Traffic Ticket Tripper 2

Understanding where freedom exists in the law. Learning how to “not refuse,” while cooperating while not giving up any rights. How “remaining silent” constitutes consent, and that “right to remain silent” is instead used *against* you. The signature vs. handwriting. My brief story and why I got into law. The “blessing” of Bush being president (listen and you’ll understand; it’s not what you think). I neglected to mention the blurring of all three branches of government; the Legislative must certainly be held accountable for the Patriot Acts as well. Where the major problem comes in is when the judicial branch does not exorcize their power, nor do The People, to nullify these alleged “laws.” On the topic of Presidential Executive Orders (EO): Have you ever considered how a President can even have the authority to issue an Executive Order, something that seems to mimic law, while being outside of the Legislative branch? Ever wonder how this could possibly NOT be a violation of the Separation of Powers doctrines? We are to blame for what is happening. We are responsible for creating the change we all want. Focus not on the problem, but on the solutions. Understand the problem, but do not “fight” it so much as find the solutions for it. The right mindset is now VITAL to our survival. We will not get to where we’re trying to go by FEEDING the fear and anger. Please take these statements seriously and to heart…it is NOW that we most need to grasp and implement these concepts.

Attorney – Traffic Ticket Team educational video on What to Do if You Get a Traffic Ticket. It shows people what not to do in terms of the police and suggests hiring a traffic ticket lawyer who had a lot of experience. If you get a traffic ticket, call the Traffic Ticket Team at 866-433-3363 or go to We can help you Fight Back. Most clients hire us over the phone. Free Consultation.


  • TrafficTicketWinner

    This is the last of the poor audio. The videos that follow are much better. Apologies for that. My computer was attacked tonight as I exited youtube, I will consider posting more info in the near future. Send me questions on what you’d like to see addressed.

  • SteveM818

    Can you please re-up this? The audio is severely distorted on my end. Thanks for sharing this info by the way. It’s something I’m very interested in learning more about.

  • jenn1ifer

    fuck da police

  • angryadrien

    Excuse me Mr. Lawyer….if the policeman can arrest the “driver” if he refuses to sign the document, please tell me what law is being broken which would justify the arrest.
    Also, please explain to me if the driver would be giving up any of his rights by signing the document.
    Also, please explain to me if the signature on the document creates a contract of any kind.
    Also, please explain to me if the “ticket” that the “driver” receives is the actual “charging instrument” or simply a notice.

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    he got my miami speeding ticket dismissed he’s the man!!

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    I have used Jason Diamond and he has won on my behalf. I recommend him to everyone I know.

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    Great Advice on beating a speeding ticket!