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Truck Surfing in Haiti

Some cool traffic law images:

Truck Surfing in Haiti 3563520774 cd658839f8 Truck Surfing in Haiti
Image by Garrett Crawford This is Sarah, the intern missionary from Maryville. For transportation all during the week, you’d throw as many people in the bed of the truck as could fit. There are no traffic laws in Haiti. The only rule is: "The person with the bigger car has the rightaway."

On the road back to Stansted 45676142 59ae01a364 Truck Surfing in Haiti
Image by tiexano I love my helmet mirror. It enables me to have one eye at the break-lights of the vehicle in front of me, while checking for traffic on the right lane. Also useful for looking for coppers behind me before ignoring stupid traffic laws. I hot-glue gunned an extra mount on the right side for traffic idiosyncrasies of remote islands. Back to "London by bicycle"

commuting through bike town 15089676 6304cadebb Truck Surfing in Haiti
Image by emdot Dan is a member of the Bike Coalition. His contribution to the Bike Fair was building "Bike Town" a bike "obstacle" course for the little ones. The obstacles were traffic laws: stop signs, one way streets, mergings, and double lines. The kids loved it.

Check out the cool old trike in this picture. And how adorable is that little girl? She was a Bike Town champ. icon smile Truck Surfing in Haiti

8 Responses to “Truck Surfing in Haiti”

  1. 15Adar2 [340] says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called camions,BUS et vĂ©hicules de Charge.Fourgons SW UTILITAIRES , and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  2. jiva says:

    I like that.

  3. don't look at it says:

    Please post this picture in our group Cyclist’s Country Roads

  4. Victor Solanoy says:

    Very cute!

  5. Lorrie McClanahan says:

    I like the odd juxtaposition of the helmet with bare feet. A sensible risk taker in the making there.

  6. Big Al Davies says:

    Good for Yardsale, excellent, and a lovely little shot too Em.

  7. Ten Directions says:

    great idea, never met a bicyclist i did not like either.

  8. Dr H says:

    The thing I wonder is… are all these rules good for us? Look at the structure of lines and helmets and arrows. I recently drove thru downtown LA (where I was born) and I almost freaked out at the billions of inputs you had to deal with just to drive there. Oh my god!