If Crime statistics don’t support rationale behind Arizona immigration law, why do Republicans keep telling us?

Question by greasytony: If Crime statistics don’t support rationale behind Arizona immigration law, why do Republicans keep telling us?
that it is desperately needed to keep citizens safe?


Crime statistics don’t support rationale behind Arizona immigration law

“Border violence and crime due to illegal immigration are critically important issues to the people of our state,” Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said at the signing of the controversial bill, SB 1070. “There is no higher priority than protecting the citizens of Arizona. We cannot sacrifice our safety to the murderous greed of the drug cartels. We cannot stand idly by as drop houses, kidnappings and violence compromise our quality of life.”

Yet, a look at statistics from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency and the FBI indicate that both the number of illegal crossers and violent crime in general have actually decreased in the past several years.

According to FBI statistics, violent crimes reported in Arizona dropped by nearly 1,500 reported incidents between 2005 and 2008. Reported property crimes also fell, from about 287,000 reported incidents to 279,000 in the same period. These decreases are accentuated by the fact that Arizona’s population grew by 600,000 between 2005 and 2008.

According to the nonpartisan Immigration Policy Institute, proponents of the bill “overlook two salient points: Crime rates have already been falling in Arizona for years despite the presence of unauthorized immigrants, and a century’s worth of research has demonstrated that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes or be behind bars than the native-born.”
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Answer by Godless Heathen
Because……..you hate America.

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  • Ordinary Guy

    Low crime stats means illegal immigrants is okay. If murder had reduced crime stats we should let murders go free.

  • Ms. Minerva

    Um, well, is there something about ILLEGAL alien that gives you a clue that those who are ILLEGAL aliens are CRIMINALS and committing a crime?

    Criminals are those who break laws….illegal immigrants are breaking laws by trying to come in here without regard for our immigration procedures and laws.

    Those who shelter them are ACCESSORIES to their crime. They are also doing something illegal and are breaking the law by sheltering someone who is a CRIMINAL.

    These are fairly simple concepts, and I don’t think that the laws against murder are the only laws that most Americans think ought to be enforced.

    Criminals…but most especially criminals causing such an enormous problem in our border states….need to be apprehended and dealt with.

    All illegal aliens should be rounded up, deported immediately and NEVER allowed to return…as should any immigrant who came here and now may have citizenship, but is sheltering illegal immigrants. That citizenship should be revoked and that person also deported and NEVER allowed to return.

    Living here is a privilege and one we pay quite highly for….we need less criminals here….not MORE!

  • NO BO!!

    Illegal is illegal…..If the government will not enforce the law… someone has to! Quit trying to make it about something else!

  • how_would_I_know

    Wow, who would have imagined it!!

    Another pro-crime liberal who somehow “forgets” to mention that Arizona has a crime rate 30% higher than the national average.. even though the demographics of citizens in the state would suggest they’d be below national average.

  • killa d

    when the mescans marched in the streets several years ago,shoplifting dropped 67% that day.hows that for a stat…..

  • ChrisT

    Republicans love to lie to the American people just so they can pass what they think is good for everybody, when in fact, it’s the worst thing ever!

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