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Why do DUI’s continue in this age of information, and how can we cut down on them?

We all see the commercials with the guys with alcohol filled up inside the car, and the cop. We’ve been told time and time again that driving while drunk is not cool. Driving while buzzed is drunk driving.

So why do people continue to do this? It’s common sense. Why are people so uneducated about this? When Joba got a DUI one fan on a forum asked what the big deal was. He had to be explained that it’s dangerous to drive while intoxicated because your judgment is impaired. You’d think this would be common sense.

I was taught this early on in school. Heck, you shouldn’t even be allowed to get a damn license if you don’t know this. There are people out there that actually believe it has no effect on you, that you can drive perfectly well while hammered. YOU CAN’T.

And why are these athletes always getting caught driving under the infleunce. Barkley. Joba. Why, just today Leon Hall was caught for DUI! Don’t they know better?

What can we do to reduce DUI’s? We try advertising but these dummies don’t get the message. Stricter punishment? I don’t know how to explain it any clearer than this : it’s damn dangerous to drive while intoxicated. This should be damn common sense.

9 Responses to “Why do DUI’s continue in this age of information, and how can we cut down on them?”

  1. Uncle Jed says:

    Because the penalty’s are to soft. And judges do diversion and plea bargain. Or the fines are to light. That why you here of people with 3,4 5,DUIs still driving.

    In some European countrys If you get caught once you lose your license for life………md

  2. smittynmv says:

    When you’re drunk, you’ve got to get your car home somehow. It would help if taxi’s were cheaper, that would encourage taking a taxi home.

  3. gib says:

    To stop people drinking alcohol, we have to do away with alcohol like they are doing with cigarettes. TAX THE HECK OUT OF THEM>….

  4. Locksmith says:

    cuz drunks can’t read or focus on TV commercials. 1 DUI/DWI-lose your driving privilage forever!

  5. adiabaticfire says:

    its dangerous to drive. period. i do not condone driving while impaired noteably in any form but i feel i must point out SOBER people cause horrible accidents too. often. every hour of every day. people should know better about a lot of things when they screw up driving drunk or sober, your question seems more rhetorical than curious. i think a lot of people don’t take driving seriously enough is a lot of the problem, i think that less people would drive drunk if they cared more about driving well in general. and many people probably rebel on purpose because of objections to the laws them selves. i think the trick is to make people want to drive better period but thats entirely opinion of course. when i took my driving test and passed it i thought it was a bad joke. i had to learn a lot of the important stuff about driving on my own after i got a license. doesn’t seem right to me.

  6. ms_beehayven says:

    Simplest solution is to make the punishment so severe that people simply won’t drive under the influence. Jails are already overcrowded so I’m thinking chopping off a hand or foot might work.

  7. UCANTCME says:

    Because they feel invincible when they are drunk, or they say im not that drunk i can drive… basically the alcohol cuts the reasonable sense in their brain out and makes them completely STUPID!!!!!

  8. bungee says:

    I’m sure a lot of drunks will see your rant<

  9. mrs. williams says:

    there are a few easier ways that you could down on drunk driving, try and get the bartenders involved, if they see someone driving drunk, effing call the police, they already have the ID information. Secondly they could reward the people that do have a DD, if you pull these people over give them some kind of reward for taking care the drunks do get home. Third, I know that taxi’s are expensive, if you are to drunk to dive they should have a “bill me later program” so if you are a little to buzzed to drive and you have spent all of your money at the bar, you can call and get a safe ride home, then in the morning when you wake up in one piece you’ll have your bill that you can go in and pay.
    Also, the punishments are really lax, people that do get upwards of 5 DUIs are still driving, the insurance is not that much more a month and all they really get is just a slap on the wrists and are handed back their licenses.