Drunk Sheriff in Squad Car Fails Field Sobriety Test

This is his second DUI in his cruiser. Videotape released by Causeway Police details the drunk driving arrest of fired Jefferson Parish Sheriffs sergeant Dominick Imbornone Sunday. Imbornone, a 15-year veteran of the JPSO until his termination Monday, was arrested by St. Tammany deputies after being taken in by Causeway police officers who spotted him on the bridge Sunday. The Causeway police report, and video obtained by Eyewitness News through a public records request, shows that an officer found Imbornone asleep in his police unit, parked in one of the emergency turning lanes on the bridge. The Causeway police officer “began knocking on the window of the vehicle, yelling and sounding the siren…trying to rouse the driver,” the report says. When Imbornone finally woke up, he “appeared to be very disoriented,” and had a strong odor of alcohol. The video shows the Causeway police officer struggling to get Imbornone out of his JPSO unit, and later Imbornone is heard asking the arresting officer just to take him home. Imbornone asks the officer an incoherent question “about how many miles left,” according to the report and the video, and when asked if he had been drinking, responded at first that he had had two glasses of wine, but then said he was unsure of how much alcohol he had drank. The officer transported Imbornone to the St. Tammany Parish jail, where he was booked. This is the second time Imbornone has been arrested fpr driving drunk. In October 2007, police
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