Criminal Record Database The Criminal Record Reports Key

Criminal Record Database The Criminal Record Reports Key

The key to complete and accurate criminal record reports centers on the criminal record database provider scan. Seems like a common sense problem solution, right? Yet there are a surprising number of online criminal record check products on the web, and people who rely on them, that use a rarely updated, incomplete, or otherwise inaccurate criminal record database. What can you do to avoid the problem? Simple, follow the steps below and use some due diligence when you choose an online criminal record check provider.

Look for Clues About the Size of the Criminal Record Database They Use

As of  late 2009 and early 2010, there are an estimated one billion public criminal records, on between 250 and 300 million persons from over 20,000 sources. (Wow) The above numbers are a conglomerate of different sources, and the sources barely agree. Some would say to rely on government statistics, others would say rely on industry statistics. Yet the government cannot even seem to calculate their own internal data from their own programs let alone all the state and county and local information. And most commercial interests are inclined to slant numbers in a way that favors their own products and marketing efforts. So how can we look at completeness of a criminal record database?

A couple of hints would be to use the above estimates against the provider marketing claims. If they say you have access to a hundred million persons, they could be using outdated marketing tools, an outdated data source, or may just be incomplete. The same guidepost works with the number of records and number of sources searched. Each of these should raise your attention level to dig further.

What if There Are No Clues or Information About the Criminal Record Database?

The complete lack of information about the criminal record database used to generate criminal record reports should be a real warning flag in our opinion. The scanning software alone can be both complex and expensive. Usually licensed or proprietary, so it is a second key to complete and accurate criminal record reports. If one searches on the terms deep web or deep web searching, you can pull up some interesting data and articles. Many of the methods and resources are still in their infancy when it comes to a deep scan of a mega database quickly and efficiently. For instance, the search authority Google is in 2009 and 2010 involved in major research to address the ability to drill deeper into search results accuracy and completeness.

Now ask yourself the simple common sense question. If you had an expensive license or proprietary product that allows you to scan the cloud of data that makes up the criminal record database, and do it completely, would it not be a good thing for sales to brag on it? I think you get the point. If a service is using an outdated database or problematic software, they certainly would not try to claim otherwise and hope not to get nailed.

Further Hints About The Criminal Record Database

Another set of indicators comes from how long an online criminal record check provider has been in the industry, and the level of repeat business or reputation they have attained. For instance, if a large portion of a provider business comes from legal professionals or law enforcement, they have likely developed and maintained their criminal record database and search system. This group of customers must find criminal record reports that are complete and accurate. Of course check outside reviews and comments, but a history of business with a strong set of professional related products over time are a good indicator.

In 2010 and beyond, all online customers are beginning to wise up that Internet Marketers can manipulate web hype about a product or service and make things appear different than they really are, and get away with it. Using the tips outlined above will give you a little insight into the product or service you are reading about.

Few other services than obtaining criminal record reports through an online criminal record check can have such an important impact on the customer. With the criminal record database at the core, and the search system that is employed being critical, we encourage you to look closely at the criminal record database when considering these products.

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