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New Jersey Traffic Tickets

New Jersey Traffic Tickets

);" > New Jersey Traffic Tickets has seven (7) traffic ticket attorneys that provide legal services for all traffic ticket violations in New Jersey including speeding tickets with radar, DUI, DWI, careless driving, reckless driving, driving with no car insurance, driving while license is suspended. Let our NJ traffic ticket attorneys go to court for you and win your traffic ticket by eliminating or reducing the points and keeping your car insurance rates low.

New Jersey Traffic Tickets has over 100 years of combined traffic ticket experience in winning all types of traffic ticket violations. Our attorneys can handle ALL summons and traffic ticket issed in the state of New Jersey. After handling tens of thousands of cases we are confident that we can give you an accurate traffic ticket quote and tell you what type of outcome to expect for your ticket. If you have been issued a traffic ticket violation the last thing you want to do is pay for the ticket as this will raise your insurance premiums. New Jersey state has one of the highest average insurance premiums in the entire United States and one sure way to skyrocketing insurance premiums is an accumulation of points on your drivers license. Keep you drivers license clean and ensure you fight every traffic ticket you receive! Even if you were caught speeding on radar, we have legal loopholes to win speeding tickets too! Some of the traffic ticket defense strategies we may use would be to ask the prosecutor questions such as: Was the officer trained to use the radar gun? How current is the officers training in the calibration of the radar gun? Was the calibration set to the correct parameters, etc. Ensure you call our toll free number at 1 866 99 WE WIN for your free traffic ticket consultation! You can also visit us online at for your free quote! We will provide a quote via email within 24 business hours of your email submission!

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Article from Brian is a prior Police Officer with 17 years of experience in Memphis Tennessee and he discussed what to do when stopped and how to beat a traffic ticket legally with out hiring an attorney. Note this is just Brian’s experience nothing else.

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