What if I got a DUI while active duty military but they have not found out about it a month after conviction?

I recieved a DUI and am about to be found guilty. The issueing town did not report this to the military, but will the military someway find out after I am found guilty? I am also going to be Re-Enlisting the month after the conviction. Going through a re-enlistment process would they somehow find out about the dui?
I am a Sgt. They have not found out bc it was in a few counties from the base and they do not report those violations. So when i attend court it will be as if im a civilian only the cop and my lawyer know im military and assured it woudlnt get passed on. The chain of command does not know. I am wondering with re enlistment paper does it include some type of background check. I also already have a secret security clearance already.
ps i have been defending it in court for 5 months already. and final courtdate is soon. it may get lessened but im prepared for if it does not


  • Barbara C

    Yes, they will find out, you will be punished both militarily and civilian. They probably don’t know since you havn’t been convicted. As soon as you are found guilty, your chain of command will know. It is best to go right now to your Sgt. and be truthful. They will still let you re-enlist, you won’t be able to get any sort of secret clearance, you will probably have to stand by the side of the road holding a big wooden sign, in your class A’s, stating that you are a driver under the influence, you will get 45 & 45, but they won’t kick you out, especially if you are upfront and truthful. Also they can give you JAG to use as your lawyer. Good luck, and I know it will be very hard, but just be truthful, it is better they find out from you, than from a search of your background, or from the city police. Good luck!!

  • sarge927

    It’s hard to say whether the military would find out about a civilian DUI. Can’t speak for the other branches of the service, but in the Air Force they can’t take disciplinary action against you if they find out about it (worst they could do is a letter of reprimand and an unfavorable information file).

    Here’s the problem: When you reenlist, one of the questions they ask you is if you’ve been in trouble with the law since the last time you took the oath. If you say no and they find out about it later they can discharge you for fraudulent entry (and I can chisel it in stone for you the discharge will NOT be honorable).

    You should talk to a military defense counsel before reenlisting. If you’re not sure who to talk to, contact your nearest Air Force installation and ask them to connect you to the Area Defense Counsel. Be sure to explain the entire situation — if they think you’re asking for help with the civilian DUI they’ll say they can’t help you.

  • David B

    Like she said, suck it up…it’ll come out somehow and you’ll take a worse whipping for hiding it. Go see the 1st Sgt.

  • redneckmp28

    yes once you are convicted, they will know,, you should have told your unit you got it,, cause you going to be in a world of trouble when they do find out.you can be looking at an article 15(army, air force)or CPT’s mass( navy ,marine corps) i would come clean be for you go to court.

  • devilduck74

    It would be best if you told them. If it is your 1st offense. You are looking at some rehab time. Level 1. I don;t think it would curtail you re-enlisting. But, they might be alittle pissed for you not telling them. just come clean with them.

    My friend tried it in the USN of hiding it. Etc. Etc. The out of state police finally got around to letting the USN know 5 months after the fact and he got Capt’s mast for it. Did not get kicked out but lost rank and grade. And 4 weeks restricted base duty.


  • jennanderton2006

    they will find out.and you will be punished for it and may not be allowed to reenlist right now. i can guarentee you it has been reported to yuor command they just havent gotten to you yet

  • lady_christian99

    I asked my husband about this. He is a legal Officer for the Navy. He said that as long as the civilian world did not report it then chances are the military will not find out. as far as re-enlistment papers. It really depends if there is a question and you answer it truthfully then they will find out. Now, you said you have a security clearance. Once that comes up for renewal, they will find out if you have a conviction. This will not be good. They can, take your security clearance away. Or they can adsep you for civilian conviction.

    Look up the UCMJ.

  • jondolan67

    I agree with some of the other posters. Once found ‘guilty’ it is highly likely that the District Attorneys office will call your command. Especially in areas where there is a high percentage of military personnel the bases usually have an agreement with the DA’s office for the DA to send them a courtesty letter or phone call if they see that anyone convicted of a crime is active duty military. I got this info from some sites on the net as well as my own command. More info here: http://www.duiarresthelp.com/articles/military-dui.htm
    It can take up to 6-9 months after conviction to come across the DA’s desk, etc… but rest assured it WILL happen. Best bet is to come clean and let them know the circumstances and I think that will work in your favor more than if they get a letter or phone call from the DA’s office. You’ll probably go to Office Hours or whatever but the outcome will be alot better than if they find out about it on their own.