Church helping illegal Man charged in crash that killed nun was getting legal aid from Catholic Charities?

Question by : Church helping illegal Man charged in crash that killed nun was getting legal aid from Catholic Charities?
Prince William, Va. —
Carlos A. Martinelly Montano was being represented in deportation proceedings by Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Arlington when he allegedly struck and killed a Benedictine sister and wounded two other Richmond-based nuns in Prince William County while driving drunk this month.

Hogar Immigrant Services, an arm of Catholic Charities in Arlington County, was providing legal help to Martinelly Montano, 23, whom federal officials have described as an illegal immigrant, the organization said yesterday.

A deportation hearing is scheduled for Martinelly Montano next week in Falls Church, but a statement released last night by Catholic Charities indicates that deportation proceedings will be put on hold pending resolution of Martinelly Montano’s criminal charges.

The representation by the Catholic-based immigrant service adds another development to the death of Sister Denise Mosier. Her Benedictine order has decried the politicization of Martinelly Montano’s case, which has become part of the debate over illegal aliens and diverted what the order has described as the more relevant issue of drunken driving.

Police say Martinelly Montano’s car crashed head-on into a vehicle carrying the sisters Aug. 1 as the nuns were traveling from Richmond to a retreat at their monastery near Bristow in Prince William.

Martinelly Montano is facing charges of driving under the influence for the third time in five years, a felony, and involuntary manslaughter. He is being held without bond.

Sister Charlotte Lange and Sister Connie Ruth Lupton remained in critical condition yesterday, according to the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia.

It is not clear why Martinelly Montano, a native of Bolivia, has been classified as illegal. The father of two young children, he was living with his parents and a sister.

In the statement issued last night, Art Bennett, president of Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Arlington, said Hogar “accepts only clients who are eligible to apply for lawful immigrant status or other benefits under federal immigration law.”

Will church continue to help him ?

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Answer by Ed
I believe you have a reading comprehension problem, re read what you posted.

It is not clear why Martinelly Montano, a native of Bolivia, has been classified as illegal. The father of two young children, he was living with his parents and a sister.

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  • U.S.Veteran

    First of all being “Charged” does not mean the man is guilty of anything.

    In America we are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, not merely because we are charged with some crime.

    Second of all the Catholic church has always been a sanctuary.

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” – Jesus Christ


  • Sheriff Joe

    It is not clear why she is classified as an illegal? Well that’s the whole purpose of the deportation procedings. Martinelly will have her day in court to prove she isn’t an illegal. Having two young children and living with your parents certainly doesn’t qualify you as a legal immigrant alone.

    Besides it is irrelevant. Those are major felony charges, and even a legal immigrant with a green card can get deported for killing people…but he will still have to do a lot of time first

  • GentleSoul

    Will Catholic Family Services continue to help him? I sure hope not. Don’t think they’ll have much success even if they do continue to help him.

    For those who have read my harangues about DWI and DUI, I support ICE 100% on this issue – deport and permanently bar.

    And this story is the perfect example of my point. This person previously endangered US citizen lives and could have been gotten rid of. Now he has taken those lives. I don’t know the laws of the State of Virginia but God willing they will dismiss the criminal charges, turn the b**tard over to ICE, let him go into detention for a few years, and then deport his sorry a** forever.

    Detention costs less than state prison. Detention borders on cruel and unusual punishment. Works for me.

  • Maricopa County

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” – Jesus Christ
    So who is Carlos A. Martinelly Montano?

    In court documents, he seems to be many people. Even his name is not an absolute certainty. Sometimes he’s Martinelli. Sometimes there’s no Montano.

    “We are confident that the man we have in custody is in fact named Carlos Abraham Martinelly Montano,” said Prince William Police Department spokesman Jonathan Perok.

    But there are lots of unanswered questions, making the investigation into Mosier’s death and Martinelly Montano’s past a challenge, Perok said.

    Also last week, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said her agency is beginning an in-depth investigation into Martinelly Montano’s past and how he avoided deportation after previous drunken-driving arrests. Homeland Security officials cited his release from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody sometime in 2008 as the focal point of its investigation.

    . . .

    Some people who know Martinelly Montano say he knows almost no English; others say he has hardly any accent.

    He has worked in Virginia at a T-shirt plant, a wireless service, a packaging company and as a carpenter, according to acquaintances and court documents.

    And while police say he is a native of Bolivia, one court document states that he was born in Newark, N.J. He has used Social Security numbers, according to arrest warrants, designated for Virginia, Washington and Maryland; one number he used doesn’t apply to any state or the District of Columbia.

    In January 2007, the man named Carlos was stopped for going 62 mph in a 45-mph zone in a rural area of Prince William. His identification showed that he lived in Maryland.

    In July that same year, a man named Carlos Abraham Martinelly Montano was found asleep behind the wheel of a car by a Prince William police officer near the same spot where the speeding incident had occurred. There were “several open beers next to the accused,” a warrant states.

    “He was extremely unsteady on his feet and almost fell into the road,” the officer wrote. A breath test showed that the man’s intoxication level at 3:15 that morning was twice the legal limit.

    But this Carlos didn’t live in Maryland. He lived a few miles away on Aden Road and possessed a Social Security number supposedly from Maryland, but the number doesn’t correspond with Maryland’s designated Social Security numbers.

    The man named Carlos was given a 30-day suspended jail sentence. His license was suspended for 12 months. It was apparently his first conviction for driving under the influence.

    In August, a few weeks after the DUI arrest, a man identified on a summons as Carlos Abraham Martinelly, who just had turned 20, was stopped for speeding on Interstate 95 in Sussex County. He was driving a car with Virginia plates but provided a Maryland driver’s license that listed his address as an apartment in Montgomery County near Gaithersburg.

    In 2008, Martinelly Montano was living in a Bristow-area home assessed then at more than $ 500,000, according to court documents. Summonses issued in Fairfax County for driving an uninspected vehicle, driving under a suspended license and having a faulty headlight all reference the same Virginia driver’s license number.

    He was convicted of being drunk in public, urinating in public, and in April last year was convicted of a second DUI charge. A judge in Prince William fined him $ 500 and ordered him to serve 363 days in jail but suspended all but 20 days.

    The release last year opened the door to a new conviction of driving on a revoked license, a $ 582 fine, and then to the events last Sunday, when Martinelly Montano got behind the wheel of his mother’s car, caromed off a guard rail on a bridge over Kettle Run, and hit the monastery-bound car head-on.

    A search warrant used to inspect the 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback states that Martinelly Montano’s “sobriety is the main factor [in the collision], and he has made verbal admission to drinking heavily the night prior to the fatal crash.”

    Authorities found empty beer cans in the front and rear areas of the car and an unopened can on the driver’s-side floorboard.

    He’s charged now with involuntary manslaughter and his third DUI within five years.

    . . .

    He lit into Martinelly Montano (“It’s our money paying to treat him in the hospital”) and angrily attacked the notion that the 23-year-old could enter the country illegally and live off the benefits of a society “where our forefathers fought and died for our freedom.”

    So Catholic Charities has no problems with all his drunkness arrest ? Why didn’t the church get him into rehab .Those lawyers knew of past arrests.

  • Kize

    And they wonder why people are turning away from the church. This is downright disgusting.