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Riddle, can you figure it out!?

by wallyg

Question by boysteel: Riddle, can you figure it out!?
1) There has been a bank robbery. The robber(s) left in a car. We gathered 3 possible criminals: A,B, and C. Here is what we gathered from questioning.
1. Only A, B, and C were involved
2. B cant drive
3. C never pulls a job without help.

Is A guilty or innocent?]

2)There is a trial. The following is an argument between the defense and the prosucution atternies.

Prosecution “The suspect worked with a partner”

Defense “Thats not true!”

why was this the WORST thing the defense could have said?

3) 200 for p g in mp

I screwed up twice


fact 1 is “no one other than a, b, or c could be involeved”

problem 2 was the 3rd riddle.

Its a word problem

lets try it like this

you get 200 for p g in MP

Best answer:

Answer by MAY
1> innocent =)
2> hes did the crime and wants to show he need no one !!

Give your answer to this question below!

Why You Should Hire a Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer

Why You Should Hire a Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer

Through most of life’s trials it is always important to have an experienced lawyer on your side, especially if you have been faced with a serious criminal charge. Unless you qualify for the free or reduced-fee services of a public defender or court-appointed attorney, defendants faced with the possibility of going to jail or prison should always hire a Utah criminal defense lawyer. It does not matter how intelligent you are or what kind of educational background you have, the criminal justice system makes it very difficult for people to competently represent themselves in a criminal case. There are a lot of variables involved in criminal cases, and only an experienced criminal defense specialist is equipped to deal with them all, and provide the type of representation that every criminal defendant needs to see justice done.

Utah criminal defense lawyers do more than question witnesses in a courtroom. They also negotiate deals with prosecutors, often arranging for reduced charges and lesser sentencing. If you were representing yourself, prosecutors would most likely be uncooperative during negotiations. Utah criminal defense lawyers also formulate sentencing programs tailored to a client’s specific needs, often helping defendants avoid future brushes with the criminal justice system. They help defendants cope with the feelings of fear, embarrassment and reduced self-esteem that criminal charges tend to produce in many people. They can also provide the defendant with a knowledgeable perspective on their situation and tell them what it likely to happen if their case goes to trial. Defendants need this perspective when deciding whether they should accept a prosecutor’s offered plea bargain.

Imagine all the legal rules that you would have to know and understand if you were representing yourself in a criminal case. Many criminal law rules are hidden away in court interpretations of federal and state constitutions. An experienced Utah criminal defense lawyer is familiar with all of these important legal rules. They are also familiar with court customs and procedures that are not written down.

A Utah criminal defense lawyer understands the possible hidden costs of pleading guilty – someone you might never think about if you were representing yourself. A good lawyer can choose to spend time on a case that a defendant cannot afford to spend. If you choose to represent yourself, you could miss out on important information from prosecution witnesses because they are too afraid to speak to someone they think is guilty. A Utah criminal defense lawyer can hire and manage investigators who may be able to contradict prosecution witnesses who embellish or change their stories at trial.

There is a big difference between what you read in a book and what is practiced in a courtroom. The gulf between paper and practice in criminal cases is made more difficult when you try to represent yourself. Some defendants think that if they read books about laws that define crimes, fix punishments for their violation and mandate courtroom procedures, they will understand the system. But criminal law cannot be understood through books alone. Criminal law is vast, shifting and unpredictable, and only an experienced Utah criminal defense lawyer is equipped to understand how to react to all the unexpected variables. You choose to represent yourself at your own peril. At the very least, any defendant should choose to hire a lawyer to be their legal coach so they have someone to consult.

Brown, Bradshaw and Moffat is a litigation law firm specializing in Utah criminal defense. We are experienced in handling a wide variety of both criminal and civil matters. The firm is dedicated to providing aggressive and professional defense for all citizens and entities. We take great pride in being responsive to the needs of our clients, and perhaps most importantly, we know how to win criminal defense cases.

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The Importance Of Obtaining Attorney Services In Criminal Defense

The Importance Of Obtaining Attorney Services In Criminal Defense

As the world advances and now that we’re already midway to the next generation, issues concerning law, crimes, and other legal cases also get intricate. The mere undeniable fact that today, as sophistication in the lifestyle of the society becomes even thwarted and twisted, people are in one way or the other becomes involved with crime. That’s whether on the aspect of omission or commission.

Over the years, law ethics has been acknowledged by public in order to correctly carry out the law for the benefit of people. This is the major reason of the presence of lawyers and why to engage attorney assistance in criminal defense along with other cases.

Lawyers are professional law practitioners who have expertise in a particular division or discipline of law. These people represent the defendant and also the plaintiff in court proceedings. Although a person has their rights to choose not to represent themselves, since not all people are experienced in the law and the ethics that it follows, counsel of a lawyer is nevertheless essential.

