How do you win a DMV DUI suspension hearing in Oregon?

Does anyone know what legal defense to attempt in a DMV hearing to avoid or reduce 90 day suspension for a DUI. Anyone have a story on how they did it.



  • Ken

    Sleep with the DA

  • SarahLiz82678

    Dont fight the DMV, they can destroy your life. Just take the suspension and try for a special circumstance to drive to work etc. It works for convicted felons that have their licenses taken away.

  • kittycat lover

    IF you are guilty you should have a 90 day suspension…. why would you not want to pay for what you did??

  • Another Perspective

    Don’t drink and drive and you will never lose a DUI hearing. That’s how I’ve never lost one.

  • Nikki

    if you didn’t kill anybody driving drunk you already won other than that deal with it i hate drunk drivers

  • Cait W

    Hey, you only got a DUI? You lucked out. You didn’t kill or maim anyone, and you were not killed or maimed. Consider yourself blessed, pay the fine, don’t do that crap again. Next time, you may not be so fortunate.

  • Tiffany

    get an attorney… they will go to court for you for as little as $35 a month under the expanded family plan….but don’t drink and drive I have had 5 friends killed in 3 different accidents and it was the other driver in 3 of their deaths