Q&A: Was it a bold move for Obama to lecture the state of Arizona, calling the new immigration law “misguided”?

Question by Jerry Brown: Was it a bold move for Obama to lecture the state of Arizona, calling the new immigration law “misguided”?
Obama has a lot of brass. He kind of reminds me of a disgruntled boss, who’s’ employees made a wise decision without his consent.
Over 70% of Arizona’s populous thought the law was a good one. Seems like a pattern with this president is to go with the minority.

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Answer by Reality has a Liberal Bias
“You vill show me your papers!”

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  • Niki

    He doesn’t care what the people want, he has a plan for us, and he’s had it since before he was elected, if something gets in the way of that, he gives it a bad rep and throws a fit to find ways around it.

  • Bob M

    A southern state does something that the president from a northern state dislikes, or vice versa.

    American history in a nutshell.

  • Fed up!

    The PROOF is in the pudding. It’s Obama that’s misguided and then we have Napolitano that is equally guilty. That dike never did anything to secure our borders, but she DID leave Arizona with a 3 BILLION dollar deficit. Sound familiar?

  • Ou812 dunna badbad ting pt7

    It was a stupid move.

    It simply showed the people of Arizona that he has no interest in their protection nor their will. He has failed on both counts.

    Funny, the two things that he is supposed to do and he doesn’t, everything he’s not…he does.

    Wadda !@#$ % up leader.

  • J C

    Rasmussen right? Did you read a little farther where 53% think that it will lead to civil liberties violations? Didn’t think so. But I digress. Obama only need pay lip service to the issue. The courts will strike it down as unConstitutional and he will be on record of having been against it. The courts take the heat for not bending to the “will” of the people. If by some off chance it stands then the blame will fall on the courts. In either event he takes no direct blame.

  • Jane Doe

    Arizona has proudly stood up to Obama and the big government machine that he is trying to create. This move by Arizona hurt Obama to the core because one of his pet projects is to give all illegal immigrants – AMNESTY. He wants to make them all legal citizens – then he can give them all health care for FREE – then they’ll all love him and then he can ….. get their votes! That’s Obama’s plan – however it is NOT the plan of the American tax payer – I believe because of the great spirit of the TRUE American, our plan shall prevail – I have confidence in this.

    The next step, in my opinion, is for other states to now follow suit. The more states we can get on line to do this the better and the more ridiculous Obama and his Progressive government looks. The main reason Arizona has taken this step is because Bush and Obama have done nothing to protect our border. Obama views these people as gold nuggets because he can get their vote by giving them free goodies – where as, the tax payer looks at them as an annoyance – that is costing us our hard earned money and eating up 30% of our economy and more! o_O

  • aircraft_mech1

    if the federal government would do their job then the states wouldn’t have to resort to this,by the way if you disagree with obama it make you racist that seems to be the trend anyway

  • Darth Eowyn

    Bold? Sure. However, the President needs to remember that his place is not to exercise sovereign power over states. States have more power than he does. I think he made some comment about having federal regulators “look into” the AZ law. That’s overstepping his power.


    Obama is probably jealous of the Arizona governor because he did’nt have the balls to make the same decision regarding our country’s illegal immigration nightmare. Minorities are worried that because of how they look that they will always be hassled by the police. Most of the illegals who enter the US thru Arizona are from Mexico, it’s only common sense that most of the people who will be questioned are of hispanic descent. If they are here legally, then it should’nt be a problem, it may create an inconvinience being asked by the law, but we have a problem right now. The same thing with the terrorist, almost all of them are arabs, if the FBI post a photo of a known terrorist and he looks like an arab, should we look for an oriental person. Call it racial profiling if you want but that’s just the way it is until we solve this problem. Maybe the government should just make it mandatory that you prove you are here legally whether you are white, yellow, black, green or multicolored.

  • Bob S

    Big O will try to synergize this into his plan to create millions of democrat voters (
    Thousands more are on the way, when he manages to extend the vote to the jailhouse and the federal prisons.) by providing amnesty to the 30 million illegal invaders now occupying parts of our country. The sick thing is that he is one of them.

    More crimes are committed by these illegal aliens than by any other people group, by far.

    They do not contribute much to the economy, and they take away the jobs once held by young people, trying to get started in life or to pay their way through school, or even by children trying to earn some cash and learn a work ethic.

    Meanwhile, they tie up our health care, educational, judiciary and law enforcement facilities as no others ever have, and for some reason, the DNC thinks WE, the American workers, should foot the whole bill.