There are many kinds of attorneys. Every attorney has his/her unique area of specialization and has sub specialization with other legal issues. The most typical legal issues in the country are those which have something related to taxation, insurance, intellectual property, family law, and criminal law.

With all of these, lawyer services in criminal defense are the most sought after these days. Criminal defense lawyers are the ones that deal with and possess the capability to handle the circumstance of the charged. Just like doctors, attorneys have their own expertise in every subject material concerning the law and criminal cases. These lawyers are experts not just in the case but also within the procedures that are being executed in the courts particularly on the system of evidence gathering.

Here are the reasons why finding a criminal defense attorney is significant:

. You will be assured that the expertise offered by the lawyer fit perfectly to the case that you are currently facing. More often than not, because a specific lawyer is focused with the many fields of legal issues, he/she may neglect some essential information when trying to keep another case, specifically that one of a criminal defense case.

. You will not have any problems or concerns in the way the case will move due to the expertise that the lawyer has. The creation of the case rests at some point with the lawyer. The law is flexible and there are numerous things to consider. Getting an expert criminal defense attorney can easily have a case be dismissed or perhaps be merited with lower conviction penalties.

. Because of the lawyer’s knowledge, you will be confident that he/she only gathers all of the details and evidences which will help in the termination of the case or even other pertinent moves that can be possible.

. You will be sure that the defense lawyer will always be working for you until the end of the trial and preserves the doctrine of innocence until otherwise disproved.

The criminal defense lawyers should always present the finest attorney services in criminal defense. Because you can have total confidentiality with the facts that you share to your lawyer, it is possible to heave off great deals of information to your lawyer without impacting the outcome of the case.

Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from Rollins Law Group responds to every client’s case for trial, rather than rushing to accept a plea bargain. A Criminal defense attorney is very important because they are accustomed to taking on some of the most difficult and challenging cases, and with that they have achieved remarkable results.

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I used the gun that killed him?

Question by Brad: I used the gun that killed him?
Let’s say an intruder came into my home or someone were trying to mug me on the street at night. I as a U.S citizen have no right to use deadly force with a fire arm because they considered that to be “Manslaughter” then WHAT GIVES THE RIGHT FOR THAT PERSON TO COMMIT THE CRIME IN THE FIRST PLACE ? It’s like telling a weak skinny person who’s a gun owner for self defense “You should have not used your gun and fight back even if you are weak like a stick” mean while the mugger is a 500 pound man. Criminals have rights !? This is an outrage.

Best answer:

Answer by Canned Sausages
What’s your question?

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Kernan & Austin, Attorneys at Law Attract New Clients in Central Florida Using Online Marketing

Kernan & Austin, Attorneys at Law Attract New Clients in Central Florida Using Online Marketing

Cocoa, FL (PRWEB) February 11, 2011

At Kernan & Austin, Attorneys at Law, the exceptionally skilled criminal defense attorneys work tirelessly to help men and women who have been charged with crimes avoid the egregious consequences of a conviction. They have enlisted the professional services of a leading web design company for lawyers, Scorpion Design, to design a new website that will drive traffic and attract new clients. The site is full of information about crimes and their respective penalties in Florida. It is also specially written by professional content writers in order to increase its online presence. This is done by targeted keywords and other marketing strategies which help the site to appear on the first page of searches. This, in turn, allows clients who are looking for a Brevard County criminal defense attorney to find their site with ease.

Being charged with a crime, whether it is a misdemeanor, a felony or a federal offense, is a terrifying and exhausting experience. The criminal justice system is infamous for its frustrating complexity and even for its injustices. Individuals who are facing criminal charges are well-advised to hire professional legal representation as soon as their case will allow. In most situations, asking for a Brevard County criminal defense lawyer immediately upon arrest can be a life-saver; it is within an arrestee’s rights to have legal representation. When it is directly asked for, the police must stop questioning until a lawyer is present. This one move can often keep an individual from accidentally incriminating himself or herself, and it also brings in the criminal defense team early in the case so that they can begin working on the defense as soon as the prosecution begins working on their case.

The legal team at the firm is well-aware of the extensive repercussions that a criminal conviction will bring, and they are completely dedicated to helping their clients avoid such a fate. The criminal defense team is highly skilled at negotiating less severe charges and at obtaining acquittals when cases go to trial. Their successes are largely due to their meticulous research and review of the evidence, their thorough cross-examination of witness testimony and their creative defense strategies. With a firm understanding of how to build a strong, tenable case, they are well-suited for defending the rights and freedom of their clients. Additionally, Attorney Kernan has previous experience working in the District Attorney’s Office, which has given him priceless insider insight into the prosecution and their legal tactics.

Charged with a crime? Contact a Brevard County Criminal Defense Attorney at Kernan & Austin for skilled defense and effective legal guidance.  

