Colorado DUI, Interlock device, drinking classes and leaving the state?

My fiance has 3 or 4 DUIs (he’s quit drinking now) and the state of Colorado has him taking these “drinking” classes and doing community service and also he must install an ignition interlock on his car. He wants to move to AZ to be with me, and he’s making an appt to talk to the judge. He said his main concerns are if he can do the classes in AZ and if the DMV will let him leave CO when he has an interlock device put on by the state od CO. He was never issued a probation officer so I am guessing he’s not on probation?

Anyone know?


(and no one feel obligated to preach to me – I am aware i’m marrying a recovering alcoholic.)


  • IN PO

    I’m not familiar with how things are done in Colorado, but from what you’ve described about the substance abuse counseling, the community service, and the ignition interlock he has to complete, it sure sounds like he’s on probation… Who does he report these things to when he has completed them? This sounds like something a probation officer would monitor…

    If he is on probation, he can try to have his supervision transferred to Arizona through the Interstate Compact… He would have to speak to his PO about it to get details on how that’s done…or if it CAN be done (without more details, I can’t accurately predict if a transfer can happen)… The DMV wouldn’t have the legal authority to say anything about a transfer… Depending on where in Arizona he wants to reside, it’s possible that Arizona has ignition interlock there, anyway…

    If he really isn’t on probation, my only suggestion is to talk to whoever it is that is monitoring his Court orders and see what his options are…

  • skibum

    I know about this one. I have 3 DUI’s and becuase I got them within 7 years of each other, I am labled a habitual offender. I lost my drivers license for 5 years. Usually probation lasts for a year after conviction becuase it is still only a misdermener. What sucks is you cannot get a license in another state due to the interstate compact law. You can get the interlock but you have to stay in colorado, becuase it needs to be downloaded with a service and the DMV get the info. As soon as you take the thing out, or don’t go in for the downloads your license is revoked. The only way he could keep a license is if he returened to colorado every 2 months with the car to get the interlock serviced. It is a difficult situation.

  • T

    I know of one interlock provider, Smart Start, that has service centers in Colorado and Arizona so you would have no problem.