, (State v. Chun, Docket No. 72,341) asking the New Jersey Supreme Court to declare the device unsuitable because it can no longer be considered scientifically reliable without the court ordered software changes, as well as the corrupted data website.

Levow and Resig filed a motion to compel the State to reformat the data website and comply with the five year old order that requires the changes from the New Jersey Supreme Court. The Court ordered the State to make the changes forthwith, but the State failed to comply with almost all of the changes that were ordered. The Attorney General’s Office asked for relief from making the prescribed revisions, saying the State planned to phase out the machine in three years and wanted to devote its resources to finding a new device.

Levow and Reisig disclosed in their motion that the State has failed to fix or advise of an error in the machine known as fuel cell drift. This aging of the fuel cell, one of the alcohol measuring devices in the machine, causes incorrect calculations that were not reported in the results, instead looking like a normal and acceptable test. The State was ordered in Chun to disclose when this algorithm is implemented in any machine operations. For more than five years, the State has failed to disclose this error.

Levow and Reisig also point out in the motion that the State failed to reduce the minimum breath sample for women over sixty, due to their smaller lung capacities, as ordered by the Supreme Court in Chun.

Levow, a DWI attorney in New Jersey law firm Levow & Associates, and Reisig, a solo practitioner in Freehold, said the state’s position constitutes a denial of Due Process, and that the results from the machine testing are unreliable without the Court ordered changes to the software. As a result, they argue that the machine must be declared unfit for use in New Jersey. DWI cases can still be prosecuted without a breath testing machine, based on physical observations made by the arresting officer.

The database requirement gave drivers charged with a DWI the opportunity to review the machine operations to assess whether the machine was running as expected at the time of the testing. Because the data is incomplete and corrupt on the website, Levow and Reisig argue that it is now impossible to assess whether the machines can be accurately assessed to determine whether they are operating in a reliable manner.

The defense lawyers’ papers also criticized the state’s decision to charge fees for use of the Alcotest database in violation of a Court Rule that requires electronic discovery to be provided free of charge.

Lawyers at Levow & Associates have been trained to analyze all the results and evidence in every DWI case and use that information to help defend clients. Contact Levow & Associates for a free consultation regarding your matter.

About Evan Levow and Levow & Associates, P.A.

New Jersey DWI Lawyer Evan Levow is the managing partner of Levow & Associates and a nationally recognized DWI attorney. Levow represented the lead defendant in the most important DWI case in New Jersey history, State v. Chun. Mr. Levow was recognized by the National College for DUI Defense for the role he played in shaping DWI defense in NJ and nationwide.

Levow uses his unique knowledge of field sobriety testing and breath-testing machines to help defend his clients. He has lectured to other attorneys, judges and law enforcement throughout the country on theories of DWI defense and prosecution. Mr. Levows practice is 100% dedicated to DWI / DUI defense. He can be contacted at:

Evan M. Levow

Levow & Associates

Cherry Hill Plaza Suite 200

1415 Route 70 East

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Phone: 877-735-2288 | (856) 428-5055

Those Arrested For DUI In Santa Ana Now Have Access to Extended Payment Plans As Announced By The Seasoned Santa Ana DUI Attorney

Santa Ana, California (PRWEB) June 05, 2013

A recent announcement made by the veteran DUI attorneys in Santa Ana made the residents quite happy and satisfied. In the announcement it has been stated that there will be an extension in the payment plans to be implemented to the clients who have been arrested for DUI or drunk driving related charges. The package now includes flexible payment options including a facility to pay by credit card, and a customized plan to pay the fees in installments instead of arranging for a large down payment. This is a great offer particularly benefiting those who have low income or little money for proper legal defense.To come up with proper evidence to support your case following a DUI arrest is next to impossible without the help of a seasoned Santa Ana DUI attorney. It is also imperative to learn the laws governing this type of offense prevailing in Orange County. The suspension of drivers license is enforced in the state of California when the charged individual is unable to present sufficient argument convincing the judge of his or her innocence. In other cases, driving privileges are revoked for a period of six months to a year depending on various factors including the age of the driver. It is advisable to contact a lawyer before contacting the DMV to schedule a hearing after being arrested for charges of drunk or reckless driving. Most people dread this situation simply because they are incapable of affording attorney fees and other legal charges they have to pay following a DUI arrest. Considering such a distressed state of their clients, the seasoned Santa Ana DUI lawyers recently decided to extend their payment plans, so that more and more people will be able to get legal help if they have been taken into custody. This was announced on the internet through social media to make the news public and get more clients from the city. To talk to a DUI defense lawyer in Santa Ana or to learn more about the criminal defense firm visit,

