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    @aodscarecrow Wait… what? The highest standard of living? I have no idea by what report you are going there, but according to the 2010 HDI Norway tops the list. Libya is only 55th. Also, ALL the citizens are not defending Gaddafi… that’s just ridicules. There is a clear opposition movement, as there has been for such a long time in Libya’s history. As for NATO, well, that’s a matter of opinion. But facts first please.

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    @olydragon Ask a Libyan…. and it was also reported in…. I think it was time magazine a few years back.

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    @aodscarecrow Who the fuck told you that?

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  • aodscarecrow

    Funny how Libya has the highest standard of living in the world and how willing all the citizens are to take up arms to defend their country if hes such a brutal dictator…

    The arrest warrant should more aptly be for the members of NATO who are illegally attacking the country.