Aren’t people misleading others about their opposition to the Arizona immigration law?

Question by enfriendemy: Aren’t people misleading others about their opposition to the Arizona immigration law?
Racial profiling goes on daily in the world. If your car got stolen, and you saw the person, and it was a black man, they are not going to put whites, asians and hispanics in a police lineup for you to identify the thief. Profiling is necessary to identify criminals. Like it or not, that’s the way it is. So when the hispanics cry that they are going to be profiled, it’s the mexican MOSTLY who is the guilty one illegally crossing the border to begin with, so blame them! Arizona just wants their citizens to be safe. What is wrong with that? They exercized their 10th amendment right to be free of illegal aliens, and therefore, the law was passed. Besides, there should be nothing wrong in asking someone about their immigration status, UNLESS they’ve got something to hide. Just comply, Americans! Hispanics who are legal here have no worries, unless they are involved in some criminal activity, or wanted by the cops. I would gladly comply, if the reverse situation were true. If i was in mexico, and millions of Americans were crossing into mexico, and there was a law asking if i was legal to be in mexico, i’d gladly show my papers. So what’s the big deal??? Isn’t it true that legal mexicans want their bretheren to enter the U.S. for a “better life”?? Do they want it to be a legal move, or an illegal one? If you want your family to come here and say “to hell with America’s immigration laws”, then that’s the real reason why you are crying racism, racial profiling, etc. If you want your family to abide by our immigration laws, which every country on the planet has, then why cry and complain and scream racism? You are citizens of the U.S., and part of the people Arizona will be trying to protect with the law.

Also, isn’t it true that the main reason why mexicans have a problem entering the U.S. legally by filing for citizenship is because of the fact that the southwest used to be mexican territory, and you feel that America stole it from mexico, and that’s the only reason why you scream and cry when we try to pass immigration laws preventing even more of you from coming in illegally???

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  • Some Asian Guy

    EXACTLY, my friend!

    Im tired of having gansters in my city and graffiti on the walls! If you’ve got nothing to hide, they why not cooperate with the police and show your papers!?

    I hope CA gets this law soon.

  • Rafael

    what about legal immigrants who are stopped or those of us who were born here? then there is the police being forced to do extra work. do you want the cops to find people who are committing violent crimes or to harass people because they happen to be a darker skin color? look there is the law of supply and demand, the more cop have to do the less supply for serious crimes. there is the other problems which is that the US needs immigrants for cheap labor, think about it do you want to pick your own food for minimum wage? or would you like to pay $ 5 for a potato? lets be honest the US will never really do anything about illegal immigration because it is our modern slave labor, I mean ask how many people would here would work in a field for minimum wage? many of these people do not even get that. At present most businesses in Arizona are fighting that law!

    So far someone gave me a thumbs down but did not say that they would pick fruits and vegetables for minimum wage!

    1st of all I was born here in Chicago, my dad was a Dr there. now does this quote sound familiar:

    “Papers, do you have your papers!”
    if not look at any WWII video on Nazi response to Jewish people. Am I scared YES there are people who say that all Hispanics should be questioned, a conviction before a trial!
    IF this does not bother you Re Read 1984 you will see where this is going!

  • Tasia

    Yes I agree. The ones who are protesting are illegal immigrants. They should not even be allowed to protest. They are not citizens and not protected by the Constitution of the United States. They have no right to protest anything in this country.