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15 Years for Former Troy High Teen

15 Years for Former Troy High Teen
The Troy father accused of kiling his fourth month old son was in court Monday morning to be arraigned on murder charges. Adrian Thomas plead not-guilty to the charges.
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Carnright seeking re-election
KINGSTON — Holley Carnright promised Monday to fight gangs and root out domestic violence if the voters of Ulster County send him back to office as their top prosecutor.
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Q&A: Lawyer/Attorney?

Question by SassySours: Lawyer/Attorney?
What is the difference between the two words “lawyer” and “attorney,” if there is a difference? I’ve always wondered….

Best answer:

Answer by coragryph
Depends on the state. Some state bars treat the terms as interchangeable.

Some states user “attorney” (short for “attorney at law”) for a person admitted to their own bar, and “lawyer” generally as someone admitted to any other bar.

California Rules of Professional Conduct only define “Lawyer”, meaning “a member of the State Bar of California or a person who is admitted in good standing of and eligible to practice before the bar of any United States…”. However, the California Business and Professions Code primarily uses the term “attorney”, meaning generally anyone who is practicing law.

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Q&A: What does the violation “DUS – traffic” mean?

Question by stormwarnfm: What does the violation “DUS – traffic” mean?
I was looking at a district court record site and found someone I knew that had a violation that said “DUS – Traffic” and paid a $ 250 fine.

What does that mean? I’m curious.

Norskeye…thanks for the detailed explanation, but I do want to clarify, it wasn’t ME…it truly was someone I knew…if it was me, I don’t think I’d have to ask what it meant. haha *smiles*

Best answer:

Answer by laughter_every_day
Just a guess: driving on a suspended license.

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What do U think illegal immigrants accused or convicted of crimes were released back onto the streets?

Question by ❶•☆•xXx•☆— BOMB ♥ SHELL☆•xXx•☆•❶: What do U think illegal immigrants accused or convicted of crimes were released back onto the streets?
Please no complaining -please understand it takes a few of your minutes to read.Make sure your answer community guidelines.
U.S. immigration officials have released from federal custody hundreds of suspected illegal immigrants accused or convicted of crimes, including homicide and sexual assault, because of a lack of space and funds, according to internal records.

The data, obtained by the Houston Chronicle through a Freedom of Information Act request, show that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials documented releasing suspects classified as “criminal aliens” during the past five years because of resource shortages.

Mary Loiselle, deputy director for ICE’s detention and removal operations, said the agency does not routinely release suspects specifically because of a “lack of space” or “lack of funds.”

ICE could not explain the hundreds of documented releases for lack of resources or provide information on individual cases.

It is unclear whether the illegal immigrants identified in the records simply absconded after being released from custody and remain in the U.S. or were eventually deported.

Loiselle questioned the quality of the agency’s own data related to the releases. “We admit that people make keystroke mistakes and judgment errors,” she said. “I don’t want to say every [entry] is wrong, but for the most part, we don’t have those issues,” she said. “We don’t have a lack of space or lack of funds.”

But ICE’s union leaders tell a different story.

They said field agents are reporting significant bed-space and funding shortages and are being told by supervisors to cut “criminal aliens” loose for those reasons.

“The whole notion that we have enough bed space or [bed] funding is absolutely false,” said Chris Crane, ICE Council 118’s vice president for detention and removal operations.

He said detention and removal officers in certain ICE districts routinely take illegal immigrants into custody from local jails to process for deportation, only to be told by management: “ ’Hey, we don’t have any money for beds. You need to kick this guy out the back door,’ ” he said.

“It’s a nationwide problem,” Crane said. “I’m hesitant for the sake of employees to say where some of these locations are, but I have talked to some agents who said their districts have run out of funds for bed space and are ordering their officers to release as many prisoners as possible.”

ICE declined to respond to the union’s statements.

‘We want to see results’

U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands, said Congress has made funding bed space a top priority in recent years, particularly after a 2006 Department of Homeland security inspector general report found that shortages of ICE bed space, personnel and funds had created an “unofficial, mini-amnesty” program for “criminal aliens.”

ICE received $ 1.4 billion in fiscal 2009 to target for deportation illegal immigrants with criminal records.

“We keep pouring money at this problem,” Brady said. “We want to see results. And yet the reports keep coming back that there are loopholes. It’s very frustrating.”

ICE spokesman Richard Rocha said the data released to the Chronicle document the number of charges and convictions against illegal immigrants who were released — not the number of people. Rocha said ICE could not provide the number or names of people released.

In the data, ICE recorded more than 800 charges or convictions against “criminal aliens” released from custody specifically because of lack of resources from fiscal 2003 through February.

More than 300 of those were recorded in 2008 and the first four months of fiscal 2009.

ICE could not provide additional information on 10 homicide, sexual-assault and weapons cases identified in the data and requested by the Chronicle.

Rocha said ICE has ordered its own review of releases recorded in its computers because of lack of resources, but the results were not available.

Crane, the union leader, said field agents get no formal instructions on how to record releases due to resource shortages.

Best answer:

Answer by ohhitssness
Thats ridiculous. Miley cyrus’ stalker was released too because there isnt much space.

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Bill would increase graffiti penalties

Bill would increase graffiti penalties
CARSON CITY — Graffiti artists and tagging crews are on notice: marring a historic landmark will be a Class C felony if a new bill makes it through the Nevada Legislature.
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Bill would increase graffiti penalties
The Associated Press CARSON CITY, Nev. Graffiti artists and tagging crews are on notice: marring a historic landmark will be a Class C felony if a new bill makes it through the Nevada Legislature. SB257 also addresses everyday tagging. The punishment is equally harsh because courts would be able to total damage across separate incidents. The bill also recommends making offenders custodians for …
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County Criminal Announces Enhanced Ability to Locate County Criminal Records with Surprising Ease

County Criminal Announces Enhanced Ability to Locate County Criminal Records with Surprising Ease

Brocton, NY (PRWEB) December 16, 2009

Today, County Criminal has announced the inception and deployment of a powerful new tool designed to provide anyone in need with immediate access to vital contact information for county criminal records throughout the US.

Conducting background checks can be more than problematic, as understands. While many different websites online promise to search every criminal record in existence, these claims are all too often false. This leaves hirers and others in quite a predicament when they need viable information on which to base a decision involving personnel. Where can they turn?

The only means to obtain an accurate background check in reality is to contact the county courthouse for the county in which the search subject resides. This can be more than difficult for most people. This is where comes in. Their unique, powerful application allows those in need of conducting a criminal background check to easily locate any county courthouse throughout the US.

This application is web-based, so users will not have to worry about downloading and installing third-party software. In addition, search is incredibly fast, with tremendous results. Users begin searching by US state, and then they are provided with an alphabetical listing of counties within that state. Simply clicking the county name will take users to the next step.

Once the county is selected, users will be taken to another page, which displays the county name, the name of the courthouse, the courthouse address, their contact phone number and a link to their website, as well. In addition, the website pinpoints the courthouse location via Google Maps, providing users with the means to physically reach the courthouse if necessary.

This powerful solution ensures that researching criminal records is as simple, comprehensive and easy as possible, without sacrificing accuracy, speed or quality in the results.

To find out more about how can be of use to you or to peruse their powerful new feature, visit them online at

About County Criminal: County Criminal is the only interactive county courthouse search site online. They remain dedicated to providing their users with the utmost accuracy and ease of access to vital information about courthouses throughout the US. With these powerful features, users are able to generate tremendous results on which to base any hiring decision.


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Phone: 888-531-DATA

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