The residents of Santa Ana were long waiting for such an opportunity so that they are able to hire competent and experienced DUI defense attorneys to represent their case. The penalties of a DUI offense in California could be quite serious ranging from a few days behind the bars to a huge amount of fines be paid by the convicted driver. Moreover, the driver is not allowed to drive any longer for at least a period of six months following the order of his arrest. However, temporary driving privileges could be obtained back by contacting the DMV within ten days of the suspension order. The extension in the payment plans as announced by the DUI attorneys has made many charged with a DUI satisfied. Now they can get their issues resolved without having to worry about the money involved, and get in touch with the most experienced Orange County DUI lawyer right away to represent their case. This development has made the skilled attorneys even more popular, and highly rated in the eyes of Santa Ana residents. To learn more about the payment options available by the criminal defense firm or to speak with a DUI defense attorney about an arrest contact the attorneys directly at 877-227-9128.

Spencer, Mayoras, Koch, Cornick & Meyer, PLC Opens a New Office Location in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, VA (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Theres an old saying that location is everything, but thanks to Spencer, Mayoras, Koch, Cornick & Meyer, PLC, residents in Fredericksburg will now have a convenient location for legal counsel and representation.

Andrew J. Cornick, managing partner of Spencer, Mayoras, Koch, Cornick & Meyer, PLC, said his firm recently opened an office at 1671 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 201, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401.

While we hated to leave the historic downtown Fredericksburg area, we had simply outgrown our old location, said Cornick, whose firm provides high-quality legal representation for individuals charged with crimes and traffic infractions in Virginia.

Cornick went on to explain that the change in office location presents a win, win situation for both the firm and clients.

With room to grow and easy access, we are much better suited to help our clients here, Cornick stressed, before adding that what makes himself as an attorney different from other attorneys is, I am one of very few attorneys in town who used to prosecute.

Steve Cameli, owner of the Sunken Well Tavern, said Spencer, Mayoras, Koch, Cornick & Meyer, PLC will be missed dearly after their move to the new location, but went on to say that the firm is one of the best hes ever been around.

Andy (Cornick) and his team are great, Cameli noted. We miss having them right downtown, but the new office looks fantastic. As always, when a friend or customer is in trouble we send them to Andy.

Cornick, a criminal defense attorney who handles drug offenses, DUI/DWI, theft offenses, violent offenses, appeals, sex offenses, and more, added that the new location will enable firm, which serves Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George, and elsewhere in Virginia, to continue with its mission of helping as many people they can with positive outcomes.

I pride myself not only on the outcomes I achieve, but on my accessibility during what is almost invariably a stressful time for my clients, Cornick said. Unless there is an emergency, clients talk to me when they call, not my staff. Everyone gets my personal cell phone number so that I am only a call, text, or email away. I take the time to teach my clients about the criminal justice process, so that they can make educated decisions when presented with options.

For more information, please visit: and

About Andy Cornick

Andy Cornick has devoted his career to the practice of criminal law. While a law student at the University of Richmond, he clerked at one of the most prestigious criminal defense law firms in Richmond.

Upon graduation Andy was asked to associate with the firm the first offer extended to a law clerk in over fourteen years. Andy enjoyed success in matters ranging from traffic infractions to serious felonies such as aggravated malicious wounding and attempted murder.

Andy represented clients in the courts of over thirty Virginia jurisdictions, as well as in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Contact Details:

Andrew J. Cornick, Attorney at Law

Spencer, Mayoras, Koch, Cornick & Meyer, PLC

1671 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 201

Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

Phone: (540) 372-4046

Source: Spencer, Mayoras, Koch, Cornick & Meyer, PLC

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