First DUI – What To Expect

Driving under the influence comes in all shapes and sizes. A DUI can stem from one drink too many or several too many. DUIs can be the result of anything from a burnt out headlight or taillight to speeding, careless driving or an accident. A DUI arrest can even be from an event that you seemingly had no control over, for example getting hit by a motorist who drove through a red light.

You should always closely monitor your alcohol intake when you are planning on operating a vehicle. Your body can metabolize roughly one drink an hour, which equates to one beer, one glass of wine or one shot of liquor. However, it is always recommended that drivers abstain from alcohol completely, or at least strictly limit themselves to one drink.

This sounds easy enough on paper, but when real life circumstances enter the equation it can change. For a variety of reasons, more than a few people have driven an automobile while impaired. If you make this a regular habit or even if you just have one lapse of judgment, you could be looking at your first DUI. Here is what to expect in most states from your first DUI, with some information courtesy of Bradley Johnson Attorneys.

Loss Of License

One of the major punishments associated with DUI convictions is a loss of license. Most states have a tiered system, meaning the higher your blood alcohol level the more severe the punishment. Depending on your level, you could lose your license anywhere from two months to a year.


The fines associated with a DUI are almost as bad, if not worse, than the license suspension. Expect to pay fines, court costs, lawyer costs and alcohol education costs. In addition, if your state has an accelerated rehabilitation program, that will cost you as well.

Alcohol Education

Alcohol education is mandatory in several states for any alcohol related arrests, including DUI and DWI. As my Seattle DUI attorney pointed out, this can seem like a hassle in the beginning but goes a long way in educating a person to not make the same mistake again. These classes can range from education from a trained alcohol counselor to mandatory alcoholics anonymous classes.

Community Service

My Seattle DUI lawyer also pointed out that the community service is along the same lines as the alcohol education. Although the mandatory hours of community service can be a burden, it can also help you regain your mental well being. Helping people helps rid the embarrassment and shame of a DIU arrest. Most states issue community service hours in the same tiered system as the license suspension…the higher the BAC, the more hours.


The probation that goes along with a DUI arrest can be every bit as life altering as the license suspension. In Pennsylvania you are not even allowed in a bar while on probation, let alone consume alcohol. In addition, all firearms must be removed from your house while on probation. In some states, it is mandatory to have your BAC tested randomly throughout your probation as well.

Euan McConnell