Are You Reckless? – Campaign against Reckless Driving

Every hour one person dies due to Reckless Driving in Gulf resulting in more than 12000 lives lost in a year and billion dollars lost (hospital, insurance etc). Suraya Foundation, is NGO formed to measure behavioral change via compelling ads and hopes to reduce reckless accidents through spreading awareness and creating peer pressure. This campaign themed “Are You Reckless” is 10 month campaign and culmination of works of the following individuals and companies resulting 800 man hours of work with 000 of value from : – i, Suraya Foundation ( – researching, script writing, searching studios & negotiation) ii, Rayden Kusumo (Graphic artist – iii, Murdoch university in Dubai (voice talent hunt & voice recording) iv, Nenand Arsenijevic (Motion Graphic Artist – v, SAE Institute in Dubai (Motion graphics consultant) vi, Sappho Rodriguez (Logo concept & design) vii, Visual EM in Spain (Logo animation –

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