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Tips to Find Best Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney

Tips to Find Best Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney

Finding an efficient Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney is no longer a difficult task today. This is because with the advent of the World Wide Web, you can find them online, right from the comforts of your home. This applies to everyone whether you want a criminal lawyer in Pennsylvania or in the nearby places. A skilled and experienced Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney can assure you justice in all kinds of situations. Therefore, how would you find experienced, knowledgeable and determined trial attorneys that cater aptly to your specific criminal defense and personal injury needs? The answer is simple go online.
Going Online:
Yes, going online is the answer. To find the choicest Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney, you just have to type the keywords and there you can access to all the attorneys including the Montgomery County Pa Dui Lawyers online. But then, how would you know that your choice of the Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney is right? The answer lies in the following lines.
Traits of an Expert Criminal Defense and Dui Lawyer :
Ensure that your Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney has years of proven courtroom experience and is recognized for quality throughout the state. He/she should recognize the importance being reliable for the client in the courtroom in representing all kinds of critical needs and win arguments, motions, trials and more. They should be skilled enough to cater to each matter in a diligent manner.
Moreover, the Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney you have chosen should have the necessary experience for successful representation of clients in a wide range of cases, from summary traffic offenses to first-degree murder trials and complex civil trials involving more than 50 million dollars in assets. Another significant facility a good criminal lawyer should have is to work together with the clients towards accomplishing their goals. This is indeed the foundation to winning each case.
Apart from having all these qualities, an unbeatable Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney should give importance to all legal matters irrespective of their magnitude. This would definitely open doors to referrals from existing clients. Coming to referrals, this is very essential when it comes to choosing reliable lawyers for your entire criminal and DUI related cases including searching for a Montgomery County Pa Dui Lawyer.
Remember all these when you search online for a result oriented Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney to fulfill the requirements of all your criminal case needs and specifications.

I have written many articles. But my field of interest is to write for Criminal defenses, driving under the influence, personal injury, and cases for related situations. My area of interest is around Montgomery, Bucks and surrounding counties.

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Most illegal guns were purchased legally in a state with fewer laws regulating them?

Question by Semi Pro Video: Most illegal guns were purchased legally in a state with fewer laws regulating them?
Then they were illegally transported to the state or municipality where the crime was committed.
Why is it so bad to put restrictions on dealers and buyers so we can stop or at least slow down the transfer of illegal arms?
Not long ago, I was in Virginia. I passed a gun shop with five cars in the lot. Two were New York, one was New Jersey and one was Washington, DC. Only one was with Virginia plates.
Do you think it was a coincidence they all stopped to use this gun store’s clean rest rooms or ask for friendly directions? What do you think they were doing there? Do you think it is suspicious to see mostly out of state plates in a gun shop located in a state with lax gun laws?
How do you think illegal guns end up in the hands of criminals? I think legal purchases elsewhere or stolen from people who purchased guns for “self defense”.
Interesting you can condemn me, yet can offer no other explanation of how illegal guns end up in the hands of criminals…

Best answer:

Answer by bradley m
The spirit of ignunce.

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Fresno Attorney Mark A. Broughton Earns Highest Ratings from Lawyer Review Sites

Fresno Attorney Mark A. Broughton Earns Highest Ratings from Lawyer Review Sites

Fresno CA (Vocus/PRWEB) February 22, 2011

Mark A. Broughton, a Fresno criminal defense attorney with 33 years experience, has garnered a 10.0 rating from, the highly acclaimed online attorney profile directory. Categorized by Avvo as “Superb”, the 10.0 rating is the highest possible and most sought after rating to achieve.

Broughton has also earned superior reviews from colleagues in the legal community who confidentially submitted their reviews to the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, another top online attorney profile directory. His AV rating, which only five percent of attorneys in the nation have achieved, is the highest possible rating for an attorney and is an indication of the respect and esteem Broughton has earned from his professional peers.

“I am honored my peers have recognized my commitment to both the legal profession and my clients, but am incredibly gratified those I serve hold the same regard for my professionalism and legal representation I have provided them,” said Broughton.

In September 2010 Broughton joined the Fresno criminal defense firm of Hammerschmidt and Associates, which on January 1, 2011 became Hammerschmidt Broughton Law Corporation. For more information visit


Hammerschmidt Broughton Law Corporation is a Fresno -based law firm specializing in criminal defense matters with key practice areas in violent crimes, white collar crimes, drug crimes, and DUI.

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What would you do in this situation?

Question by Near: What would you do in this situation?
You’re a guard You’re transporting a vicious criminal, that killed some of your family. But the criminal escapes! He finds civilian clothing and blends into a crowd. You forgot what he looks like. There’s no way to identify him either.

Your options are this:

1. kill everyone in the crowd to get the bad guy, and call it “self-defense” (after-all, he could attack again!)

2. Keep a sharp eye. Next time, you’ll get him when he strikes!

You’re only allowed to answer this question based on the information I gave you.
Who what? I didn’t mention Israel and Gaza.
Simply put, a lot of people here are saying numba “2”.
That’s got to say something…

Best answer:

Answer by RU486
i’d choose 2

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