Did i get a DUI? So confused by the process.?

Last night I got turned around and end up by our state park naval base and was first pulled over for coming onto the base by naval police and secondly, got flustered with asked for registration and i.d and then was asked to come out of the car. Was asked if I had been drinking, responded negatively as I was not, and was asked to step outside and sit on the curb. Car was searched. Then asked to perform motor skills assessments(eye check, walk in a line), none of which were conclusive. Was told that the tests, as they were inconclusive, but the officer still suspected me of being drunk, so he made me take the breath test at the station. I blew and blew into it but they said I was not doing it properly, made me blow again, because it never came out properly they said that I was “resisting”, so I had them take it again(I am 19 thus I do not think urine/blood tests are the first course of action). They never showed me the result any of the BAC. Finally, the officer gave me my license back and said he wasn’t charging me with a DUI but that he was going to let the Court’s handle it. He said however that my car had already been impounded so he gave me a ride back to campus and said to await getting my court summons in the mail. Did I get a DUI?!
This was in California(san diego) and it was by a naval military police.


  • truthinessmaybe

    For some reason, a lot of people here on YA think that “get a DUI” has some meaning. It does not.

    A person can be CHARGED with DUI (or some other offense) and if charged can get convicted or acquitted (or enter a plea to some other offense as part of a plea bargain).

    Here, the officer did not charge you with anything it appears. In some states, if he had wanted to charge you, he could have arrested you.

    It did promise that you would receive a summons in the mail. That summons could charge you with DUI; it could charge you with trespassing on the Naval Base, it could charge you with anything the officer suspected you of.

    You don’t tell us where you are, although I suppose we can guess you were in a coastal state.

    It also is not clear who is sending you the summons. Was the cop a local cop? A Navy cop? Since the offense was allegedly committed on a Naval Base, you might be charged (if at all) by the Feds, but given the level of offense it should make little difference whether it is a state charge or a federal charge.

    In some places, the failure for a suspect to blow properly into the machine can be used as evidence of intoxication because it might show that the suspect was deliberately trying to avoid having her breath properly tested for BAC.