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Felony Marijuana Arrest

On the evening of Tuesday March 8, 2011, Madison City Police Officer Joey Smith initiated a traffic stop of a vehicle for loud music. With consent to search, Smith discovered 27 baggies – 34.7 grams of marijuana in the shoes of Thaddeus Dye. Dye was charged with felony possession with intent to sell. He was transported to the Madison County Jail.

1st Generation ( Kurupt, King T , Jayo Felony, Compton’s Most Wanted and Gangsta)”Killing Me Softly” — Shot, Edited and Directed by James Wade – — Beat Produced by Tha Chill — Video Produced by Kurupt — Follow James Wade on twitter @WFJamesWade or Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 Responses to “Felony Marijuana Arrest”

  1. MatronCity says:

    how come the video doesn’t show him consent to the search or anything like that, he got pulled over for “loud music”, which isn’t even a crime unless it was past 10PM, he had no right to even ASK to search this guy

  2. Lord666Belial says:

    @shalomyo As I said I feel drug laws should be there if you dont like it right for it in the courts.

  3. shalomyo says:


    restricting drugs creates a huge problems, 50 000 dead in border wars, $14 billion taken out of the economy every year due to illicit trade , over 1 million ppl incarcerated for non violent drug crimes and their life ruined + tax payer pays $30 000 per person to keep them locked up

    and now days its easier for kids to get drugs than alcohol so what exactly has the government achieved by restricting drugs?

  4. Lord666Belial says:

    @shalomyo Then you have to get your case heard by the supreme court to rule on the constitutionality of drug laws. Personally I feel the government should have the ability to restrict drugs.

  5. shalomyo says:


    but it is still my own right to choose if i use it or not, the government cant make that choice for you

  6. Lord666Belial says:

    @cothrantyson1 Would I agree with it? NO.  I disagree with drug use in general expecially when used for recreation. Would it be a legal issue anymore? NO.

  7. cothrantyson1 says:

    so, what you’re basically saying is that you’d be fine with people smoking weed if it was legal?

  8. Lord666Belial says:

    @cothrantyson1 But this also does not change the fact that if you do something illegal like possess marijuana then you are subject to being arrested.

  9. Lord666Belial says:

    @cothrantyson1 When I was 6 we found out I am alergic to anesthesia causing my my heart and respitory systems to shut down so no I do not want any of that

  10. Lord666Belial says:

    @shalomyo I do not agree with alcohol or tobacco use either.  I do not do either.

  11. cothrantyson1 says:

    Well then why don’t you answer this question, smartass: would you rather have surgery done on you while you were knocked out by medications, or completely awake and feeling of all the pain from it?

  12. shalomyo says:

    alcohol and tobacco give u all sorts of diseases and turn you into an addict

    why ban things that are less harmful, if a pot smoker is not hurting anyone by smoking weed why take away their liberty

    its our own choice what we do with our body the government has no right to decide that for us specially when a doctor recommends it

  13. Lord666Belial says:

    @cothrantyson1 You using the past 3 presidents as credibility that pot doesnt make you stupid does not work. Me not approving of marijuana is because I disagree with anyone putting anything into their body that alters thier brains natural function. It has nothing to do with any “anti-weed” organizations rhetoric.

  14. cothrantyson1 says:

    are you kidding me? I have a 3.5 gpa and i smoke weed. also, the past 3 presidents of the united states all admitted to smoking weed. Shakespeare was also believed to have smoked it. just look up successful pot heads on google and you will see how many intelligent people smoke it. Also, weed has been proven to stimulate brain cell growth, so stfu. you probably believe anything that some anti-weed organization says, lol

  15. Lord666Belial says:

    @cothrantyson1 Drugs make you stupid and unable to remain in a clear state of mind that is why they should remain illegal and are retarded. Any idiot out there who takes drugs is fucking stupid.

  16. Lord666Belial says:

    @cothrantyson1 I have a problem with any and all chemical stimulants. No matter if they are perscribed or not.

  17. Lord666Belial says:

    @cothrantyson1 I think pills should be more regulated and not given out like candy. I didnt say medical marijuana users were driven to kill I said they lie so they can get thier drug. I dont feel marijuana should be legal at all. Just because they lie to an idiot state does not mean they should use a drug for recreation and that is all they do. I am alergic to anesthesia dude btw.

  18. cothrantyson1 says:

    and? who cares? you made my point! pills and shit are legal, while weed is still illegal. how many of those people that use medical marijuana are driven to kill because they are high on it, lol! and if you have ever had a surgery, then you have used a drug more intense than weed that messes with your head (anesthesia), so don’t give me that shit.

