Is it possible to have a crime “expunged” from an adult’s record?

Question by Sherry B: Is it possible to have a crime “expunged” from an adult’s record?
My husband years ago slapped our son. We were having a fight at the time and I called the police on him. He was charged with misdemeanor child endangerment. My objective at the time was to force him into counseling because he had been an abused child himself and I didn’t want that legacy to be passed down to my children. It worked, the courts forced him into anger management classes, he resisted and they slapped him back into jail so when that happened he went to the group therapy, learned the lessons they had to teach and I’ve had no more problems with him with respect to anything like that.

However now it is on his record and he feels that it may be preventing him from getting a job with those who do background checks. This was 14 years ago, my son is almost grown now and could verify that his father never repeated anything like that since, nor has he harmed or touched in any wrong way any other children.

Is it possible for the record to be cleared?

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Answer by wizjp
In some states for some crimes. In some, they just don’t.

Call the county clerk of court in your county.

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  • deva

    in Canada it could be since it’s not a felony. i think most countries probably have similiar laws regarding this.