civil engineers can become “lawyers” in construction?

Question by blue: civil engineers can become “lawyers” in construction?
can civil engineer work in this field or this field is for lawyers?

Budgets – Value Engineering

Scheduling and Critical Path Preparation

Contract Negotiation and Review

Lease Obligation Assistance

Architectural / Engineering

Permit Facilitation

Pre-Construction Field Assistance

New Construction &
“As-Built” Supervision

Site Rehabilitation and Tenant Improvements

Bid Assistance & Package Preparation

Shop Drawing Reviews

Specifiation Writing

thank you.

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Answer by Mike
blue: A civil engineer cannot practice law without a law degree and license. However, a civil engineer can become an expert witness or consultant for construction claims or other litigation in the practice areas you describe. To be considered as an expert witness, an engineer may need to have: significant experience in the areas you describe, registration as a professional engineer, an advanced degree, membership and participation in professional societies such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, recognition by others as an expert in practice areas, and so on. Nolo Press has books on becoming an expert witness.

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