  19. Lord666Belial says:

    @cothrantyson1 I dont like anything messing with my head. I only tried it cuz I was young and stupid. I dont do any type of drug, dont smoke, dont drink caffiene, hell I dont even take medication that is perscribed to me. Medical dispensaries are still illegal according to the fed gov. Most people who get medical dope still use it for recreation they just lie to doctors to get the perscription just like people do with pills.

  20. cothrantyson1 says:

    you tried it ONCE??? Are you fucking kiddin me? You are retarded! NOBODY gets high the first time they smoke weed, so of course you did not like it. and guess what? legalizing weed would remove all the violent weed trade, and replace it with one similar to the alcohol trade. (its been proven to work with peaceful medical marijuana dispensaries). Its like how crime dropped after prohibition ended.

  21. Lord666Belial says:

    @cothrantyson1 Like I said drugs distroy lives. People fail a piss test and loose thier job so they cannot provide for themselves or thier families. Get caught with drugs and get a criminal history. Sell or buy drugs and you risk getting attacked because the dealer or buyer only wanted to rob you to begin with and could end your life. As I said drugs distroy lives and I will not retract that statement. BTW what makes my life pathetic because I am successful and not a drug user/dealer?

  22. Lord666Belial says:

    @cothrantyson1 I have tried it ONCE and find it retarded. Dealers do not only fight us dealers fight against each other, they fight thier customers if they owe them and have yet to pay, they over time fight thier supplier hoping to become a bigger one. The drug trade is violent in general and just to legalize it is not a solution. If people want to egnage in the illegal drug trade then they risk going to jail.

  23. cothrantyson1 says:

    I can already tell that you have never smoked weed in your whole, pathetic life. Weed destroys lives? LOL. just look up successful potheads and you will retract that comment. also, the small minority of drug dealers who are violent do not represent dealers as a whole. In fact, violent dealers are that way because what they do is illegal and they have to fight the police. legalize it, and they would have no one to fight

  24. Lord666Belial says:

    @OpenInsanity Simple drug users usually do not get jail time. It is the dealers that get the prison time and if you think that dealers are non violent your an idiot.  Dealers engage in violence all the time and they should be locked up. Not just for possession of an illegal substance but because of the violence they use to keep their buisness flowing. Drugs distroy lives its that simple.

  25. strange3ree says:

    dont ya love it….. just to see these cats is good let alone here them

  26. SteadyDippin79 says:

    3 people dont know nothin about westcoast music

  27. scottn79 says:

    Drop the album already, Dont pull a Detox on us!

  28. Poppyess says:

    1 generation
    hardest generation
    realest generation
    best sounded generation
    best skilled generation
    real G’s

  29. osorio72 says:

    your a bitch, appreciate talent you dont hear anymore courtesy of YMCMB

  30. EDDIE5918 says:

    Old ass burnt out rappers saying the same crap.

  31. 121Nego1 says:


  32. stemid85 says:

    Damn eight looks ooooold, greybeard og.

  33. aolinho says:

    @IrocChevy350 link on dub cnn or Rekinco blogspot ; THa chill big homie music vol 2

  34. lac2500 says:

    Tha Chill is underrate

  35. garrettjackson1000 says:

    this song went harddddddd dammmmmm

  36. sslims740 says:

    dope ass beat

  37. IrocChevy350 says:

    Is There A Download Link For This Song Anywhere?

  38. xzibit123a says:

    i love 1st generation cuz of 1 rapper, BG KNOCC OUT

  39. MaS3RaTi says:

    WEST WEST !!!

  40. marsic12345 says:


  41. 1KillaSkrilla1 says:

    Youngins…Step Aside…..LOL

  42. 1KillaSkrilla1 says:

    I always wondred who dat light skin nigga wit da freckles in da end is…Anybody know? ive seen dude in all da musicvideos and westcoast movies n stuff he a rapper?

  43. 1KillaSkrilla1 says:

    This shit is straight fire 10 pointer cant get no better.

  44. Gurfi0 says:

    @IrocChevy350 I cant either. plz post or pm when find one

  45. bigse30y says:

    gangsta need to make a new cd . i still got the old shit

  46. SlimmCutta says:

    Now dat’s Pure Gangsterism, I fuck’s wit it.. Waiting on da album still wassup…

  47. IrocChevy350 says:

    Does Anyone Have A Download Link For This Song??I Can’t Find Shit Searching Google.

  48. MrTRELLAMENOS says:

    seeing all these legends come together is a blessing!!!west cooooaaasttt!!!!!!