Science has already disproved religion?

Question by : Science has already disproved religion?
Evolution is a fact – When scientists say “evolution is a fact”, they are using one of two meanings of the word “fact”.

One meaning is empirical: evolution can be observed through changes in allele frequencies or traits of a population over successive generations.

Another way “fact” is used is to refer to a certain kind of theory, one that has been so powerful and productive for such a long time that it is universally accepted by scientists.

Well, there goes genesis, christianity destroyed in one word.

The bible also claims that the earth came before the stars, ever so amusing considering it is a fact- that stars have been around for billions of years before the earth.

The list of contradictions is as long as my arm, each one of them LITERALLY DISPROVING THE AUTHENTICITY OF RELIGION.

And for insignificant religions we already knew were a lie such as islam, you guys think you’re going to hell for reproducing, eating pigs or drinking alcohol, nobody can take you serious, and on a scientific note you religion has more contradictions than Christianity, so you can just stay out of it.
I never said anything about “GOD”.


Sure we have a “GOD”, “creator” being a better word for it, but it is certainly not the buy from your so called holy book.

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Answer by brent g
evolution is a fact then why is it a theory

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  • Christian Sceptic

    Science and religion are exclusive. Neither one can affect the other in such a way. That’s like saying “Physics disproved metaphysics.”

  • mhm, sure

    What type of science and which religion?

    Do you like making baseless, broad lies? seems like it.

  • Hoshina Utau

    Even if I totally agree with you, evolution is still a theory.

  • tortle

    Living in 2011 has disproved the “miraculous” occurrences listed throughout the Bible. Now we can watch as more people take that book “metaphorically”.

  • Myhoo

    How so? Where is the evidence to disprove that there is no god?

  • WellTraveledProg

    Lack of evidence for religious claims makes them entirely without merit, and facts learned through the scientific method provide factual explanations for much of what religions claim is “god did it.”

    So while “science” hasn’t “disproven” religion, scientific facts show many religious claims false. The thing is, nobody with half a brain considered them “true” even before that, since they had no supporting evidence.


  • Crazy Lady

    Religion disproved itself.

  • Revofev Shadow

    Just wanna let you know, it was also a “fact” that the earth was flat and all the planets revolved around earth, because Aristotle said so. Don’t be so confident in human knowledge, cause all the knowledge we possess, doesn’t even equate to one grain of sand on the beach of universal knowledge. Then you blatantly say “science disproves religion” which is completely false, anybody who has taken a basic Physics course knows the two don’t mingle. They are two totally unrelated things. It’s like using an apple to disprove that an orange is an orange.

    Facts are fun and all, but you are using them out of context.

  • Pytr Pytr

    that explains just about everything except for why some people really like gummie bears/worms and some people think that they’re crap.

  • Da Boss

    You don’t need science, just common sense.

  • Another You

    I find it so cute how on a daily basis Atheists try to prove that religion is wrong and Christians try to prove Atheism is wrong and no one succeeds at changing the others beliefs.

  • interested1208


    And it’s not it’s goal…

    Some of the evidence it does provide does disprove religious ‘belief’, such as the position of the Earth in the universe and others, but it is not it’s goal to do so.


  • revkiwimac

    Science does not, indeed cannot, deal with anything other than that which can be measured in some way. You, personally, may feel that that disproves the existence of God, I and others like me (Theistic evolutionists) do not.

  • Jim the evolution cruncher

    Science has disproved macro change

    Micro change is a fact that has been seen

    Welcome back Genesis

  • HAL 10000

    You cannot destroy Christianity. And even if you could, it would not be done with any attempt to disprove Genesis.

    The list of contradictions in the scientific literature related to evolution is mind boggling. Macro evolution is dependent on Uniformitarianism, which is a philosophy, not a science.

    Therefore, obviously, macro evolution is decidedly not scientific.

    You are sadly deluded.

  • Brad W

    It’s impossible for science to disprove something like ‘god’, since it’s just a man-made concept. It would be like trying to disprove fairies.

  • boxcar1441

    next time remove the seeds first.

  • err

    if evolution is a fact. an we all evolved from monkeys. why cant science explain why there are still monkeys around. if we evolved from them then logic says there shouldn’t be any around,

  • Marissa

    actually, humans know probably 1% of what we could know. but, humans are the ones that say this. scientists are so trusted in society that people believe whatever they say since they are “professionals.” i believe, in fact, that humans mostly make up things to prove things that they cannot explain. that is why God is the most legit thing to believe in. since we humans cannot explain so many things, we must be created from something that can explain everything. and that is God :)

  • missleslie

    Man’s Science has already disproved, GOD and HIS Science, and that is a shame.

    With out God and all He has to teach us ,of Everything, there is to Know about EVERYTHING! of Creation and life eternal, comes from HIM ALONE, and with out this belief we are doomed.Second Death.

    It is sad to see when man kind throws out the baby with the dirty bath Water.{Old saying} In other words no matter how Satan is deceiving man kind and you have made this decision to rise above the Lies of Satan, don’t ever give up your Belief in Jesus Christ. It gets rockie ever so often but hold on as I too have to hold on to My Lord.There is so much more to life then the little 70 years we are given on this Planet. If this is all the time you want and nothing more of Gods Gifts…then so be it. This is all you will get. Enjoy, but please not at the mercy of Others.

    PS When ever anyone talks about Science—they should never leave out the True Scientist who is the Author of Science. Jesus Christ, and The Father.They work together to Create even the air we breath. By the way when Jesus was on Earth,He did not use a bit of His divinity and He let the Father, in agreement of both of them, that the Father would be in control of Jesus and His Miracles.

    But when he descended, all power returned to Him. This is why many times He refers to the Father higher than Himself, in the 33 years Christ He walked on Earth,

    As soon as Christ came back to Him, and took His original Place since Creation, all went back as it was in the beginning,—– then,— the Father Gave all Heaven and Earth totally{His Part} to Christ Alone to Rule..

    I would give Scripture of this but I know, no one looks them up….and it takes me hours to find them all as memory is thin. If you want them..e-mail me and I will look them up for you. Remember to ask Individuel questions when you do e-mail me. Thanks

  • MrGoodliker1

    I don’t believe fake scientists I just believe facts which some people don’t know who claim they are scientists.

    Is Evolution really proven? even a child will not believe that you are son of monkey.