First Offense DUI Bench Warrant?

Okay,so recently i attained my first DUI in lake charles LA,during the aftermath and given the FST they took me back to the tank for a breathalyzer and took my driver’s license.The arresting officer gave me the court day,which was on the same day as a previous offense which was set on Nov. 16 2009 and was set on that day 3 years prior (many continuances).So i asked the officer “What do i do? i have to be in another court on the same day” he simply replied “Guess it’s going to be a busy day”.So later on i called the DA’s office and told them about the situation,they told me to simply disregard the other date and to go to my previously set date because it was some sort of conflict.Well here i am 2 weeks later and i have a bench warrant for my arrest.So today i plan on going to the DA’s office and sorting this junk out,so if you got any advice before i go,let me know.much thanks.


  • jslinderml

    Well first, a DA has no authority outside his own court, so if the other hearing was outside his jurisdiction his instructions were meaningless. If they were in the same court they should have heard the cases consecutively.

    It is YOUR responsibility to confirm in writing that you are not required to attend a court date, and thus the warrant is valid. The DA will likely allow for a new date, but there is a slim chance you will be taken into custody as well.

  • Jack

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