Rob Briley DUI Arrest Video (Part I)

Representative Robert Briley (D-Nashville) on dash cam video in Watertown, Tennessee during a DUI stop. Briley faces charges of DUI, evading arrest charges and vandalism.


  • DecimusIunius

    If you get pulled over, never open the conversation with “Is this a DUI stop?”

  • nashvillepros


  • tftmc

    Lol, well I dunno about that. They say ‘Be a man’ as a “Confession Tactic.,” or just to simply calm people down. In a confusing and stressful situation, what person would not be distressed? Yes this guy was being a little irrational, but they were exploiting his many emotions, and used it to their benefit by getting enough of a confession to convict.

    Prosecution is important to the communities that count on Traffic Violations and DWI to pay for a lot of stuff, as well as many states.

  • RANDY64612

    Not with me.

  • jmaywald

    what a fucking loser !!!

  • orbitors

    “be a man!”
    sexist police officer >:(

  • teknovoodoo


  • tftmc

    Well if he was smooth and said he’d like his lawyer HE would have gotten off with a call to daddy…

  • plasmatv

    Call your local Limo company. Request a nice, black Lincoln Town Car for you and your date, for the evening, drink all u want…..get home safe and in relative comfort…….all for $480 for 8 hours!…..why take a chance on a DUI?

  • vague777

    I live in Illinois…they just passed a law where than can draw blood against ur will if ur suspected of a DWI…no need for permission anymore…welcome to our Freedom

  • coltfan1972

    Well read the law you tard. The only time you can be forced to take blood is if there is a death or serious injury. Google Arkansas DWI laws. I would rather have my license suspended for 6 months than get convicted. I think it is funny how you tell me what you wish the law was and respond with some b.s. like you did. Once again look it up and then report back about what kind of liar I am. If you cannot understand the law after reading it then i’ll give you a pass for being an idiot.

  • certs114

    This is the biggest load of $h!t. If you refused the breatholyzer then they can do a blood test that you can’t refuse. You are the biggest lying POS on here. stfu and don’t respon anymore

  • hvlah

    this is so boring and whatnot

  • emanxavier

    Im on the pacific island of Guam, Im sure glad that I got the hell out of the US.

  • thomas997

    Standard handcuff job always hurts. Expect to see bruises, guaranteed!

    Is it just me, but I don’t want any wusses that complain about a little pain to be a Representative of the House.

  • modovonmodo

    What a cunt!

  • 1776freedom

    He has D after his name. He is totally innocent. The bitch set him up.

  • UsualStaples

    Handcuffing hurts, there is no way around it.

  • coltfan1972

    Not fun at all but very expensive for sure. However it is easier to get a job with a robbery conviction on your record than a DWI.

  • coltfan1972

    The state is Arkansas. The law is that if you are found not guility of the refusal by the trial judge then immediatley the DMV gives you back your license and there is no record of the suspension on your driving record.
    The DMV for the most part is just a rubber stamp in my state. In fact the lawyer said don’t even show up and fight it at the DMV. They use the PR and then suspend the license. That is just for Arkansas is all I know.

  • bullsfan102

    DUI is fun when u get away with it….

  • NDAaron

    Im understand what the fruit of the poisonous treee is..I think your “killing the president” example is a bit extreem…sure if the confession was illegally obtained that can be supressed but that doesnt mean that all other evidence that existed prior to the arrest is thrown out..I didnt know that the courts “trump” the DMV in AR in DUI’s in most states they are seperate proceedings and not dependant upon each other…interesting.

  • coltfan1972

    I am in Arkansas. The charges are different but the criminal charge trumps the DMV. I am only talking about an illegal arrest. You can admit to killing the president but anything you say or admit to after an illegal arrest is like it never happened. Therefore the refusal never happened.

  • coltfan1972

    You are correct. However what you must realize that most don’t. It does not matter what happens after an illegal arrest. It is called fruit of the poisonous tree. That means that anything you did, said, ect,… after the illegal arrest is suppressed. I agree that if you beat the traditional DWI and then don’t take the BAC at the station that is a separate offense. I am talking about an illegal arrest on the front end.

  • NDAaron

    While this is true in many states, regardless of the result of the criminal trial your refusal to submit to chemical screening/testing will automatically result in administrative revokation of your license through the DMV. Did it happen in your state/case?